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  1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Various Diseases
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive behavioural therapy is aimed at helping patients manage their problems with the help of changing the way in which they behave and think.
  2. Counseling and Ethical Decision-Making
    Psychology essay sample: The paper concerns the systematic ethical decision-making process in counselors and outlines steps to resolve an ethical dilemma in the case of disclosure of a drug abuse habit.
  3. The Structural Family Therapy Concept
    Psychology essay sample: This research paper discusses Structural Family Therapy in relation to its development, tenets, application and comparison to other methods.
  4. Psychology Practice: Ethical Codes, Models and Issues
    Psychology essay sample: In the practice of psychology, ethics of conduct may be considered one of the main components of professional competence.
  5. The Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy Concept
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive behavioral family therapy (CBFT) is the most popular treatment modality among marriage and family therapists focusing on marital problems.
  6. Ethical Challenges in Group and Personal Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Different types of therapies have unique ethical challenges that define these ramifications. This paper investigates them and outlines their relationships with group therapy and personal therapy.
  7. Motivational Interviewing as a Therapy in Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: Motivational interviewing is a potent tool that could institute great positive transformational changes in the psyches and behavioral patterns of people.
  8. Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior in Children
    Psychology essay sample: Analysis of OCD in children: Its causes, psychodynamic and biological causes, early signs and symptoms, consequences of OCD, treatment, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.
  9. Family Therapy: Family Acculturation
    Psychology essay sample: The work of family therapy with subjects undergoing acculturation has been described as being on the front row seat of the interaction between diversity and the family field.
  10. Cognitive Behavioral Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: The aim of cognitive-behavioral therapy is to teach and elucidate a client how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to think positively.
  11. Sigmund Freud: Person Centered Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: Sigmund Freud's pioneering contributions could be considered the major founding blocks from which most of the counseling types and approaches were developed.
  12. Internet Addiction and Narrative Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Narrative therapy is among the therapies that can be very effective in addressing internet addiction among the youth.
  13. Online Therapy Issues
    Psychology essay sample: E-therapy is neither psychotherapy nor a replacement or substitute for psychotherapy; this is because working with a therapist in person is the best method of accessing counseling services.
  14. Theoretical Orientation of Psychologist
    Psychology essay sample: The choice of a particular theoretical orientation (that the psychologist relies on) allows therapists to delve into the issue and better understand people and themselves.
  15. Counselor Roles and Relationships
    Psychology essay sample: A counselor utilizes empathy to create connections with their clients to help them resolve a crisis, while also collaborating with other workers to create effective techniques.
  16. A Program for Coping With Pain, Anger, Confusion and Guilt
    Psychology essay sample: A program for coping with pain, anger, confusion, and guilt required to divide people into groups to conduct sessions. Preliminary screening could help build groups for counseling.
  17. Ten Principles and Points for Critiquing Psychotherapy Research
    Psychology essay sample: This essay describes some of the features that psychotherapy researchers should know in order to ensure that the various treatment groups are accorded the much needed interventions.
  18. Family Therapy: The Cultural Context and Ethics
    Psychology essay sample: Through the application of the preventive approach, family therapists argue that once the changes are achieved, domino effects are set to counteract the wayward approaches.
  19. The Use of Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Behavioral therapy is a type of treatment that focuses on an individual’s feelings and thought processes with the purpose of treating various psychological problems.
  20. Ethical Use of Assessments - Genograms
    Psychology essay sample: Genogram assessment has offered a broad approach in dealing with psychosocial problems hence creating a wide range of opportunities to solve marriage and family issues.
  21. Group Counseling Theories: Client-Centered Orientation
    Psychology essay sample: The client-based orientation is based on respect for the client's individuality and initiatives, but the person’s background is also crucial.
  22. Why Mindfulness Belongs in Counseling Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: The purpose of Goldberg’s article is to investigate how these two areas, namely, mindfulness and counseling psychology, overlap in terms of theory, ideology, and practice.
  23. Group Counseling Theories: Instructor’s Role
    Psychology essay sample: A therapist is a person who is to develop different personal and communicating skills to succeed in group therapy.
  24. Mental Health & Rogers’ Person-Centered Psychotherapy
    Psychology essay sample: Healthy-functioning individuals have specific traits that help them to be cognizant of their emotions and accept their requirements for personal growth.
