102 Mental Health Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Mental Health Research Papers Examples

  1. Mental Health Risks of Abortion
    This paper reviews related literature on the potential association of mental health risks and abortion; enumerating perspectives for understanding health risks of abortion.
  2. "Mental Health Status Between Players and Non-Players” by Tanuja
    The present paper aims to critically evaluate the methods used in the article by Raut Tanuja and Ahmad (2015) to understand the reliability of findings.
  3. Mental Health & Rogers’ Person-Centered Psychotherapy
    Healthy-functioning individuals have specific traits that help them to be cognizant of their emotions and accept their requirements for personal growth.
  4. Mental Health Stigmatizing in East Asia
    This research aims at establishing why there is mental stigmatization in East Asia and how South Korea has addressed issues associated with mental illness compared to Japan.
  5. Mental Health Problem in America
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss available statistics and some facts about a mental health problem in the United States of America.
  6. Coronavirus Impact on Mental Health: Articles
    This paper compares and contrasts articles by two authors Achenbach and Winch on the mental health impact of coronavirus.
  7. Mental Health Access Improvement Act
    The Mental Health Access Improvement Act is aimed at regulating the work of marriage and family therapists, focusing on their activity under the Medicare program.
  8. Sun Exposure Benefits for Physical and Mental Health
    This essay discusses the benefits of sun exposure, including increased concentrations of vitamin D in the body, as well as general effects on physical and mental health.
  9. Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 on Australian Adolescents
    The information on adolescents' situation regarding their physical and mental health stemming from the pandemic is described by the popular article based on recent research.
  10. Internet and Mental Health Services
    Mental health professionals and patients must remain informed on the latest developments by embracing online mental health services.
  11. American Mental Health Counselors Association
    While theoretical elements are important to a counselor’s work, each professional must formulate a personal philosophy of counseling.
  12. Mental Health and Mental Illness Problems
    Mental health and mental illness problems entangle some of the worst health conditions. It is vital to keep at bay the avoidable instigators of mental illness.
  13. Practitioners of Mental Health and Stigma
    The paper shows differences that exist between clinical psychologists and psychiatrists and discusses the stigma and shame that are associated with seeking mental health treatment.
  14. Effects of Poverty on Mental Health
    People who live in economically disadvantaged communities face several challenges pertaining to their mental health.
  15. Cell Phones and Mental Health
    Limited use of smartphones, current human companions, makes life easier and enjoyable, while excessive screen time may bring severe mental health consequences.
  16. COVID-19 Pandemic and College Students’ Mental Health
    The current paper discusses that much higher education students have experienced increased anxiety or stress due to the pandemic.
  17. Who Is Responsible for My Mental Health?
    In thinking about improving the psychological instability treatment framework, the main thing to do is demonstrate who is liable for an individual's emotional wellness.
  18. Mental Health Among Unaccompanied Refugee Children at U.S. Border
    The selected topic for Strategic Plan is the mental health of unaccompanied children refugees at the U.S. border.
  19. The Conceptualization of Mental Health Wellness
    In the paper, the conceptualization of mental health wellness and programs' intervention will be articulated within the healthcare units to help families.
  20. Maintaining Mental Health for Teenagers in the Pandemic
    The paper states that the pandemic harmed students' lives, who more often began to experience stress and missed communicating with their classmates.
  21. Mental Health Support for Gay Forced Migrants
    Search for political asylum due to gender issues has never been this vital to some people since they become persecuted for who they are.
  22. Mental Health in 12-18 Years Old During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that people stay at home. Many adolescents between the age of 12-18 get bored at home during lockdowns.
  23. Mental Health of Refugees in America
    Supporting the mental health of refugees in America should start with including mental health professionals in the rescue team to offer psychosocial help to the refugees.
  24. Mental Care Services and Mental Health Care
    Proper access to mental care services and care is an essential aspect of a person's wellbeing, however, a plethora of factors impact one's ability to receive the needed support.
  25. Mental Health Therapies for Transgender People in Lubbock, TX
    This paper analyzes the main methods of therapy presented in the scientific literature and their integration and indications for use in the specified city.
  26. Mental Health of Children: A Study of Human Rights Violations Through Terrorism
    It can be concluded that there is a direct interlink between terrorist acts and various mental health disorders, including those among children, who are highly prone to mental trauma.
  27. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Student Mental Health
    Limiting the students' access to live communication contributes to stress, depression, feelings of loneliness, and other mental health issues.
  28. Mental Health and Mental Illness
    The current paper describes mental health as a state of mind that allows an individual to responsibly contribute to society and the community.
  29. Aspects of Mental Health Interventions
    The paper states that mental health interventions mean allowing a person who requires support to obtain it in the way that is most appropriate for it.
  30. Mental Health Services for Healthcare Providers of Critical Patients
    The project aims to evaluate the provision of mental health services for healthcare providers of critical patients in a primary care facility as its setting.
  31. Social Media and Mental Health
    Ferguson discusses the impact of social media on the wellness of users, including topics such as online gaming, eating disorders, online pornography, and cyberbullying.
  32. Immigrants' Mental Health and Time Spent in the US
    The hypothesis of this article is that the prolonged presence of immigrants in the United States for various reasons increases their stress levels.

