Mental Health and Mental Illness Problems

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There should be different criteria for mental health based on the age of the person.

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People of different ages have different symptoms that always translate to different mental conditions. Unfortunately, the psychopathology approach makes assumptions that similar maladaptive or abnormal behaviors are attributable to the same symptoms irrespective of age. Psychological, biological, and sociological forces affect people of different ages differently with a clear historical prevalence of health disorders such as Alzheimer’s among the elderly. The clinical records of frequency and the number of some health disorders for instance Alzheimer’s are dependent on the chronological ages of the patients. The recognition of the need to incorporate different approaches to mental health disorders on the accounts of the ages of the patients can be anticipated to improve the clinical diagnostic process. The approach is likely to be fruitful since the diagnosis process entails the ruling out of all the possible mental conditions so that one remains with one particular situation supported strongly by the prevailing symptoms. Age is thus an important factor while associating certain symptoms to a given mental health disorder.

Even if testing for all forms of dementia existed with cures unavailable, I still believe that I could consider testing when I begin to suspect the existence of the conditions likely to result in a mental problem such as memory loss, social withdrawal, energy loss, loss of appetites, and mild depression amongst others. Even though the cure through the administration of drugs may not be there, psychological therapy would aid in making the mental health problems milder. Discovering that I have Alzheimer’s would likely raise my mental condition concerns. Therefore, in most cases, I would tend to blame other people on my condition, by trying to figure out how they have contributed to the situation. The advantage is that both psychotherapy and medical interventions could be sought to help deal with the problem. On the other hand, it would be a disadvantage since I would develop low self-esteem that is fueled by worries especially bearing in mind that this is a condition requiring expensive long-term health services. However, the fact is a fatal condition.

The question of dealing with substance abusers is an intricate one. The programs established to deal with the situation always prove to be expensive, especially considering the perceptions that mental health problems emanating from drug abuse are for self-creation. Rehabilitation, coupled with the awareness of the implications of drug abuse, would encompass a major milestone in dealing with drug abuse. Unfortunately, rehabilitated persons exhibit high possibilities of reverting to substance abuse upon successful rehabilitation. Through statutory laws, tough penalties are established to deal with drug traffickers as one of the ways to ensure that the substances do not reach the target groups. However, dealing with drugs is a highly politicized issue with many people building their careers pegged on declarations of their capacity to deal with drug abuse and trafficking. In the health care providers, options include medical treatments of the ailments resulting from drug abuse followed by intensive counseling.

After reading the materials of chapter four, I feel that mental health and mental illness problems entangle some of the worst health conditions. Considering this fact, after the onset of some mental illness, no permanent cures are available. Therefore, it is vital to keep at bay the avoidable instigators of mental illness such as drug abuse and anxieties.

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