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Applied Psychology

Lucifer Effect and the Stanford Experiment: How to Make a Better Penal System

The Stanford Experiment is a world-famous experiment conducted by Stanford students and researchers. This team was led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D. They embarked on a journey to determine the psychological effects of being a prisoner as well as a prison guard. The study was supposed to run for...

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Applied Psychology

Group Therapy in Psychology: Strengths and Limitations

Introduction Group psychotherapy is a modern way of treating psychological problems. It is a form of psychotherapy that implies creating a special group of people determined to meet regularly under the control of a psychologist (Courtois & Ford, 2009). The aims of such meetings are finding an appropriate solution to...


Assessing the Big Five Personality Traits With Latent Semantic Analysis

Introduction The article called “Assessing the Big Five Personality Traits with Latent Semantic Analysis” by Kwantes, Derbentseva, Lam, Vartanian, and Marmurek (2016) explores whether or not the individuals’ personality features can be evaluated based on the analysis of content and semantics of their written text. The study targets the possibility...


George W. Bush’s Personality Analysis

This essay aims to study the personality of George W. Bush, the US president. The study will be conducted on two personality theories namely Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Type Theory) and the Big Five Theory of personality (Trait Theory). The study will first attempt to understand the personality and his background,...

Developmental Psychology

Screen-Based Media and Children’s Brain Formation

Social media has become an integral aspect of modern lifestyle, which is why its impact on people and their health serves as an area of intense interest. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (2019) conducted a study examining the effect screen-based media has on pre-school children. According to the report, increased...

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Milestones in Infants and Toddlers

Birth to 12 Months The period of the child’s development from his birth until the age of one year is one of the most crucial stages. Some of the researchers claim that the specialists can predict the IQ level of a personality by investigating the attitudes and the methods of...

Developmental Psychology

Child Development Overview

Introduction Child development is complex and multifaceted, with many factors apart from parenting style affecting the cognitive, social, and physical wellbeing of a child. The environment a child grows up in, including the environmental stressors, has a serious effect on how one develops. Moreover, these stressors can affect the physical...

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Developmental Psychology

Life-Changing Events: Impact on Alcohol and Drug Use

Life-changing events appear unexpectedly or intentionally, but their impact on a person’s life is significant. In school settings, students can be assisted to cope with challenging events that happen in their families. One of the most vivid examples refers to the loss of a closed one due to his or...

Psychology Ethics

The concept of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

According to Prochaska and Norcross, (1999) psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of treatment that provides relief to persons experiencing emotional pain. This type of treatment is conducted through verbal communication between the therapist and the patient. This treatment analyses the patient’s emotional problems by addressing the patient’s unconscious motives as...

Applied Psychology

Moral Reasoning of Teenagers in Face of Dilemmas

Adolescent age is the period of a tempestuous development of the personality. A person gradually gains valuable life experience which has a formative influence on his/her behavioral patterns and moral judgments. To investigate teenagers’ moral development, I studied hypothetic actions that a young man would take in case he faces...

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology and Learning: The Stroop Test

The concept of automaticity implies thoughts followed by actions that do not require monitoring or conscious guidance. Automaticity allows us to perform such tasks, as walking, taking a shower, driving to work without having to think about these things. Components of automaticity are to some extent integrated into the majority...

Cognitive Psychology

Perception and Critical Thinking

Introduction Perception is a complex process of analyzing the information received from senses, and its accurateness influences the person’s thinking abilities. Thus, critical thinking is a specific type of thinking when an individual uses logics and reasoning in order to make certain conclusions related to the world objects or situations....

Child Psychology

Child Development Psychology: Pregnancy Trimesters

Pregnancy is considered by many as not less than a miracle. It is divided into three parts or trimesters. The first three months consist of the first trimester, the fourth month through the sixth month is the second trimester and from the seventh month till the delivery or the ninth...

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Child Psychology

Childhood Trauma and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Many children below the age of six experience serious traumas in their life that can cause serious mental health problems in their future life. Many of them can be in the form of major accidents from cars or fire or it can be involving broken bones or concussions. There are...

Organizational Behavior

Social Cognitive Theory of Posttraumatic Recovery

The Case Formulation Approach This reading presents the concept of case formulation in cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and explains its importance as well as its main elements. In the beginning, Persons (2008) describes the scheme on which every case formulation is built. Such elements as assessment, case formulation and diagnosis, treatment...

Organizational Behavior

Cognitive Therapy in Biblical Context

Cognitive therapy is a specified form of psychotherapy that is based on the notion of the interdependence of human thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It also means that some mental illnesses and psychological problems derive from wrong thinking and reasoning as well as stereotypes that can change people’s perception of the...

Organizational Behavior

Applying Psychology and Its Concepts to Daily Life

Among the many concepts in psychology, few are applied in my everyday life. They are based on Freud’s psychoanalysis theory of how the mind works, including how they influence experiences (Moccia et al. 1). The events in my life shape how I behave and feel; hence, it is essential to...

Organizational Behavior

Cognitive Strategies of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

During this week, special attention should be paid to work with automatic thoughts as a part of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT). The task of a therapist is not only to identify cognitions that determine human behaviors but also to modify them, following specific rules and schemas. Wright, Basco, and Thase (2017)...

Applied Psychology

Psychology. Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory

There are situations when several psychological tests, which are relatively similar to one another, can yield very different results. For example, one can speak about Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, perceived stress scale, and wellness worksheet. It is often assumed that they can throw light on the emotional wellbeing of a...

Applied Psychology

The Cycle of Pain and Healing in Humans

Purpose of the Project Similar to physical pain, psychological distress has a significant effect on people’s everyday lives. People who go through the psychological pain cycle experience a consistent worsening of their mental health. Nonetheless, it is possible that some factors improve or worsen people’s threshold for being susceptible to...

Psychological Disorders

Patient’s Concentration: Applied Behavior Analysis

Introduction Cognitive psychology refers to the process of investigating one’s ability to perceive, learn, remember, think, reason, and understand. Essentially, cognition studies the process of acquiring and applying information or knowledge. Cameron seems distracted during discussions in group therapy despite having no history of attention disorder. Instead, he has oppositional...