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  1. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Effects of Child Sexual Abuse
    Child sexual abuse is among the common problems facing children. This paper looks at the causes and effects of child sexual abuse, the posttraumatic stress disorder, and its treatment.
  2. Family Violence: Adult-Child Sexual Abuse
    This paper explores the risk and protection factors for child abuse in the light of Macro-system, microsystem, mesosystems; and programs that target the prevention of child abuse.
  3. Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Impact on Future Life
    The paper explores how sibling incest and childhood sexual abuse affect persons’ interpersonal relationships and adulthood sexual functioning.
  4. Psychology of Substance Abuse in Adolescents
    The study explains how teenagers develop substance abuse and the reasons behind such behavior, which affect adolescents in the course of this vital phase.
  5. Child Abuse: Perpetrated by Parents on Children
    ‘Child neglect’ is an ambiguous and all-encompassing term used to describe actions perpetrated by parents on children which are universally deemed harmful by society.
  6. The Link Between Child Abuse and Delinquency
    Five elements of parenting that can be positive or negative influences include: Discipline, Monitoring, Reinforcement, Involvement and Problem-solving.
  7. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Combat Veterans
    War is a major cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. About seventeen percent of a veteran returning from war in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan show signs of PTSD.
  8. Social and Emotional Outcomes of Child Abuse
    This can be further and in a meaningful manner determine the results by paying attention to a sound and the experience of the child.
  9. Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect
    A paper explores reasons for the prevalence of child abuse in society and possible remedies. Child abuse is an activity that subjects a child to physical, emotional, or sexual trauma.
  10. Discussion of Freud’s Psychological Theories
    The paper discusses the theories of one of the most influential psychologists in the world, Sigmund Freud. His rare work impacted psychology development, as well as philosophy.
  11. History Behind the Appearance of the Me Too Movement
    #MeToo is a popular hashtag, which marks the posts reporting the information on the cases of sexual harassment or showing solidarity with its victims
  12. Child Sexual Abuse Issue Review
    Posttraumatic stress disorder, increased stress levels and poor health in individuals are some of the long-term effects of child sexual abuse.
  13. Catholic Church and Child Sexual Abuse Allegations
    Over the last two years, the Catholic church has come under a lot of criticism due to allegations of its priests sexually assaulting children in their congregation.
  14. Abuse and Neglect: An Orientation
    Child abuse and neglect are severe issues, affecting the most vulnerable section of the population and often causing permanent trauma.
  15. Biopsychosocial Development of a Family
    The assessment of psychological development of a family that consists of a mother, grandmother, and two children. The client’s mother provided all the requested information.
  16. Child Neglect and Abuse: Causes, Effects, Prevention, and Treatment
    Child maltreatment is a broad and complex concept that entails a wide range of problematic issues, including neglect, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.
  17. Paraplegia: Educational History, Work History, Activities of Daily Living
    Injuries which result into serious problems with physical ability can be extremely devastating not just to the affected party but also to the family members and close friends.
  18. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Addiction Treatment
    This paper presents an analysis of the available literature on the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for substance abusers.
  19. Social Problems Associated With Mental Illness and Health Promotion
    Troubles with psychological health can create barriers to being employed, partially because mental illnesses are commonly stigmatized.
  20. Social Anxiety Disorder and Alcohol Abuse in Adolescents
    It is hypothesized that social anxiety in adolescents may lead to developing alcohol abuse as a coping mechanism instead of using healthier ways of handling social anxieties.
  21. The Children Abuse and Social Behavior
    This research paper will define child abuse, review the statistics and other data on the topic and discuss the impact of abuse on the social behavior of children.
  22. The Level of Abuse to Children
    This paper highlights the extent of child abuse cases in our society with a special focus on its relation to our culture.
  23. Childhood Trauma: Disorders and Risky Behavior
    Young people with a history of childhood abuse have a higher likelihood of participating in HIV risk behaviors such as having sex with multiple partners and having unprotected sex.
  24. Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Peacekeeping Missions
    The organization realizes its mission by preventing conflict, assisting parties involved in a dispute to attain peace, and creating settings that promote peaceful coexistence.
  25. Childhood Trauma Effects and Healing
    Childhood trauma has an immense effect on all areas of human experience. In some cases, trauma can interrupt a child’s defense mechanisms, making them open to harmful influences.
  26. Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Among Nurses
    The practice of substance consumption amongst nursing professionals, especially the nurses, is a critical challenge that continues to surround the nursing career.
  27. The Long-Term Impact of Abuse and Neglect on Children
    The purpose of this paper is to explain the impact of abuse on children, examine how different types of abuse impact a child’s cognitive and socio-emotional development.
  28. Incorporating Trauma Therapy in Healthcare
    Behavioral, cognitive, and social effects of traumatic events can be far-reaching depending on their nature and the individual characteristics of affected persons.
  29. Repressed Memory in Childhood Experiences
    This essay will discuss factors that cause repressed memories, possible mechanisms associated with the disorder, long-term effects, and several recovery methods.
  30. Treating Sexual Abuse Through the Transtheoretical Model
    This paper will consider the social cognitive theory, the health belief theory, and the transtheoretical theory as ways of approaching treatment where sexual abuse is present.
  31. Child Abuse: The Case Study
    The abused child is vulnerable because he needs parental care more than any sort of support does. In fact, providing support only caters for the physical aspects of the problem.
  32. Assessment of Counseling Methods: The Case Study
    This paper explores the fallacies that emerge during the therapy of John, a young man indulging in substance abuse.
  33. Health Psychology Committee Report
    The relevance of psychology in hospital settings cannot be underestimated because it has the potential to shorten patient stays or adherence to medical regimens.
  34. Neglect and Abuse in "Romanian Orphanage" Video
    This article focuses on the video "Romanian Orphanage" - a good example of how emotional neglect negatively affects the development of young people.
  35. Intimate Partner Violence and Smartphone Support
    The issue of intimate partner violence is recognized by the centre for disease control and prevention as a disease that is affecting the majority of households in the USA.