  25. Personal Counseling Theory Overview
    Psychology essay sample: If a person can act independently and has no distorted thoughts or emotional responses, this person represents the notion of effective functioning.
  26. Counseling Process: Ethics Code Comparison
    Psychology essay sample: The counseling process needs to strictly follow the valid evidence gathering and adhere to the ethics code in order to preserve its legal aspect.
  27. Application of Counseling Theories
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive theory is focused on an individual’s patterns of thinking, and how they can affect the mood, feelings, and behaviors of an individual.
  28. The Group Counselor: Techniques for Creating a Safe Environment
    Psychology essay sample: I would use the combination of techniques for creating a safe environment allowing effective participation of all group members who are free to determine the goals of the therapy.
  29. Group Visit Assignment: Groups Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: This paper’s comparison of two kinds of support groups is based on the results of the interview with a therapist who has worked with the two sorts of groups.
  30. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Overview
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive-behavioral therapy maintains strong empirical and scientific evidence of efficacy for the treatment of addiction.
  31. Cognitive-Behavioral and Rational Emotional Behavior Theory: Comparison
    Psychology essay sample: The purpose of the paper is to compare and contrast CBT and rational emotive behavioral therapy and report how varieties between the two practices can impact psychiatric practice.
  32. Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: Legal issues are important aspects of the treatment process, the legal framework will protect the confidentiality of the treatment process both to the patient and the psychologist.
  33. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: CBT stands out to be is a well-develop and proven therapy. The method is effective for the treatment of patients experiencing a combination of behavioral and cognitive issues.
  34. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Addiction Treatment
    Psychology essay sample: This paper presents an analysis of the available literature on the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for substance abusers.
  35. Low SES and Access to Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: The literature extensively studies the associations between patients’ socioeconomic status (SES) and their access to mental health care.
  36. Cognitive Behavior and Depression in Adolescents
    Psychology essay sample: People of different ages are prone to various psychological and emotional issues, especially in the current world that is transforming at a high pace.
  37. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Rational emotive behavior therapy is a therapy approach that involves the identification and replacement of negative behaviors with positive ones.
  38. Gestalt Theory and Cognitive Behavioral Theory: Comparison
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to argue that based on the similarities and phenomenological attributes of Gestalt Theory and Cognitive Behavioral Theory.
  39. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Fighting Anxiety
    Psychology essay sample: The ACT approach helps reduce extreme cases of anxiety among patients with low-income levels inhibiting access to quality CBT medical services.
  40. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Analysis
    Psychology essay sample: Although attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is largely a childhood behavioral disorder, it is now considered a lifespan disorder.

💡 Essay Ideas on Psychotherapy

  1. Psychoanalytic and Cognitive Behavioral Approach in Counseling and Psychotherapy
    Psychology essay sample: Psychoanalysis and cognitive-behavioral therapy differ in methods and strategies; they may also differ slightly in purpose.
  2. Therapies and Medication in the Process of Treatment of Anorexia
    Psychology essay sample: Anorexia should be treated by therapies rather than medication since the former aims at identifying what caused the disorder in the psyche and has more complex techniques.
  3. Person-Centered Therapy as Counseling Theory
    Psychology essay sample: Theory ensures consistency between understanding, interpretation, and action, which is vital to achieving positive results.
  4. Family Analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: It is important to identify what counts as a norm in order to locate problematic aspects of some of the relationships within a family and between its members.
  5. Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder: A New Mode of Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD) covers both physical and mental levels and is dangerous because of the inability of managing one’s emotions.
  6. Conceptualization of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) represents a type of treatment that is concerned with paying attention to a solution rather than a problem.
  7. Group Therapy for Health Care Workers
    Psychology essay sample: The purpose of the support group described in this paper is to enable medical professionals to deal with the grief of a loved one loss due to coronavirus most safely.
  8. Counseling Intervention Plan
    Psychology essay sample: The development of a counseling intervention plan is a delicate process that involves data assessment procedures and designing treatment plans, which consider a multitude of factors.
  9. Incorporating Trauma Therapy in Healthcare
    Psychology essay sample: Behavioral, cognitive, and social effects of traumatic events can be far-reaching depending on their nature and the individual characteristics of affected persons.
  10. Video Games in Psychotherapy by Ceranoglu
    Psychology essay sample: In “Video Games in Psychotherapy”, Ceranoglu offers powerful arguments that explain why medical practitioners should embrace the use of video games in psychotherapy.
