77 Psychotherapy Research Topics & Essay Examples

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đź“ť Psychotherapy Research Papers Examples

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Counseling
    The aim of cognitive-behavioral therapy is to teach and elucidate a client how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to think positively.
  2. Ten Principles and Points for Critiquing Psychotherapy Research
    This essay describes some of the features that psychotherapy researchers should know in order to ensure that the various treatment groups are accorded the much needed interventions.
  3. Group Counseling Theories: Client-Centered Orientation
    The client-based orientation is based on respect for the client's individuality and initiatives, but the person’s background is also crucial.
  4. Why Mindfulness Belongs in Counseling Psychology
    The purpose of Goldberg’s article is to investigate how these two areas, namely, mindfulness and counseling psychology, overlap in terms of theory, ideology, and practice.
  5. Group Counseling Theories: Instructor’s Role
    A therapist is a person who is to develop different personal and communicating skills to succeed in group therapy.
  6. Mental Health & Rogers’ Person-Centered Psychotherapy
    Healthy-functioning individuals have specific traits that help them to be cognizant of their emotions and accept their requirements for personal growth.
  7. Personal Counseling Theory Overview
    If a person can act independently and has no distorted thoughts or emotional responses, this person represents the notion of effective functioning.
  8. Counseling Process: Ethics Code Comparison
    The counseling process needs to strictly follow the valid evidence gathering and adhere to the ethics code in order to preserve its legal aspect.
  9. Application of Counseling Theories
    Cognitive theory is focused on an individual’s patterns of thinking, and how they can affect the mood, feelings, and behaviors of an individual.

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  1. Yalom: The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy
  2. Bartoli: Addressing Client Racism and Racial Prejudice in Individual Psychotherapy
  3. Advanced Counselling Theories: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  4. Schizophrenia, Cultural Marginalization, and Dissociation of the Body: An Application of Ernest Becker’s Work to Psychotherapy
  5. Ethical Issues and Standards in Group Counseling
    Group counseling as a tool in counseling is relatively new. Group counseling borrows ideas from support groups but in Group counseling, a professional is involved.
  6. Albert Ellis and William Glasser’s Major Contribution to Modern Psychotherapy
  7. Applying Functional Data Analysis to Assess Tele-Interpersonal Psychotherapy Efficacy to Reduce Depression
  8. Art Psychotherapy: Group Dynamics
  9. Working With the Predictable Life of Patients: The Importance of Mentalizing Interoception to Meaningful Change in Psychotherapy
  10. Behavioral, Cognitive and Humanistic Approaches in Psychotherapy
  11. Behaviourism and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy
  12. Biomedical and Psychotherapy: Approaches to Treating Psychological Disorders
  13. Sigmund Freud: The Psychotherapy of Hysteria and Other Psychoneuroses
  14. Proffering Connections: Psychologising Experience in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life
  15. Client-Centered Therapy and Rogerian Psychotherapy
  16. Existential and Psychodynamic Principles and Practices With Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy
  17. Comparing Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Person-Centered Psychology
  18. Relationship Between Existential Psychotherapy and Ethnicity in Family Therapy
  19. Borderline Personality Disorder and Psychotherapy
    Borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be considered a significant health problem that deteriorates the quality of individuals’ lives and results in undesired outcomes.
  20. Counseling and Psychotherapy: Sexual Trauma & Sexual Abuse
  21. Resist the Negation Reflex: Minimizing Reactance in Psychotherapy of Delusions
  22. Criminal Rehabilitation Using Psychotherapy in Prisons
  23. Early Life and Psychodynamic Ideas of Unconscious Communication and Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapy
  24. Dance Therapy Application and Benefits as a Psychotherapy Method
  25. Core Values and Competencies Which Underpin Therapeutic Delivery of Counselling and Psychotherapy Applications
  26. Dynamical Systems Therapy: Complex Adaptive Systems in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
  27. Dysregulated Anxiety and Dysregulating Defenses: Toward an Emotion Regulation Informed Dynamic Psychotherapy
  28. Eating Disorder: Specific Model of Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  29. Emotion Regulation and Psychotherapy: Adaptation and Elaboration of an Application Manual of the Observer Measure of Affect Regulation
  30. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Treatment of Attachment Disorders in Children
  31. Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder
    The complexity of bipolar disorder as a psychological condition warranted extensive research in this area. Medication, as well as psychotherapy, represent the main treatment methods.
  32. Freudian Psychotherapy and Short-Term Dynamic Therapy
  33. Gold Standards, Plurality, and Monocultures: The Need for Diversity in Psychotherapy
  34. History, Idea and the Concept of Hypno-Psychotherapy
  35. Incorporating Tibetan Buddhism Into Modern Psychotherapy
  36. Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Short-Term Treatment, Long-Term Results
  37. Interactive Behavioral Therapy Group Psychotherapy for Students With Autism
  38. Interpersonal Psychotherapy vs. Treatment as Usual for Major Depression Related to Work Stress
  39. Managing Distress Over Time in Psychotherapy: Guiding the Client in and Through Intense Emotional Work
  40. Mental Imagery and Brain Regulation: New Links Between Psychotherapy and Neuroscience
  41. Metacognitive Narrative Psychotherapy for People Diagnosed With Schizophrenia
  42. Perceived Psychotherapist’s Empathy and Therapy Motivation as Determinants of Long-Term Therapy Success
  43. Navratilova’s and Porreca’s Hedonistic Approach to Psychotherapy: The Impact of Pain on Reward and Motivation of Individuals

âť“ Psychotherapy Research Questions

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  1. Can Music Help Recover Sick Patients Through Psychotherapy?
  2. Can Psychotherapy Change Sexual Orientation, and Should We Try to Change Sexual Orientation?
  3. Why Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Be the Current Gold Standard of Psychotherapy?
  4. How Would Treatment Proceed for a Woman Suffering From Depression, Anxiety, and Feelings of Inadequacy if She Undertook Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?
  5. How Current Counselling and Psychotherapy Practices Emerged From Psychiatry and Psychology?
  6. Does Disclosure About the Common Factors Affect Laypersons’ Opinions About How Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy Works?
  7. Does Everyone Need Psychotherapy Whether They Are Facing Problems or Not?
  8. When Is Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Helpful?
  9. Is There a Link Between Psychotherapy and Shamanism?
  10. What Issues Are With Multicultural Counseling and Psychotherapy?
  11. Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, and Neuropsychotherapy: What Are Links and Differences?
  12. What Are the Key Characteristics of a Good Psychotherapy?
  13. What Differentiates Poor- And Good-Outcome Psychotherapy?
  14. What Does Psychotherapy Include?
  15. Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is the Current Gold Standard of Psychotherapy?
  16. Why Does Therapy Work? An Idiographic Approach to Explore Mechanisms of Change Throughout Psychotherapy
  17. Why Do People Have Counseling or Psychotherapy?
  18. How Can Zen Buddhism Be Combined With Psychotherapy?
  19. Does Outpatient Psychotherapy Reduce Health-Care Costs?
  20. What Are Psychological and Social Factors of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?
  21. How Does Psychotherapy Works, and How Is It Different From All Other Therapy?
  22. Why Are Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Becoming Rare?
  23. Self Healing Clients Without Psychotherapy: Is This Possible?
  24. What Are the Differences Between Counseling and Psychotherapy?
  25. What Are the Five Major Psychotherapy Theoretical Frameworks?

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