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Developmental Psychology

The Cognitive Development of a Children

Language acquisition is one of the most visible and important achievements in early childhood. Within a few months and with no explicit instruction, babies progress from the stage of uncertain pronunciation of individual words to the fluent expression of whole sentences. Generally, children tend to develop receptive language abilities before...


Living Conditions and Behavioral & Mental Patterns

Introduction The central paper’s theory states that a person’s life circumstances directly influence his behavior patterns. Various kinds of trauma can provoke such social phenomena as a violation of the social reality’s understanding and the decent ability to contact people. In addition, traumatic living conditions can affect the physiological characteristics...

Family Psychology

Parent Education and Family Life Education Fields

The field of child development offers a variety of careers for people interested in working with children and their families. This field is highly multidimensional, and different jobs may require people to work with children directly or with family, school, peer, cultural, and neighborhood contexts related to children. In this...

Family Psychology

Parents’ Socialization and Children’s Learning Issues

Culture, race, and ethnicity tend to change how the children adapt to educational processes. For example, many children from families where English is not the first language have learning difficulties during reading lessons that can influence future academic success by targeting students’ motivation. Equally important, the social adaptation of parents...

Applied Psychology

Alternative Research Assignment

There are many concerns participants in human subjects studies express. The most frequent of them are information risks, particularly the loss of confidentiality of personal information. The second one is an emotional risk, such as stress, anxiety, fear, confusion, guilt, shame, embarrassment, loss of self-esteem, or triggers of past traumatizing...

Developmental Psychology

Impact of Children’s Toys on Development

Introduction For the construction of the play area, it is proposed to use a single room separated into sections. The area will be equipped with various types of furniture and toys that facilitate child development, growth and recovery. Furniture will consist of cabinets, at least two tables, chairs, and soft...

Emotional Abuse

The Best Solution to Predict Depression Because of Bullying

Introduction Despite the intention to create a positive environment for children’s growth, people cannot ignore certain challenges. Bullying is one of such problems characterized by undesirable and aggressive behavior when injury or discomfort is continually and deliberately provoked. People face different bullying situations: physical (hitting or tripping), verbal (teasing or...

Child Psychology

Child Psychology: Peer and Parents Influence

Introduction Preschoolers are characterized by thinking to identify contrasts, extremes, and stereotypes about gender and are born already at the age of 3. It is quite logical that many girls will choose their friends among other girls and vice versa since they are “similar” (King et al., 2020). Children grow...

Child Psychology

Freud’s Child Development Theory

Introduction Freudianism is a general designation of various schools that arose on the basis of the psychological teaching of Sigmund Freud. Freudianism is characterized by the explanation of mental phenomena, including child development, through the unconscious. The core of his theory of child development is the idea of the eternal...

Psychological Disorders

Group Work: Positive and Negative Sides

There are a lot of different opinions on the matter of the productivity of group work. Some people believe that it is inefficient and that working alone is more liberating, while others claim that collective efforts lead to the better quality of work. In order to grasp a better understanding...

Psychological Disorders

Epistemology: Integrative Approaches to Psychology

Epistemology is a part of psychology that deals with nature, opportunities, and restrictions of understanding. A more precise statement of epistemology would be the process of evaluating awareness levels and distinguishing opinions from accepted beliefs, as illustrated by the numerous models and approaches (Guyon et al., 2018). There are three...


Biological and Neurobiological Perspectives on Motivation and Emotion

A person’s or an animal’s behavior is predominantly regulated by underlying motivations and emotions. In this respect, the biological approach to explaining the link between the action and affective state(s) that caused it is based on the argument of homeostasis drive (Montgomery, 2018). In this view, all living organisms seek...


Strengths and Limitations of the Eysenck’s Personality Inventory

Several positive aspects can be highlighted in the Personality Inventory (PI) by H. J. Eysenck. Firstly, the researcher pays tribute to his predecessor K. Jung and brings the physiological bases under the psychological types. Secondly, all psychological manifestations, normal and pathological, are considered continuums of values and not as extreme...


The Renewal of Atoms Cannot Erase the Personality

I tend to believe that I remain the same person I was ten years ago. Even though the atoms of my body are completely renewed, this process is natural and does not affect my ability to perceive. Being an ordinary person, I can change my point of view on specific...

Psychological Disorders

Tarasoff v. Regents: Psychological Case

Professional ethics in psychology insists that a doctor or psychologist is limited to sharing information with a third party shared by the client or patient. Nonetheless, reforms in the medical sector through court rulings have enabled mental health practitioners to share life-threatening information with third-party individuals. The famous case of...

Child Psychology

Children’s Mental Health: Codependency and Alcoholic and Narcissistic Parents

The concept of codependency is one of the recurring themes in the discussions of childhood struggles, caused by alcoholic and narcissistic parents. This term is generally defined as one’s preoccupation with others’ problems as opposed to personal affairs (O’Brien and Gaborit 1992). Despite the apparent connection between the specified conditions...

Child Psychology

Positive Effects of Violent Video Games on Children

Introduction It is hard to disagree that most parents do not want to allow their children to play computer games, especially if they incorporate many elements of violence. Shooting and fighting animation attract many kids and teenagers, which makes it necessary for psychologists to explore the effects of such video...

Psychology Principles

The Magic Circle as a Method for Comprehending the Play Experience

Introduction The interaction between play as a unique phenomenon and culture remains a controversial issue in the interdisciplinary sciences. For decades, the social, cultural, and psychological experiences of play have been explored and several theoretical foundations developed. One of the most popular frameworks for linking play to culture is the...

Psychology Principles

Ethical Principles of Psychologists

An individual working as a psychologist should adhere to the ethical principles of psychologists and comply with the code of conduct. The first two ethical principles are Beneficence and Nonmaleficence and Fidelity and Responsibility (American Psychological Association, 2017). The first principle implies that a psychologist has to take care of...

Psychology Principles

Social Psychology and Presentation Creation

Introduction I will be presenting how my social psychology understanding affects the presentation to be watched by others. I will as well be discussing how the knowledge from this field will influence my public speaking in the future. Similarly, I will be tackling how skills gained from social psychology will...

Family Psychology

The Structural Family Therapy

Introduction Structural family therapy (SFT) is a psychotherapy technique that evaluates the hierarchies, subsystems, alliances, and boundaries within a family unit while focusing on direct interactions among family members to build a positive change. SFT is founded on the belief that families with problems can discover their own solutions to...