  11. "On the knife's edge" Term and the Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: "On the knife's edge" is a term used to describe how people make irreversible mistakes that are often regretted moments after they are made.
  12. Person-Centered Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: Person-centered counseling can be referred to as client-based therapy. It was invented by a renowned American psychologist known as Carl Rogers.
  13. The Person-Centered Therapy: Definition and Application
    Psychology essay sample: The person-centered therapist supports the clients’ perception of the world, shows faith in the clients’ inner resources, and facilitates a mutual relationship with clients.
  14. Experiential Family Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: The paper deals with the issue of family therapy in terms of different approaches, such as psychoanalytical, structural, and experiential.
  15. The Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive behavior therapy puts more emphasis on transforming the way family members behave. The approach is also concerned with the family’s dysfunctional beliefs or attitudes.
  16. The Behavior Therapy Approach
    Psychology essay sample: The main characteristics of behavior therapy mainly focus on observable behavior, current determinants of behavior, change promoting learning experiences, and rigorous assessment.
  17. The Postmodern Therapy Approach
    Psychology essay sample: Postmodern therapies observe all family members and examine family structure, interaction, behavior rather than concentrating on the treatment of the one individual in the family.
  18. The Reality Therapy: Approach and Application
    Psychology essay sample: Reality theory concentrates on the ability of a client to decide to meet his or her own needs. It discourages blaming tendencies but prevents personal responsibility.
  19. The Existential Therapy: Meaning and Application
    Psychology essay sample: Existential therapy involves the analysis of a client’s existence in conjunction with the universe. The client assumes ultimate responsibility for his behaviors of free will.
  20. The Feminist Therapy: Approach and Application
    Psychology essay sample: According to feminist theory, challenges that occur between couples can successfully be addressed if the inequalities between men and women are acknowledges and dealt with.
  21. Assessment of Counseling Methods: The Case Study
    Psychology essay sample: This paper explores the fallacies that emerge during the therapy of John, a young man indulging in substance abuse.
  22. Counseling: Comparing Models
    Psychology essay sample: The paper focuses on behavior therapy and outlines the model’s key features, how it can be applied in solving Angela’s case and compares the model and the effective model.
  23. Assessment and Management of Challenging Behaviors
    Psychology essay sample: People with challenging behaviors need utmost care and understanding. When these individuals are not well taken care of they end up being a nuisance to the community.
  24. Therapy in Good Will Hunting's Case
    Psychology essay sample: This article is a reflection on the overall process of therapy, the relationship between therapist and client, using the movie Good Will Hunting as an example.
  25. Ethical Dilemma in the Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: A paper discusses an ethical dilemma that is observed in the given counseling case study. An ethical dilemma entails a situation in which two possible moral choices have to be made.
  26. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Psychology essay sample: The purpose of this article is to consider the mechanisms of occurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as existing methods of its treatment.
  27. Anxiety Disorders: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: This research paper will focus on the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy as a treatment modality for anxiety disorders.
  28. “Dibs in Search of Self” Reaction Paper - Play Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Dibs in Search of Self represents a true story about a young boy who managed to overcome psychological problem through play therapy.
  29. Self-Help Group Simulations. Behaviour Change
    Psychology essay sample: Going through the experience is vital for mental health professionals to understand the complexities of issues of substance abuse and addiction that the clients are going through.
  30. Supervisory Model: Cognitive Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: The cognitive behavior supervisory model allows working with patients on two distinct elements - their cognition and behavior.
  31. Cognitive Strategies of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Automatic thoughts introduce the problems patients are not able to identify when they address to a therapist for help.
  32. Cognitive Therapy in Biblical Context
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive therapy is a method of psychotherapy that can rapidly change one’s condition by influencing his thoughts and reshaping them.
  33. The Concept of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
    Psychology essay sample: Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of treatment that provides relief to persons experiencing emotional pain conducted through communication between the therapist and patient.
  34. Group Therapy in Psychology: Strengths and Limitations
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to gather relevant data on group therapy in psychology, present its strengths and limitations, and outline the differences between group and individual approaches.
  35. Psychology: Counseling Process Report
    Psychology essay sample: The paper states that the client benefited from his participation in the three sessions. He improved some skills and developed sound plans that outlined major paths.
  36. American Mental Health Counselors Association
    Psychology essay sample: While theoretical elements are important to a counselor’s work, each professional must formulate a personal philosophy of counseling.