💡 Essay Ideas on Abuse

  1. The Elder Abuse in the Russian Culture
    The main purpose of the study was to find evidence that elder abuse was unethical, hence finding means, and ways of preventing elder abuse.
  2. Elderly Abuse: Causes, Occurrences, Consequences
    Essay is an attempt to explore the causes, occurrences, consequences, and preventative measures for elderly abuse.
  3. Deviance and Crime in Colleges and Universities
    The study will be examining the causes of this behavior and the possible impact on learners and other stakeholders.
  4. Child Abuse and Neglect in Daycares
    Millions of children face acts of negligence in various forms. During the tender age, the child needs and depends on the parent or caregiver critically.
  5. The False Memories of Abuse in Sexual Child Abuse
    In circumstances where a child is sexually abused theirs follows trauma on the child leading to a series of memories that occur from time to time.
  6. Child Abuse and Elder Abuse
    Child and elder abuses are worldwide problems that are on the increase. The paper represents two recent criminal cases, one of child abuse and the other of elder abuse.
  7. Analysis of Women Issues in Miami
    The article below focuses on an analysis of women’s issues in Miami based on violence and abuse against women.
  8. Elder Abuse and Neglect Issues
    Elder abuse and neglect are common occurrences in many places. This paper presents an annotated bibliography on elder abuse and neglect.
  9. Child and Elder Abuse Are Underreported
    Elderly abuse and child abuse take different forms, including physical and psychological. The paper discusses how and why elder abuse and child abuse are underreported.
  10. Childhood Trauma Etiology Associated With Social and Mental Disorders
    This paper will showcase the five themes that were revealed during the review process to better understand the associations between childhood trauma and various disorders.
  11. Childhood Trauma and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Many children below the age of six experienced serious traumas in their life that can cause serious mental health problems in their future life.
  12. A Client with Psychological Trauma: Therapy and Medication
    This paper discusses a client with a history of trauma who still has some symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that is managed with therapy and medication.
  13. Mental Health and Mental Illness Problems
    Mental health and mental illness problems entangle some of the worst health conditions. It is vital to keep at bay the avoidable instigators of mental illness.
  14. Personality Types and Substance Abuse
    This paper discusses the problem of substance use and abuse and how this tendency could be associated or correlated with types of personalities or possible personality flaws.
  15. Identifying Child Abuse and Neglect: Teacher Training
    Apart from physical and psychological trauma, the experience of abuse or neglect impacts executive functioning and cognitive skills, potentially causing difficulties in learning.
  16. Traumatic Experience in Childhood and Personality Disorders
    This paper research one of the most widespread conditions, borderline personality disorder, proving that childhood trauma is one of the main reasons for its development.
  17. Community Educators and Counseling
    The purpose of counselors and educators is to create an environment where people can discuss their issues without prejudice.
  18. Effects of Secondary Ptsd in Military Families
    Veterans with PTSD fail to address their mental health concerns, instead, transferring their trauma to their family members and creating an intergenerational trauma.
  19. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Cultural Factors
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy can offer multiple benefits in the context of cultural issues. It can be easily adapted to be responsive to the client’s cultural identity and beliefs.
  20. Child Abuse and Neglect: “A Child Called It”
    This paper compares symptoms of abuse detailed within the work by Dave Pelzer known as “A child called It” and analyzes them using recognized guidelines for child abuse victims.
  21. Psychological Abuse of an Unnamed Wife
    In her essay, "Abuse of an unnamed wife: Is she familiar?", Liz Moore thoroughly analyzes the phenomenon of psychological abuse.
  22. Trauma Effects and Interventions for Adults
    Social workers use evidence-based practices to help their clients, so the author suggests an intervention that, according to the evidence, is likely to be helpful.
  23. Is Killing a Justifiable Solution to Domestic Abuse?
    While killing in response to family violence can be viewed as a form of defense, it is also important to note that there are less harmful ways to respond to domestic abuse
  24. The Risk and Protective Factors Linked to Post-Traumatic Growth in Women
    The paper aims to explore the risk and protective factors linked to post-traumatic growth in women who have experienced sexual violence.
  25. Sexual and Emotional Child Abuse Examination
    This paper focuses on the issues of sexual and emotional aggression towards children in their homes, discussing relevant concepts, and abuse statistics.
  26. Experience of Childhood Trauma from Child Abuse/Maltreatment
    This paper aims to analyze the experience of childhood trauma from child abuse/maltreatment, outcomes included, and relevant literature search results and annotated bibliography.
  27. Child Abuse and Depression
    This essay argues that neglect, emotional distress, and limited access to psychological treatment during childhood alleviate depression and other mental conditions.
  28. Polysubstance Abuse Among Adolescent Males With Depression
    Substance abuse among adolescents can be caused by depression. In this case, the adolescents down ply the idea of seeking psychological support
  29. Childhood Maltreatment and Behavior Problems
    The research centers on examining whether or not early childhood maltreatment (before the age of four) affected the long-term behavioral deviations.
  30. Early-Life Stress and Behavioral Outcomes
    The study aims to understand the mechanisms behind the long-lasting consequences of early-life stress exposure. It is accomplished by comparing the results of tests.
  31. Reducing Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Tendencies in Adolescents
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy addresses children, teenagers, adult survivors overcoming the harmful repercussions of early trauma for their unique mental and emotional needs.
  32. Child Abuse: Corporal Punishment, Intimidation
    The paper describes that the problem of violence and ill-treatment of children in the family today is an issue that needs to be discussed and taken measures to solve.
  33. Suicidal Ideation as a High-Risk Event
    People with a tendency toward suicidal ideation represent one of the largest high-risk populations because thoughts of death affect a high percentage of humans.
  34. Building Respect for Human Life: Psychological Perspectives
    Disrespect for human life in American society can take many forms, and the answer to it depends on the psychological perspective employed.
  35. Post-Traumatic Growth After Sexual Abuse
    This literature review suggests that there is a need for a systematic review of the current literature on PTG of female victims of sexual abuse.

