106 Well-being Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Well-being Research Papers Examples

  1. Females’ Instagram Use and Psychological Well-Being
    Psychology essay sample: Sherlock and Wagstaff tested the hypothesis that the time spent by women on Instagram was positively correlated with body dissatisfaction, depression, and social comparison.
  2. Human Development and Wellbeing
    Psychology essay sample: The current paper is going to compare and contrast the attachment theory and family systems theory in an attempt to point out the common advantages and differential downsides.
  3. Generosity Motivating Factors and Wellbeing
    Psychology essay sample: Generosity is extremely responsive to unpleasant conditions, and needs environmental conditions favorable to psychosomatic wellbeing.
  4. Gratitude and Subjective Well-Being: Lab Report
    Psychology essay sample: Subjective well-being (SWB) is a model that describes how people experience their life. SWB has a significant effect on biological functions.
  5. How To Achieve Well-being and Enjoyment in Life
    Psychology essay sample: Happiness is easy to reach, and there are simple methods that can suit anyone no matter their income, living conditions, family status, and other differences.
  6. Instagram Use and Psychological Well-Being in Women
    Psychology essay sample: There is an excellent connection between Instagram and the psychological well-being or the mental well-being of an individual.
  7. Effects of Socioeconomic Inequalities on Child Health and Wellness
    Psychology essay sample: Socioeconomic inequalities have a significant impact on the children’s cognitive and social-emotional behavior, as well as health outcomes.
  8. The Conceptualization of Mental Health Wellness
    Psychology essay sample: In the paper, the conceptualization of mental health wellness and programs' intervention will be articulated within the healthcare units to help families.
  9. Mental Wellness in Various Academic Perspectives
    Psychology essay sample: It is impossible to imagine the harmonious development of society and individual mental well-being if the humanities are popularized to such an extent that they lose their dialogical.
  10. Restoring Mental Well-Being Using Social Sciences
    Psychology essay sample: The social science lens focuses on interpersonal relationships and human interactions with social environments.
  11. Counselor Impairment and Wellness
    Psychology essay sample: Counselor impairment and wellness is a current issue affecting the counseling industry. This is because most counselors do not seek help from other professionals.
  12. Psychological Well-Being, Self-Efficacy and Personal Growth
    Psychology essay sample: This research paper explores the relationship between psychological well-being, personal growth initiative, and self-efficacy.
  13. National Well-Being Before and During the Pandemic by Tyler J. VanderWeele
    Psychology essay sample: The nation's state before and after the coronavirus pandemic is studied in the above article. Everyday life has changed in many ways due to the COVID-19 virus.
  14. The Concept of Psychological Well-Being
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to discuss the history, measurement, and perception of well-being in different cultures and address the impact of wellness on individuals and society.
  15. Divorce Processes' Impact on Children's Mental Health and Well-Being
    Psychology essay sample: Outlining the main consequences of the divorce processes manifested in affected children's well-being is an integral part of contemporary social studies.
  16. Video Gaming and Children's Psychosocial Well-Being
    Psychology essay sample: The article of interest is “Video Gaming and Children's Psychosocial Well-being: A Longitudinal Study” by Lobel, Adam, et al.
  17. Self-care: Well-being among Practicing Psychologists
    Psychology essay sample: Any professional activity requires working under pressure, which, if not appropriately managed, can lead to burnout in the long term.
  18. The COVID-19 Pandemic and Social Well-Being
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to discuss the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and the social well-being of people.
  19. Growth and Development Assessment Case Study
    Psychology essay sample: The observation and interview covered a 30-year-old female named Nicki; in general, Nicki is in the right developmental growth but still needs romance in her life.
  20. How to Increase Happiness Across All Three Types of Subjective Well-Being
    Psychology essay sample: Some essential benefits of happiness include reduced stress, boosted immune system, a healthy lifestyle, and the maintenance of healthy relationships.
  21. Mental Illness, Depression, and Wellness Issues
    Psychology essay sample: Mental illness and depression are a silent plague and a sleeper problem that has slipped into millions' brains, hence being highlighted in various forms of media.
  22. The Child Maltreatment and Anxiety Relationship
    Psychology essay sample: This paper discusses the impact of maltreatment on children's well-being and protects their physical and psychological health and research brings attention to the problem.
  23. Hate Crime in Relation to Social Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: This study highlights how human behavior has contributed to increased hate crimes against the minority groups in America, such as immigrants and African American individuals.
  24. Students’ Personalities and Academic Success
    Psychology essay sample: The task of educating children is critical for their future well-being, and its complexity in terms of psychology does not allow for neglecting individual characteristics.
  25. The Role of Psychology as a Diagnostic Technique
    Psychology essay sample: The paper offers a brief overview of psychology as a diagnostic technique and treatment versus preventive discipline to explain the position in detail.
  26. Psychology Answers Whether Money Buys Happiness
    Psychology essay sample: Money buys happiness to an extent since scholarly studies have established the correlation between the increase in personal income and individuals' happiness.
  27. A Psychological Trauma of a Social Worker
    Psychology essay sample: The party who was involved in the rescuing process (the social worker) was traumatized, which triggered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