  37. Counselling Clients with Depression and Addiction
    Psychology essay sample: Clinicians should "understand that depression is associated with the racism or sexism that marginalized groups experience in their daily lives".
  38. A Client with Psychological Trauma: Therapy and Medication
    Psychology essay sample: This paper discusses a client with a history of trauma who still has some symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that is managed with therapy and medication.
  39. Researching of Psychotherapy and Counselling
    Psychology essay sample: It is essential to highlight that anxiety is best treated by taking psychotropic medication in conjunction with therap
  40. An Effective Case Manager and Counselor
    Psychology essay sample: An effective case manager engages clients based on their determination and minimizes complications and ensures there are no unnecessary hospital admissions.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Psychotherapy

  1. Helping Children After Traumatic Environmental Occurrences
    Psychology essay sample: The intervention was found to improve the psycho-social state of the learners and promote mental health for the participants.
  2. The Career Counseling Theory
    Psychology essay sample: Counseling is a powerful practice that guides clients to make the informed decisions and address their problems.
  3. Group Counseling: Advantage in Managed Care
    Psychology essay sample: Group counseling allows practitioners to work with a large number of clients, which is now an undeniable advantage in managed care.
  4. Psychotherapy: Empirical Research in Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: The empirical article could be consulted for a better understanding of the variables that may determine the efficiency of exposure psychotherapy.
  5. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Model
    Psychology essay sample: Modern psychology developed six patterns to differentiate and adequately treat abnormalities based on individuals’ physical and mental switches.
  6. Counselling Assessment and Necessary Skills
    Psychology essay sample: Counsellors' characteristic that has to be present when defining the client's problem is a strong goal-setting attitude and an empathetic commitment to action.
  7. Egan's Three-Stage Model Analysis
    Psychology essay sample: This paper evaluates the three stages in Egan's skilled helper model. Moreover, it highlights some counseling skills used in therapy sessions and their importance.
  8. Professional Skills for Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: Building trusting relationships with a client is a counselor's priority that allows for further implementation of strategies, therapies, and specially designed interventions.
  9. Professional Psychology and Counseling Ethics
    Psychology essay sample: The willingness to become an ethical specialist is what becomes the foundation of practice among numerous psychologists willing to support their professional vocation.
  10. Cultural Immersion Events for Better Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: I have visited the Catholic Church, which is mainly visited by people of Latin origin. Then, I went to the music festival, which was dedicated to Latino culture.
  11. A Vision for the Future of Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: This article gives a comprehensive insight into the process that was used to come up with the definition of counseling as being applied in contemporary times.
  12. Western Psychology: Career as a Psychotherapist
    Psychology essay sample: Specialization, competence, and experience are important things a psychotherapist should focus on developing for effective delivery of mental health care.
  13. Proposing a Counseling or Psychotherapy Group
    Psychology essay sample: The paper looks at intimate partner violence among women and different therapy approaches applicable for counseling the group.
  14. Military Resiliency Counseling and Care-Giving
    Psychology essay sample: This course aims to identify the key fears of people who have the problem of adapting to real life after participating in hostilities.
  15. The Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: The key concepts of the cognitive-behavioral therapy revolve around emotions, thoughts, and behavior, which are disputations and collaborative empiricism.
  16. Self-Disclosure and Countertransference
    Psychology essay sample: This paper discusses self-disclosure and countertransference, the two most significant impediments to successful counseling.
  17. Community Educators and Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: The purpose of counselors and educators is to create an environment where people can discuss their issues without prejudice.
  18. Personal Model of Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: Proper counseling skills translate to cognitive complexity, which translates to critical thinking and viewing situations from multiple perspectives during dialogue with a client.
  19. Counselling Relationship and Successful Outcomes in Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard contribute to establishing good counseling relationships and lead to successful therapy outcomes.
  20. Art Therapy: Creativity as a Critical Part of Art Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Creativity is critical to art therapy because it helps the client-artist to develop a critical insight into their emotions, feelings, and thoughts.
  21. Comment on the Child and Youth Counseling Course
    Psychology essay sample: The Child and Youth Counseling Course described in detail the process of counseling children and adolescents, their parents, family counseling, as well as corrective work.
  22. Person-Centered Therapy: Integration of Existentialism and the Importance of Empathy
    Psychology essay sample: The idea behind the development of the person-centered theory was the focus on the clients' experiences of themselves instead of focusing on counselors' expert knowledge.