👍 Good Abuse Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Domestic Abuse Against Teenagers and Women
    The purpose of this research is to study the causes and consequences of abuse committed at home or within the family against adult women and adolescents.
  2. Spanking as a Punishment Method
    Raising children is arduous as parents are tasked with introducing their children to society and acceptable norms of behavior in it.
  3. Death Due to Childhood Abuse and Household Dysfunction
    The paper discusses how health risk behavior and various diseases in adults are related to household dysfunction and different types of abuse during childhood.
  4. Core Practices in Substance Abuse Counseling
    Substance abuse is a pressing problem in the United States, and counseling plays an essential role in supporting people struggling with addiction.
  5. Complex a Child Abuse Situation
    The case of James is a unique illustration of how complex a child abuse situation can become due to the involvement of a multitude of parties.
  6. Experience of Trauma from Child Maltreatment
    Summing up the findings of various researchers as well as using databases, studies confirm an undeniable influence of maltreatment on the later development and life of a child.
  7. Child Abuse and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    The given case illustrates child abuse and neglect as a problem involving not only a child and a parent but also grandparents.
  8. Traumatic Events and Trauma-Sensitive Lens Therapy
    Handling trauma among children requires early identification of victims of traumatic events since most are reluctant to seek help.
  9. Addiction and Substance Abuse in Professional Psychology
    Most addiction-focused professions aim at understanding drug addiction, treatment plans, and their respective application in professional practices.
  10. Child Maltreatment: Background
    The phenomenon of child maltreatment in the home setting is thoroughly examined by researchers, who intend to present a link between the unhealthy environment in families.
  11. Impacts of Physical Trauma on Children and Family
    In the presented scenario the main recipient of physical trauma as a result of abuse is Kolomalu. It discusses the short-term impacts of physical abuse.
  12. Mental Health of Children: A Study of Human Rights Violations Through Terrorism
    It can be concluded that there is a direct interlink between terrorist acts and various mental health disorders, including those among children, who are highly prone to mental trauma.
  13. Trauma and Abuse: Psychoanalysis vs. Person-Centered Approach
    In terms of the present paper, person-centered and psychoanalytic approaches were closely examined on the matter of their essence and interaction with trauma.
  14. Psychological Effects of a Divorce on Children
    Even when implemented in a manner as delicate as possible, divorce leaves quite substantial marks on all those involved, children being the most vulnerable parties involved.
  15. Dysfunctional Family Roles and Intervention
    Dysfunctional families have become an issue of concern, especially due to the increased number of youngsters involved in drug abuse.
  16. The Problem of Child Abuse and Maltreatment
    In this paper, the authors focus on how corporal punishment may lead to abusive acts, injury, and maltreatment among children and adolescents.
  17. Long-Term Outcomes of Childhood Sexual Abuse
    The paper reviews the literature providing information on the psychological, psychiatric, and physical outcomes of child sexual abuse.
  18. Why People Experience Nightmares
    The mechanism of how dreams occur has been one of the mysteries that science has failed to solve. This paper investigates how these factors are linked to nightmares.
  19. Childhood Trauma and Attachment Theories
    Childhood trauma is a life-threatening and violent event in a child's life. It significantly impacts a person's behavioral and emotional functioning.
  20. Youth Substance Abuse Intervention and Planned Behavior
    The purpose of the present work is to apply the theory of Planned Behavior as an intervention for the many young individuals suffering from substance addiction in Montpelier city.
  21. Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
    Child abuse and neglect are cases when an underaged individual's emotional needs are overlooked and three out of eight children in the United States are affected by this problem.
  22. Abusive or Violent Relationships
    There are different reasons younger people stay in abusive or violent relationships. Young adults do not know what to expect or how to react to abuse.

