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Nervous about the originality of your essay? We totally get it! Try this free AI Essay Scanner to check yourself and detect any AI-generated content. Use the tool and make changes if needed.

AI Essay Scanner – Free & Online
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Students use artificial intelligence daily to write essays, term papers, and other tasks. However, those relying on AI rather than their writing skills may face serious problems. And this is where the AI Essay Scanner can come in handy! It can not only help to avoid academic dishonesty but also ensure a safe and effective learning process.

πŸ”Ž How to Scan for AI Writing

It is so easy to detect AI writing with the help of our AI Essay Scanner. All you need to do is to follow 4 steps listed below:

  1. Paste the text. You should put the text you want to check in the appropriate field.
  2. Add topic. Then, enter the topic or short description for a more precise result.
  3. Press the button. Click the “Scan” button and wait a few seconds!
  4. Receive the outcome. The AI Essay Scanner will provide detailed text analysis in three, if there’s fraction of probability.

AI Scanner for Essays: Interpreting the Result

Now, we will explain how to interpret the received outcome.

First, there is the histogram. The Y axis (vertical) reveals the rounded number of words in your writing, while the X axis (horizontal) illustrates columns categorized into four groups. Each group has its meaning:

πŸ“• The red group shows the words most commonly used by AI in a provided topic.

πŸ“’ The orange group indicates words highly likely to be generated by AI.

πŸ“— The green group shows words less typical for AI-produced texts.

πŸ“˜ The blue group indicates words that are the least likely to be used by AI.

Underneath the histogram is a detailed analysis of the text itself. Each word is highlighted in one of four colors (listed above) depending on how likely it is to be used by GPT. If you press on any of them, you will receive extra information:Β 

  • Synonyms to the word with likelihoods of AI-origin;
  • Rating of the most AI-like terms and the chosen one in this list.

πŸ€– Why Should You Scan for AI-Generated Text?

The AI Scanner for essays may be beneficial in several ways:

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Teachers can check students It is very easy for instructors to check suspicious works of students and objectively evaluate them.
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ Students can avoid academic dishonesty AI detector will show the parts of the essay where the text does not look natural.
✍️ Writers can improve their texts ChatGPT Scanner can aid in editing the text because it reveals word options for replacing terms highly likely to be generated by AI.

οΈπŸ–±οΈ AI Essay Scanner: How Does It Work?

AI writing detection uses reverse engineering to identify AI-written text by analyzing linguistic patterns. If a pattern is easy to detect, then the likelihood that AI created the text is higher. AI Scanner is all about context, as computers do not grasp the meaning of words, but they are quite good at identifying patterns used together. So, it analyzes the context to the left of the word.

For example, the word “day” is often utilized after such words as “best” and “part.” Based on this data, the algorithm will determine each word’s chances of being the next predicted word. To compare, the words “dark” and “options” are not that commonly used with “day,” so they are less likely to be generated by AI.

πŸ“š How to Tell if an Essay Was Written by AI?

Nowadays, it is not easy to identify AI-created text at first sign due to how developed AI technologies are. Precisely for this reason, our AI Scanner is needed. However, you still can find some differences between AI and human-written content.

Here are some of the most notable differences:

  • Quality. Since AI technology is still in development, it can only create content based on existing data. For this reason, the quality of AI-written texts is relatively low.
  • Creativity. Compared with people, machines are not good at coming up with unique ideas or making connections between unrelated things.
  • Emotions. AI-based technologies are limited in personal connections with readers as computers lack emotional intelligence.
  • Common sense. Humans outperform robots in writing due to how people think and absorb information. Machine learning relies on algorithms, yet these algorithms cannot distinguish between facts and opinions.
  • Content filling. Since AI-generated content is based on algorithms and patterns, it depends on keywords. As a result, the text may be boring, lack the specifics of local languages, and fail to keep an appropriate tone.

⚠️ How to Use AI Writing Tools Responsibly

We definitely don’t support rejecting AI tools, even though they are often used for cheating. We suggest using AI responsibly while preserving academic honesty. In the following paragraphs, we have prepared several tips on how to use ChatGPT in your favor.

Using AI Tools for Essay Writing

For essay writing, the AI tools can help you do the following:

  1. Find ideas. With the help of ChatGPT, you can find inspiration or fresh ideas for your essay.
  2. Create an outline. The chatbot can create an outline for your topic to make writing smoother and faster.
  3. Write opposing views. The AI tool can provide both sides of the argument to make your writing look more objective.
  4. Edit your writing. The chatbot can assist you in editing your essay using the appropriate style guidelines or correcting grammar or spelling mistakes.

Using AI Tools for Personalized Learning

You can also use artificial intelligence to create your personalized study guide. Here are some steps that can help you use GPT in the learning process:

  1. Select a topic. Find a topic that you want to learn more about or that interests you the most.
  2. Ask the AI tool about crucial details. You can ask the chatbot to explain unfamiliar terms or provide a few examples for you to understand new material better.
  3. Create flashcards with the help of AI. Ask the bot to generate flashcards for the terms you have been studying to review the material more efficiently.

🎁 Chat GPT Scanner: Benefits

If you are looking for a fast and valuable AI detector, then our AI Scanner for essays is what you need! Just check out its benefits below:

πŸ’Έ 100% free!There are no hidden fees or additional payments.
⚑ EffectiveAI Essay Scanner can determine the likelihood of AI content, which sets it apart from conventional plagiarism checkers.
πŸŽ“ UniversalOur GPT detector is suitable for both teachers and students and can help them avoid academic dishonesty.
πŸͺŸ TransparentThe scanner shows a detailed analysis so that you can understand where the generalized result comes from.
βœ… Easy to useThe tool is accessible on any device with an internet connection. As a bonus, it also can provide you with synonyms to substitute the words with a high AI-origin possibility.

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