Restoring Mental Well-Being Using Social Sciences

The social science lens focuses on interpersonal relationships and human interactions with social environments. The social sciences encompass a diverse group of disciplines, including political theory, anthropology, sociology, and psychology, addressing the issue of mental wellness from different perspectives. Sociologists and political scientists investigate the role of mental wellness in the prevention of substance abuse, eating disorders, homelessness, and crime undermining the effective functioning of society. Schill et al. (2019) researched the mental wellness of Indigenous populations in Canada to determine the impact of the history of colonization and racism on health and wellness. The team of sociologists discovered that community support from urban organizations and culturally competent care providers could mitigate the adverse outcomes of inequality and abuse to enhance mental well-being.

Psychologists also promote a holistic approach and consider mental wellness as a requirement for healthy relationships, emotional stability, and academic success. Psychological well-being significantly impacts the way people interact with each other and process information. The systematic review by Orth and van Wyk (2020) demonstrates that the concept of mental wellness applied in positive psychology should be considered an effective instrument for promoting well-being. In contrast to the pathological approach to health focused on the treatment of depression and anxiety, the method of psychological wellness supporters is focused on prevention strategies. The psychologists suggest that mental wellness in adolescents can be achieved through the resolution of social issues, such as the lack of financial resources, inadequate policies, and communication problems (Orth & van Wyk, 2020). Therefore, social scientists encourage the interest in mental wellness as an instrument for improving relationships and academic performance.

The social science lens can enhance the understanding of the issue of mental wellness and the ways of achieving it. The historical changes in society introduce new challenges for individuals and communities, which underline the need for improving mental wellness. The research by Schill et al. (2019) examined elderly people of Indigenous backgrounds and uncovered the problem of psychological issues caused by the colonial legacy of ethnic inequality and discrimination. The social sciences also approach various aspects of mental wellness and offer recommendations or action plans for different institutions, including governments, communities, educational facilities, and organizations. The experts researching the mental wellness of adolescents systemized and broadened the knowledge of general mental health and the origins of psychological disorders to explain the role of positive psychology (Orth & van Wyk, 2020). Thus, the social sciences provide a deeper understanding of mental wellness and evaluate its impact on current social and health problems.


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