🏆 Best Abuse Essay Titles

  1. Mental Health Disorders Caused by Childhood Abuse Related
  2. Sexual Harassment and Abuse: Misuse, Bullying, Psychology
  3. Elder Abuse and Nursing Interventions
    This report investigates case studies concerning problems of health care settings for older adults and abuse and neglect of elders.
  4. The Biology and Psychology of Drug Abuse
  5. Psychology and Physiological Aspects of Substance Abuse
  6. Telehealth for Substance Abuse Care
    Substance abuse is concerned with the “harmful or hazardous use” of illegal and legal substances. The paper considers the application of telehealth to substance abuse care.
  7. The Relationship Between Mental Illness and Child Abuse
  8. Adolescent Depression and Substance Abuse Psychology
  9. Teaching Effects of Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug Abuse
    To achieve success in preventing drug use among the members of society, all the negative effects of drugs must be included in the anti-drug campaign and education programs
  10. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Mental Health
  11. Battered Women: Psychological Impact of the Physical and Mental Abuse
  12. Contemporary Quebec Cinema Social Problem of Child Abuse
    Child abuse and neglect have been an issue that has occasionally gained attention and measures to address them.
  13. Depression, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Programs in Prisons
  14. Substance Abuse and Addiction Psychology
  15. Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Young People
    Alcoholism and drug addiction currently can be considered, not only as purely medical but also as social problems of modern society.
  16. Mental Health Counseling: Child Abuse and Neglect
  17. Effects of Drug Abuse: Physical and Psychological
  18. Substance Abuse Intervention for Family
    It is estimated that more than eight million children in the USA live in families with at least one drug or alcohol-addicted parent.
  19. Cyberbullying and Mental Health Issues: Abuse and Intimidation
  20. The Link Between Child Abuse and Adult Physical and Mental Illness
  21. Steroid Abuse in the World of Sports
    The essay supports the idea that steroid usage should be banned in sports, so as to set good example to youngsters.
  22. Mental Disorders Associated During Sexual Abuse Survivors
  23. Sexual Abuse and Mental Disorders
  24. Family Violence in Canada. Physical and Emotional Abuses
    Canada has a very long history as far as violence is concerned. Almost every form of violence can be seen in the society including family violence, student violence and gangster violence.
  25. Sociology and Psychology Influences Upon Drug Abuse
  26. Organizational Psychology: Abuse and Productivity
  27. The Alcohol Abuse Indicators Assessment
    The health indicator of drinking alcohol continues to drastically affect the citizens of Florida, elevating the rates of mortality and morbidity in the region.
  28. Psychology and Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselor
  29. Child Abuse and Its Effects on the Physical, Mental, and Emotional State of a Child