🏆 Best Mental Health Essay Titles

  1. Methods of Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being
  2. Associations Between Parental Hearing Impairment and Children’s Mental Health
  3. Mental Health Nursing and Eating Disorder
  4. Abortion and Mental Health: The Role of Selection
  5. Bipolar Disorder: Mind and Mental Health
  6. Assessing the Need for a Specialist Service for People With Mental Health Problems
  7. Achieving Mental Health Through Anger Management
  8. Addictive Behaviors and Mental Health
  9. Solving Mental Health Problems of Immigrant Youth
  10. The Most Common Mental Health Problems
  11. Functions of Adolescent Mental Health Facilities
  12. Adolescent Satisfaction With Mental Health Services
  13. The Connection Between Adolescent Mental Health and Cigarette Smoking
  14. Adolf Hitler’s Mental Health in the Last Days of His Life
  15. Adults: Managing Mental Health
  16. Adverse Mental Health Impact of the Lockdown
  17. Advocating for Mental Health in the Health of Children
  18. Affordable Care Act: Implications for Mental Health Illness
  19. Impact of Aging on Mental Health
  20. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Mental Health
  21. Analyzing Community Mental Health Recovery Model
  22. Mental Health Problems in Prison
  23. The Role of Mental Health in Life Satisfaction in Adults
  24. Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Online Social Therapy for Youth Mental Health
  25. Assessment of Mental Health of Partners in the Perinatal Period
  26. Mental Health Among Adolescent Orphans
  27. Associations Between Employment Changes and Mental Health
  28. Stigma Experiences With Family Among Adolescents With Mental Health Disorders
  29. School Programs for Mental Health
  30. The Mental Health of Transgender College Students
  31. Defining Primary Care Mental Health Clinical Assessment Priorities
  32. Bisexuality, Poverty and Mental Health
  33. Black and Minority Ethnic Group and Mental Health
  34. Borderline Personality Disorder Mental Health Treatment
  35. Abnormal Behavior and Mental Health
  36. Breastfeeding and Its Impact on Physical and Mental Health of a Child
  37. Bullying History and Mental Health in University Students
  38. Cannabis Use and Mental Health Problems
  39. Capacity Building for Post-disaster Mental Health
  40. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Policy in Low- And Middle-Income Countries

❓ Mental Health Research Questions

  1. Can System Integration Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Children and Youth?
  2. Are Mental Health Issues Like Depression Related to Race?
  3. Can Mental Health Patients Benefit From a Healthy Eating Diet?
  4. How to Choose a Mental Health Specialist?
  5. Are People With Mental Health Problems at Increased Risk of Violence?
  6. Are Mental Health Insurance Mandates Effective?
  7. Can Meditation Promote Mental Health?
  8. Are Human Rights Infringed in Treatments for Mental Health?
  9. Is Mental Health a Barrier to Access to Postsecondary Access?
  10. Does the Criminal Justice System Treat People’s Mental Health Fairly?
  11. Does Childbirth Affect Mental Health?
  12. Is Obesity Linked to Mental Health?
  13. Can Childhood Trauma Lead to Mental Health Problems in Adulthood?
  14. What Are the Statistics of Mental Health Disorders?
  15. What Is the Children’s Mental Health Act?
  16. What Are the Mental Health Consequences of Natural Disasters?
  17. Are Mental Health Professionals at Risk of Burnout?
  18. How to Keep Mental Health Counselors Safe?
  19. How Effective Are Clinical Mental Health Counseling Services?
  20. Is It Appropriate to Use Color Therapy in the Treatment of Mental Health?
  21. What Are Some Ways to Raise Mental Health Awareness?
  22. Combining Work and Family: What Are the Mental Health Risks?
  23. What Are the Theories of Mental Health?
  24. What Are the Problems of Collaboration Between Child Protection and Mental Health Services?
  25. Does Compulsive Sexual Behavior Affect Mental Health?
  26. Do Mental Health Professionals Respect Privacy?
  27. Are People With Mental Health Problems at an Increased?
  28. What Is the Stigma Around Mental Health Treatment?
  29. Is There a Correlation Between Mental Health and the Number of Gun-Related Crimes?
  30. Can Exercise Improve Mental Health?

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