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Need to polish your writing and reword it to ensure it sounds right? That’s when our free rewording tool comes in handy! Try it now to make your essay more engaging and unique.

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No doubt, rewording is one of the most challenging and time-consuming elements of writing. However, paraphrasing is essential for literature review, essay arguments, and unique content in general.

We designed the best paraphrasing tool for students and everyone working with texts. It keeps the text’s central idea but changes the wording to make it original and engaging. Learn other benefits of the tool and paraphrasing hacks in this article!

🤔 How to Use the Best Paraphrasing Tool?

It’s easy!

Follow these simple steps to get the best-paraphrased text possible:

  1. Enter text to paraphrase – you can paste up to 7500 characters.
  2. Choose the number of words to replace – 20% to 100%.
  3. Tick the box if you want to process words with a capital letter.
  4. Hit the paraphrase button.

Our expert team aimed to make this tool perfect, so don’t miss the detailed work analysis in the results section. You’ll find more synonym suggestions, statistics on replaced words, & other info!

❓ What Is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is restating the meaning of a passage or sentence with other words. Using your own words, you can demonstrate a great understanding of the material and use it for your purposes.

Usually, students need paraphrasing when writing a literature review. This part of a research paper requires you to analyze various articles of other scholars and present their ideas in your paper. Paraphrasing is also a helpful tool when you need to come up with arguments for your essay or you want to create unique content for social media.

You can do paraphrasing in different ways:

  • Change the order of paragraphs. You can also unite them or, on the opposite, divide a long section into several small ones.
  • Change the sentence order within a paragraph. As long as you stick to the text’s central idea, you can rearrange the sentences in your way.
  • Change the wording. Some people prefer looking for synonyms manually in the thesaurus. Others use online software, like our best paraphrasing website.
  • Change the voice of your sentences. Most scientific papers use passive sentences that can be easily turned into active voice sentences.

🔢 Rewording a Sentence: Step-by-Step

We’ve prepared this step-by-step guide for everybody who wants to conduct an effective paraphrasing.

I. Restructure Sentences

Sometimes students get too carried away with rewording and forget to modify the sentence structure. Simply rearranging words within a sentence  can be more helpful than looking for synonyms. To change the sentence structure, you can switch voices (active <–> passive), combine short phrases, or break down the long ones.

II. Change Vocabulary

Another helpful technique for paraphrasing is substituting words with synonyms. If you go to the thesaurus, you can see all the possible options for replacing a word. However, when looking for synonyms, remember that the text’s central thesis should remain the same. Content-specific vocabulary and terms from the original piece should remain untouched.

III. Change the Order of Words

You can change the word order to keep the sentence’s meaning identical. For example, if your sentence has two or more clauses, you can change their order. And if there’s a combination of an adjective and a noun, use a relative clause instead.

IV. Switch Voices

Changing the active voice to passive and vice versa is another trick to make your writing authentic. All you need to do is indicate the main verb and the subject (agent) of the action. However, be careful because, with some sentences, this might not work grammatically.

📝 Rewriting a Sentence Example

Original textBad paraphrasisGood paraphrasis
The image of a mother is one of the primary ones that a child sees. It has found and continues to find its reflection throughout the history of mankind. According to C. Jung’s in-depth reflections, as an archetype, a mother’s projection plays an important role in forming and stabilizing the human psyche, a person’s identity, and self-perception within several aspects at once.
Full text: Mother’s Influence on Child’s Development
A mother’s image is one of the basic ones a child sees. It has established and resumes to find reflection during the whole of the record of humankind. In accordance with C. Jung’s reflections, as an ideal, a mother’s projection has an important function in formulating and stabilizing the human personality, a person’s identity, and self-understanding within various facets at once.A mother’s image is the first thing a child sees, which has an essential effect on its development. Humanity has been researching the reflections of mother’s image for centuries. The founder of analytical psychology, C. Jung, suggests viewing a mother’s projection as an archetype playing an essential role in a child’s development. It forms the human personality, identity, and self-identification.

The common mistake when rewording is thinking that synonyms are enough. As you can see, only the vocabulary was changed in the first version of the paraphrasis. Such an option is not good enough and counts as plagiarism. To create an authentic text, you need not only to come up with synonyms but also to rearrange your sentences, add more details, and omit some phrases.

☝️ Why Use Our Tool?

There are countless benefits of the best rewording tool that make it stand out among similar software. For example:

  1. It’s free. You can experiment with rewriting as often as you wish with no hidden payments.
  2. It’s easy to use. You can rewrite using any electronic device since the tool is completely online.
  3. It makes your text unique. You don’t have to worry about plagiarism since our tool makes fully authentic texts.
  4. It increases the value of your text. You get a professionally written paraphrasis that keeps all the key ideas and necessary terms untouched.
  5. It saves you time. You can paraphrase even a long read in a few easy clicks.

Learning how to rewrite is a useful skill that will help you in and outside the classroom. To improve your writing skills, practice manual rephrasing or use our best paraphrasing tool.

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