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Abuse

  1. Assessing the Acceptability, Feasibility, and Sustainability of an Intervention to Increase Detection of Domestic Violence and Abuse
  2. Mental and Emotional Abuse and Child Development
  3. Mandated Reporters’ Statute in Child Abuse Case
    Texas mandated reporter statute requires any individual with knowledge of suspected child abuse or neglect to communicate this information to the appropriate authorities.
  4. Drug Abuse and the Influences of Psychology and Sociology
  5. Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Psychology Counseling
  6. Administrative Policy and Substance Abuse in the US
    Although US policies concerning substance abuse do not seem effective, they are worth studying to identify their strong and weak points.
  7. Drug Abuse and Risks of Development Mental Disorder
  8. Health Psychology: Stress, Substance Abuse, Addictive Behavior, Obesity, and Health Promotion
  9. Power Abuse in Florida’s County Administration
    The aim of the paper is to analyze power abuse by the example of the county administration in Florida, which made an inappropriate decision for financial gain.
  10. Psychology Treatment for Women Survivors of Childhood Abuse
  11. Child Abuse and the Legal System – Developmental Forensic Psychology: Unveiling Four Common Misconceptions
  12. Effectiveness of Prison Substance Abuse Treatment
    The criminals with drug abuse related problems who are released from prisons without undergoing proper treatment and counseling continue abusing drugs as soon as they are set free.
  13. Abnormal Psychology: Abuse, Addiction, and Disorders
  14. Abuse and Its Effect on a Person’s Mental Stability.
  15. Drug Abuse and Trafficking in America
    The article examines the general fight against drug abuse and drug trafficking, the laws adopted by the state, the consequences and results of this fight.
  16. The Seemingly Successful Family and Issues Leading to Low Self-Esteem, Substance Abuse, and Suicidal Ideation
  17. Mental Health Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  18. Canadian Law: Systematic and Methodical Inquiry in to Child Abuse
    Canada became a U.N. Convention signatory in 1991 and agreed to uphold the rights of children. Canada is therefore accountable with regard to children rights.
  19. Averting Alcohol and Drug Abuse Through Aversion: Psychology of Learning
  20. Child Development and Verbal Abuse
  21. Family Violence and Community Support
    The paper develops a strategy to deal with domestic violence inherent to the family. This development will be entrusted to the Fredericton Police Force.
  22. Child Abuse, Neglect Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology
  23. Co-occurring Disorders: Substance Abuse and Serious Mental Illnesses
  24. The Abuse of the Company’s Product on the Job
    With the policy of effective discipline and punishment, this is attributed to the Traditional theory ‘X’ which is best ascribed to Sigmund Freud.
  25. Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect: Psychological, Social, and Physiological Domains of Functioning
  26. The Psychology Behind Child Abuse and Neglect
  27. Sick Leave and Sick Leave Abuse at Enterprise N in 2017-2020
    The work of the HR department implies responsibility for the well-being of employees, which has physical, social, cultural, and emotional sides.
  28. Forensic Psychology, Crime and Substance Abuse
  29. The Relationships Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment and Juvenile Crime

❓ Abuse Research Questions

  1. Does Child Abuse Create a Psychopath?
  2. Good Substance Abuse and How It Is Related to Psychology?
  3. How Parenting Affects Teen Substance Abuse Psychology?
  4. How Does Abusive Behavior of Supervision Affect an Organization?
  5. How Abusive Behavior of Supervision Affects an Employee’s Task Performance?
  6. What Is Substance Abuse in Psychology?
  7. What Are the Mental Effects of Substance Abuse?
  8. Why Might the Experience of Child Sexual Abuse Lead to Mental Health Problems in Adulthood?
  9. Does Substance Abuse Cause Mental Disorders?
  10. Child Abuse; Why Does It Occur?
  11. Does Child Abuse and Neglect Lead To Bullying?
  12. Does Child Abuse Cause Crime?
  13. Do Childhood Neglect and Abuse Affect an Individual Later in Life?
  14. Does Sexual Abuse Lead To Homosexuality?
  15. Does Spousal Abuse Have Permanent Effects?
  16. Does Substance Abuse Treatment Make a Difference for Child Welfare Case Outcomes?
  17. How Does Abuse Affect a Person Later in Life?
  18. When Does Discipline Cross the Line to Child Abuse?
  19. How Can Therapy Help Victims of Child Abuse?
  20. Why Are Child Victims of Sexual Abuse at Greater Risk of Mental Illness?

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