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Applied Psychology

Team-Building Across Cultures: Literature Review

Introduction Scholars have been paying attention to issues related to team-building across cultures for several decades, amassing a considerable body of knowledge on the subject. This literature review will analyze the current state of research on team building across cultures to establish the central scholarship issues (Creswell & Creswell, 2018)....


Foundational Psychological Processes

Introduction Psychology is defined as the study involving the human mind and behavior. Nonetheless, it is also believed that even minor human activities tend to involve complex psychological processing. Personality psychology is one of the psychology branches that tend to study the personality and variations among individuals. It also primarily...

Psychological Challenges

Forgiveness Therapy for Psychological Trauma

Summary The process of addressing and overcoming trauma is a complex journey that entails time- and effort-consuming therapy and healing. In a research paper presented by Elliott (2010), the author appeals to the phenomenon of forgiveness as one of the most significant spiritual and psychological practices able to liberate people...

Family Psychology

Dysfunctional Family Roles and Intervention

Dysfunctional Family Roles Society has a prescribed set of behaviors that all people are expected to portray. Abiding by the expected social norms is considered normal, while deviating from such rules is termed as dysfunctional. A family is a significant pillar in society as it serves as the foundational level...

Family Psychology

Systemic Theory in Family Therapy

Introduction Family therapy is any psychotherapeutic attempt that primarily focuses on changing the interactions among family members and seeks to improve the family’s operations as a unit. Family therapy focuses on how patterns of behavior, those that promote well-being and those that are problematic, operate at different levels within the...

Organizational Behavior

Shopping Addiction: An Experiential Journal

Summary Shopping has become a part of my daily activities because it triggers emotions such as happiness. I love the addiction because the smell of new products significantly impacts my happiness. I frequently shop because it helps reduce negative feelings such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Marketing messages have become...

Psychology Ethics

Psychological Issues in the Antwone Fischer Film

Clients Diagnosis and Current Problems Antwone Fischer is a film dedicated to Fischer’s psychotherapy and childhood trauma, which activates outbursts of anger and aggression toward colleagues from the Navy in him. It also includes overly mobile personal boundaries of mental health, which specialist professionals do not approve of. From a...

Psychology Ethics

Traumatic Stress in the Justice System

Introduction These days, a number of events can cause traumatic stress to law enforcement and lead to various repercussions. A way of assessing those traumatic events is by reviewing articles such as the one written by Chopko et al. in 2019. Analysis of the article, supported by additional relevant material,...

Family Psychology

A Therapist’s Interview Analysis

Marriage and Family Therapy Psychology in the modern world is becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true in the sphere of assistance to families and married couples. This determines the fact that the family is one of the most important and valuable institutions of public life. To get a better...

Family Psychology

Management of Family Communication Issues

Abstract The case study presents a family issue that can be improved with adequate therapy. In this case, Roger, a single father, and Jeff, a 13-year-old boy, are unwilling to openly discuss the mother who abandoned her son due to drug abuse, financial problems, and mental health issues. Moreover, the...

Organizational Behavior

Skinner’s Ideas of Culture Based on Human Behavior

Introduction Many theorists have created a society and culture based on human behavior, and there have even been attempts to reproduce their ideas in practice. They are making the world a better place with techniques like these many worried behaviorists in the 20th century. Thank to Skinner’s Walden Two and...

Social Psychology

Psychological Disorders: Definitions and Treatments

Reducing Anxiety and Breaking Patterns of Avoidance In Chapter 7 of Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Wright et al. (2006) argue that avoidance is one of the major hindrances to effective management of psychological disorders. The authors observe that a large percentage of the thoughts that people have daily are part of...


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder After Car Accident

Summary This case study assignment will examine and provide a detailed analysis of the case study about Jane, a 54-year-old Black female, who became a victim of a terrifying car accident. The paper will provide such essential characteristics as the critical issues of the diagnostic case study, the suggested assessment,...

Psychological Challenges

Treating Acrophobia with Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Introduction To begin with, acrophobia can be defined as an intense fear of heights experienced by many people in the world. The established system of personal beliefs usually causes this fear and, therefore, may be treated. Moreover, acrophobia may cause anxiety and panic attacks, which is why people should deal...

Child Psychology

Impact of Familial and Parental Issues on Children

It is important to note that familial and parental issues majorly impact children’s mental and psychological well-being, with differential effects depending on their age and developmental stage. The given literature review will primarily assess the current and recently available data on the correlational and causational reciprocity of such problems and...


Reflection on Career Self-Assessment Tests

Abstract Career self-assessment is an essential process of determining career choices for young and inexperienced youth. There exists a number of ways for one to determine the best-fit career choice that will tap into their God-given talents and interests. This paper aims to experiment with two different self-assessment tests to...


Trait, Behavior, and Contingent Theories

Matrix Theory Overview Leader Example Similarities/ Differences Organizational Application Trait Leaders possess specific inborn qualities. Emergent traits: physical attractiveness and intelligence. Effectiveness traits: self-confidence, persistence, charisma. It does not matter “whether leadership traits were genetic or acquired” (Khan, Nawaz and Khan, 2016, p. 2). The theory is limited because it...

Organizational Behavior

Theory of Planned Behavior in Changing Behavior

Behavior is characterized by actions and manners performed by people, animals, systems, and other entities in a compound with their environments or themselves. Besides, it may include activities related to another object and interaction between the actor and the surrounding environment. Various sociological, social, and psychological theories attempt to explain...

Family Psychology

Single-Parent Families’ Issues and Work Strategy

Single parenthood has a significant prevalence in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2020), over 18 million children live in single-parent families. In addition, in more than 15 million of those cases, a mother fulfills the role of a single parent (U.S. Census Bureau, 2020). This data...

Applied Psychology

“Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders” by Young

Introduction The book Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders: A Schema Focused Approach is written by Jeffery Young and focuses on the author’s method of helping clients address various personality disorders. Young developed a distinct form of aiding patients who did not respond to other treatment methods, such as traditional Cognitive-Behavioral...

Developmental Psychology

“Healing at the Eight Stages of Life” by Linn et al.

Introduction The book Healing at the Eight Stages of Life is another work that can help ministers advance their counseling practices because it combines theoretical knowledge about the stages of human development with theological values and perspectives. The authors, Matthew Linn, Sheila Fabricant, and Dannis Linn, focus on two themes...