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Applied Psychology

Psychology. Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory

There are situations when several psychological tests, which are relatively similar to one another, can yield very different results. For example, one can speak about Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, perceived stress scale, and wellness worksheet. It is often assumed that they can throw light on the emotional wellbeing of a...

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Applied Psychology

The Cycle of Pain and Healing in Humans

Purpose of the Project Similar to physical pain, psychological distress has a significant effect on people’s everyday lives. People who go through the psychological pain cycle experience a consistent worsening of their mental health. Nonetheless, it is possible that some factors improve or worsen people’s threshold for being susceptible to...

Psychological Disorders

Patient’s Concentration: Applied Behavior Analysis

Introduction Cognitive psychology refers to the process of investigating one’s ability to perceive, learn, remember, think, reason, and understand. Essentially, cognition studies the process of acquiring and applying information or knowledge. Cameron seems distracted during discussions in group therapy despite having no history of attention disorder. Instead, he has oppositional...

Child Psychology

Connection Between Screen Time and Child Development

In her news report for CNN Health, Jacqueline Howard (2019) addresses the significance of screen time’s limitation for toddlers as it substantially affects their general development in the future. In general, children’s development includes motor skills, growth in communication, personal-social skills, decision-making, and problem-solving (Howard, 2019). It may be measured...

Applied Psychology

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Tests Do Not Reflect Intelligence

I agree with opinions stated in a number of ways. For instance, I also believe that any generalised IQ test cannot reveal the future performance of an individual. Trull and Prinstein (2012) stress that these tests show present knowledge of a person. At the same time, it can be more...

Applied Psychology

Intelligence Testing in Clinical Psychology

Introduction Intelligence is an integral component with regard to human undertakings in social settings. It facilitates survival in various situations that characterize contemporary society. In light of these realities, experts have designed tests to determine an individual intelligence quotient. Such tests empower people towards realizing strengths and weaknesses in diverse...

Psychological Disorders

Stress and Anxiety Sources Amongst Students

Abstract Stress is a part of every life on earth and each one has its stress management strategies. Students especially teenagers are considered to experience stress and most of the time they take stress to be negative and are unable to tackle it. Some studies suggest stress is usual and...

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Psychological Disorders

Stress and Health: How People React to Stressors

Introduction In a technical sense, the term ‘stress’ is used in reference to the way human bodies respond to various external factors. Stress is perceived to occur when the apparent requirements of a circumstance are more than the individual’s available resources (Russell & Jarvis, 2003). The concerned person tends to...

Psychological Disorders

Stress and Its Effect on Health

Stress is defined as an individual’s reaction to a situation that destabilizes their mental, physical, psychological, or emotional state (Bickerstaff, 2007). Stressful situations usually trigger certain responses in the body causing the release of certain hormones that enable individuals overcome tough situations. However, several factors are responsible for the differences...

Psychological Disorders

Suicidal Ideation Among the Elderly

Available literature demonstrates that suicide in old age remains a neglected topic in spite of the fact that the highest suicide rates are found among the older people (Malfent, Wondrak, Kapusta, & Sonneck, 2010). Indeed, according to these authors, there is a clear lack of information on the factors that...

Child Psychology

Childhood Trauma Etiology Associated With Social and Mental Disorders

Introduction Childhood trauma is a type of psychological trauma that was caused during childhood. It is often caused by child abuse, traumatic events in the family, natural disasters, and other events that bring psychological damage to the mind of the child. This type of trauma can put a person at...

Child Psychology

Infant Temperament: A Longitudinal Study

The New York Longitudinal Study (NYLS) was conducted in the 1950s on infants aged 2-3 months. This study followed these children at regular intervals from infancy to young adulthood (Lamb, Bornstein, Teti, 2002). Based on this study, Thomas, Chess, Birch, Hertzig, and Korn (1963) categorized infants into three groups: easy,...

Psychological Disorders

Mental Health: Case Study of S.

Introduction This paper is devoted to the case of a woman I know personally. S. is a 31-year-old single mother with a family history of anxiety disorders that had her first pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy girl in January 2020. After being left by her partner while pregnant,...

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Child Psychology

“Catching” Social Bias”: Prejudices Adopted by Children

The study takes an undoubtedly important place in several other works devoted to modern people’s prejudices. Scientists argue that at an early age, children tend to adopt adult behavior patterns and their biases. To study this phenomenon, they used the terms bias and prejudice. They showed preschool children videos of...

Child Psychology

Mother’s Typical Adjustment After Giving Birth

Abstract In this paper, I will describe a mother’s typical adjustment after giving birth and I will highlight the hormonal changes that affect both the first child mothers and experienced mothers. This paper aims to discuss how they feel and the complications that might occur to the new mothers especially...

Organizational Behavior

Anthony Giddens’ Model of Structuration

The theory of structuration proposed by Anthony Giddens offers perspectives on the varied human behavior based on the synthesis of agency and structure effects. The structuration model asserts that human action’s capacity is influenced by different facets of the society, such as the robust, stable societal structures and an individual’s...

Organizational Behavior

Supervisory Model: Cognitive Behavior

The cognitive behavior supervisory model allows working with patients on two distinct elements – their cognition and behavior. They learn how to identify a problem and develop a strategy for addressing it. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) became one of the most commonly used forms of supervision in psychotherapy. This approach allows...

Psychological Disorders

Sex Differences in Comorbidity Patterns of ADHD Analysis

Mental disorders among children are becoming more common and severe with every year. Such a negative tendency may be explained by multiple factors, including the influence of social media on the hypersensitivity of the current generation. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a pervasive disease among modern children characterized by...

Developmental Psychology

The Factors of the Child’s Healthy Development

Social and emotional development cannot exist within the framework of the healthy functioning of an individual from a young age. In order to define the factors of the child’s healthy development and social interaction in the future, various sociologists and psychologists have offered theories that describe such interactions since a...

Developmental Psychology

Gould and Lewontin on Evolutionary Psychology

The paper is focused on finding an answer to the philosophical question concerning whether science can tell us what it means to be human. The paper provides a philosophical analysis of the article written by Stephen J. Gould and Richard C. Lewontin The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian...

Child Psychology

Peer Support Interventions in Treatment of Autism Speech Disorder

Peer support interventions play an essential role in children’s speech, such as those who have autism. They are significant to both the teaching process and the social-cognitive development of school children. However, the tendency of low interactions in the current world has raised a concern in the education curriculum. More...