🏆 Best Well-being Essay Titles

  1. Subjective Well-Being and Personal Development
  2. Daylight Saving Time Transition and Individual Well-Being
  3. Achievement Goal Orientations and Adolescents Subjective Well-Being in School
  4. Social Justice, Feminism and Well-Being
    The main two concepts the authors deal with in their study are praxis and well-being. The first one is the tool for defining, developing and implementing the second one.
  5. Understanding and Promoting Mental Well-Being
  6. Activity Diversity and Its Associations With Psychological Well-Being Across Adulthood
  7. Relationships With Psychological Well-Being and Depression
  8. Dash Diet and Hypertension Management
    This paper aims to provide an annotated bibliography for several articles related to the topics of dash diet and hypertension management.
  9. Adolescent Socio-Economic and School-Based Social Status, Health and Well-Being
  10. The Importance of Communities for the Well-Being of Older People
  11. Agency, Values, and Well-Being: A Human Development Model
  12. Cervical Cancer Prevention and Women’s Well-Being in the UK
    The research examines the prevention mechanisms of cervical cancer are in the UK and assesses challenges that exist for adult women affected by the disease.
  13. Agrotourism and Well-Being Sustainability
  14. Boundary Management and Well-Being of Knowledge Workers
  15. Relationship Between Social Capital and Subjective Well-Being
  16. Self-Care and Behavioral Medicine
    Self-care is a term that comprises activities aiming to protect one’s health and well-being and promote happiness. This practice helps reduce the adverse effects of stress.
  17. Food Lifestyles and Well-Being Sustainability
  18. Anti-consumption, Materialism, and Consumer Well-Being
  19. Appreciative Leadership and Employee Well-Being in Everyday Working Life
  20. Subjective Well-Being, Income Inequality, and Redistribution
  21. Government and Well-Being of Population
    The paper states that the national government plays a critical role in maintaining and enhancing the well-being of the population.
  22. Blogging for Emotional Well Being
  23. Intergenerational Mobility and Child Well-Being
  24. Art and Psychological Well-Being: Linking the Brain to the Aesthetic Emotion
  25. Assessing Subjective Well-Being: Progress and Opportunities

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Well-being

  1. Child Well-Being in Developing Countries
  2. Authenticity and Its Influence on Psychological Well-Being
  3. Basic Literacy and Attainment of Good Health and Well-Being Among Young Adults
  4. Reflection on Nurturing Healthy Development and Well-Being of Children
    Educators should recognize the importance of self-regulation; however, they also should navigate children to avoid overstressing.
  5. The Effect of Living in Urban Areas on Subjective Well-Being
  6. Measuring Cross-National Differences in Human Well-Being
  7. Boss Competence and Worker Well-Being
  8. Buddhism: The Knowledge for a Spiritual Life of Well-Being
  9. Leadership & Employee Well-Being
    Any company, organization, or facility constantly works on enhancing employees’ efficiency, which, in turn, leads to improved overall productivity.
  10. Building Life Satisfaction Through Well-Being Dimensions
  11. Business Ethics and the Well-Being of Nations
  12. Capital Income Flows and the Relative Well-Being of America’s Aged Population
  13. Career Adaptability, Work Engagement, and Employee Well-Being
  14. The Psychological Well-Being of Employees
    The purpose of this qualitative exploratory case study is to discover the strategies that managers in a ship-repair company in the maritime industry can use to reduce stress.
  15. Caste, Culture, and the Status and Well-Being of Widows in India
  16. Catastrophic Health Expenditure and Household Well-Being
  17. Causal Flow Between Human Well-Being and per Capita Real Gross Domestic Product
  18. Anti-smoking Policies and Smoker Well-Being
  19. Changes and Practices Essential for the Well-Being of a State
  20. Chinese Multinationals: Generational Differences and Perceived Subjective Well-Being
    This dissertation explores the factors that impact the subjective well-being and generational differences of employees working for multinationals in China in the post-70s, 80s, and 90s.
  21. Character Strengths and Well-Being Across the Life Span
  22. Maternal Well-Being, and Child-Parent Interactions
  23. Childhood Obesity and Its Effects on Health and Well Being
  24. Childlessness and the Psychological Well-Being of Older Persons

❓ Well-being Research Questions

  1. Can Wealth Buy Well-Being?
  2. What Are the Indicators for Measuring Sustainable Human Well-Being?
  3. Can Habitat Protection Lead to Improvements in Human Well-Being?
  4. Are Carbon Dioxide Emission Reductions Compatible With Sustainable Well-Being?
  5. Can Ethical Leadership Improve Employees Well-Being at Work?
  6. Are Childcare Subsidies Good for Parental Well-Being?
  7. Are Modern Philosophical Accounts of Well-Being Excessively “Individualistic”?
  8. Subjective Well-Being Ratings: Are Most People Happy?
  9. Are Occupational Stress and Burnout the Key Influences on Employee Well-Being?
  10. Are Psychological and Ecological Well-Being Compatible?
  11. What Are Dimensions of Well-Being?
  12. Can Early Intervention Policies Improve Well-Being?
  13. How to Maintain Economic Well-Being After Divorce?
  14. What Is the Impact of the Status of an Undocumented Immigrant on Well-Being?
  15. Are Pets Good for Your Emotional Well-Being?
  16. What Is the Associations Between Adversity in Childhood and Well-Being in Adulthood?
  17. Can Governments Boost People’s Sense of Well-Being?
  18. What Is the Influence of Color Psychology on Our Well-Being?
  19. Can Anti-poverty Programs Improve Family Functioning and Well-Being?
  20. What Public Strategies Can Improve Health and Well-Being?
  21. What Are Plato’s Views on Human Well-Being?
  22. Competition and Well-Being: Does Market Competition Make People Unhappy?
  23. What Are the Effects of Parenting on the Psychological Well-Being of Parents?
  24. How Do Working Conditions Affect Health and Well-Being?
  25. Can Extra Daytime Light Exposure Improve Well-Being and Sleep?
  26. How Does Poverty Affect Children’s Well-Being?
  27. Centering Theory: How to Measure Well-Being in the Main Areas of Life?
  28. Could Wealth Make Religiosity Less Needed for Subjective Well-Being?
  29. Can Faster Income Growth Reduce Well-Being?
  30. Are Human Rights and Economic Well-Being Substitutes?

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