  23. Suicide: The Leading Causes of Death Worldwide
    Psychology essay sample: The paper provides a literature review that covers the epidemiology of suicide, risk and protective factors and prevention strategies.
  24. People with Asperger's Syndrome: The Effects of Group Trainings
    Psychology essay sample: To effectively determine how group training affects adults and children with Asperger's syndrome, many researchers do use experimental research design.
  25. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Rational emotive behavior therapy is a methodology that causes recognizing unreasonable convictions and negative idea designs that may prompt enthusiastic or social issues.
  26. Human Sexuality in Family Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: This paper analyzes sexuality and sexual behavior from a psychological point of view, and looks at family counselors’ role in establishing healthy sexual relationships.
  27. Importance of Counseling in Military Couples
    Psychology essay sample: The lack of communication between a military couple caused by the service adversely affects the moral and psychological climate of the family.
  28. Achievement of Success During Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: The exercise of specific skills and utilization of recognized theoretic perspectives facilitates the delivery of quality care during counseling.
  29. Self-Exploration: The Role for a Helper
    Psychology essay sample: Self-exploration assists helpers in creating a trustful relationship with their clients. Without self-exploration, the counselor could project their problems onto their clients.
  30. Individual Work with Clients after Family's Psychotherapy Completion
    Psychology essay sample: In the modern world, psychological assistance is an indispensable attribute for achieving a successful and conscious relationship with themself and between family members.
  31. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: When Is It Useful?
    Psychology essay sample: The cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the role of thinking in how we feel and behave.
  32. Psycho-Educational Group Proposal
    Psychology essay sample: The proposed counseling group explores the numerous dimensions of a developing female adolescent identity while also encouraging a high degree of self-esteem.
  33. The Role of Family in Depression Treatment
    Psychology essay sample: Psychologists do a great job of helping people deal with their worries and fears because sometimes the patients have no one who could be trusted apart from the counselor.
  34. Professional Psychology: Obtaining a Counselor License
    Psychology essay sample: The paper is dedicated to the analysis of the profession of a psychologist. The aim is to create an algorithm, adherence to which will help obtain a license of a counselor.
  35. Individual, Group and Family Counseling Competencies
    Psychology essay sample: Counseling is a professional relationship where different individuals, families, and groups meet with a professional trainer to talk about how to achieve goals in their careers.
  36. Couple Separation and Family Counseling Techniques
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to discuss advisory deliberations, expected effects due to separation, and the most effective family counseling techniques.
  37. Nightmares Case Conceptualization Through a Framework of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: The given case conceptualization focuses on a patient, Ms. Cruz, who is suffering from recurring nightmares of hurting her four-month-old son.
  38. Narrative Therapy: Managing Grief of Losing a Partner
    Psychology essay sample: In this paper, narrative therapy is examined through the lens of grief counseling. It focuses on patient Kelly and her experience of attachment to a deceased partner.
  39. Restoring Hope Counselling Home for Youth
    Psychology essay sample: Restoring Hope Counselling Home is offering free counseling to young people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. It ensures that they find hope in life.
  40. Six Roots of Storyplay Therapy for Children
    Psychology essay sample: StoryPlay is a model of play therapy with a focus on the identification, access, and utilization of inner abilities, gifts, and skills of the children.

👍 Good Psychotherapy Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Developing PTSD: Trauma at a Younger Age
    Psychology essay sample: Some people are more prone to developing PTSD than others because of trauma at a younger age, like physical assault or major accidents.
  2. Children’s Books in Various Therapies
    Psychology essay sample: The paper discusses children's books in therapy. It includes Adlerian Play Therapy, Jungian Analytical Play Therapy, Psychodynamic Play Therapy, etc.
  3. The Case Formulation Approach to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Persons also fails to provide templates that would assist clinicians unfamiliar with CBT assessment processes to develop a standard for working with patients in pretreatment.
  4. Sand and Solution-Focused Therapies
    Psychology essay sample: The paper describes how sand play and solution-focused therapies can be a linking tool between a child and an adult.
  5. Transference and Countertransference
    Psychology essay sample: The paper describes that working with children involves many emotions, introducing transference and countertransference in social work.
  6. Counselor-Client Relationships and Influences
    Psychology essay sample: This essay aimed to analyze issues affecting counselor-client relationships. Family and values are the most cited factors.
