Childrens’ Attention Deficit Symptoms

Sometimes children have problems with attention, which can remain in adulthood without proper treatment. The main difficulties await such children during the school period when concentration, focus, and the ability to analyze are necessary. Such students, having all the essential intellectual talents, nevertheless, cannot acquire sufficient skills in reading and writing, do their usual homework, do not want to follow the advice of teachers, doctors, and parents.

Most often, children with attention problems exhibit the following symptoms: the omission of details and numerous errors in assignments; regular distractions; the impossibility to focus on the game and sports; lack of concentration; inability to listen to another person until the end; inability to follow the instruction; frequent loss of things; forgetfulness (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2019).

In some cases, attention problems are also associated with impulsivity, temper, excessive talking, and other symptoms of hyperactivity.

Treatment of such children includes psychotherapy, training in social skills, group classes, behavior modification, and other methods; drug treatment is possible in severe form. Parents who do not want to medicate children should provide an opportunity for different treatments. The authority of parents plays a crucial role for the child. It is necessary to help him or her to avoid overload and overwork and devote more time to sports and walks. Moreover, parents can help children with their homework and engage them in additional activities.

To help the child feel part of the group and find friends, one can offer him or her team sports if the rivalry does not cause strong negative emotions. In communication with peers, an adult needs to discuss with the child if something has gone wrong and offer possible options for action in the future. In any situation, a rational conversation with the child plays an important role: a parent needs to understand the reasons, and the whole situation, and then discuss further actions.


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