  7. Psychodynamic Perspective in Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: It is worth noting that modern psychology benefits from various approaches and theories. One of the earliest perspectives in psychotherapy is psychodynamics.
  8. Cultural Awareness, Humility, Advocacy, and Social Justice in Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: The current paper states that cultural awareness, humility, social justice, and advocacy are essential factors in the counseling profession.
  9. Future of Counseling: Science and Christianity
    Psychology essay sample: The future of counseling involves an intersection between scientific study and Christian intervention. This course provides an understanding of counseling.
  10. Reflective Practice and Its Importance for Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: In psychology, the reflective practice provides a way through which psychologists make crucial decisions through self-reflection rather than relying on academic or technical knowledge.
  11. Counseling Practice: Components, Special Considerations
    Psychology essay sample: This paper discusses the main components related to counselor self-care, the special considerations regarding healthcare organizations, insurance, and counseling practice.
  12. The Working Alliance in Counseling: Working With Tasks and Goals
    Psychology essay sample: Working alliances is a relationship between a patient and a counselor with the hope of benefitting the client; that's why clinicians choose to work with tasks and goals.
  13. Case Conceptualization Using Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Rational emotive behavior therapy can be used for treating different patients with various psychological ailments. It includes three therapeutic techniques.
  14. The Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Ethnic Minority Adolescents
    Psychology essay sample: The mindfulness-based therapy can reduce perceived stress, improve emotional regulation, and boost coping in adolescents from low-income ethnic groups.
  15. Integrative Therapy and IAPT (Integrative Approach to Play Therapy)
    Psychology essay sample: IAPT (Integrative Approach to Play Therapy) refers to a progressive approach to play therapy which allows the therapist to blends a variety of therapeutic treatment models.
  16. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Cultural Factors
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive-behavioral therapy can offer multiple benefits in the context of cultural issues. It can be easily adapted to be responsive to the client’s cultural identity and beliefs.
  17. Reality and Family Therapy to Improve Relationships
    Psychology essay sample: The primary goal of the therapy is to improve the patient’s relationship with his father and help him become more conscious in terms of his life choices.
  18. Importance of Counseling in Military Couples
    Psychology essay sample: Counseling is a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy marriage in military families because it enables consistent communication.
  19. Narrative Therapy for Sex Trafficked Women and Girls
    Psychology essay sample: This discussion will focus on reviewing narrative therapy as a method for engaging with patients, its effectiveness, as well as potential uses.
  20. John Bowlby Therapy and Attachment Security Play Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Attachment theory presupposes that a child’s interactions with other people influence its development from a very young age.
  21. Case Conceptualization in Existential Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Existential therapy is a distinctive form of psychotherapy that focuses on the existence of human beings. It utilizes a positive approach from a philosophical point of view.
  22. Gestalt Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Feminist Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: This paper provides a comparative analysis of three types of therapies, namely Gestalt therapy, Person-centered Therapy, and Feminist Therapy.
  23. Psychotherapy: Theoretical Orientation
    Psychology essay sample: The paper states that because the existential approach to psychotherapy aims at the causal factors, the approach may not directly discourse the principle concerns.
  24. Structural Family Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: The Case Study
    Psychology essay sample: Structural family therapy and solution-focused brief therapy are among the models widely applied by clinical psychologists.
  25. Creative Art Therapy for Mental Illness
    Psychology essay sample: Some kinds of art can have an apparent positive effect on the psychological state, while others, on the contrary, can put a person in an unstable condition.
  26. Psychology: Pluralism, Counselling Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: The reviewed articles were chosen for several reasons. First, they explore different topics in the field of counseling psychology.
  27. Counselling: Developing Personal and Professional Self-Awareness
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to elaborate on the process and the importance of professional and self-awareness for sustainable mental health and wellness in the counseling profession.
  28. Polysubstance Abuse Among Adolescent Males With Depression
    Psychology essay sample: Substance abuse among adolescents can be caused by depression. In this case, the adolescents down ply the idea of seeking psychological support
  29. Counselor's Professional Identity and Credential
    Psychology essay sample: This paper summarizes studies and podcasts highlighting professional identity importance, relevant components, and associated challenges.
  30. Ethical Decision-Making: Counseling and Homeopathy
    Psychology essay sample: This paper discusses if using the client base of private counseling to sell homeopathic remedies was an appropriate decision or not.
  31. Depression in Adolescents and Suitable Interventions
    Psychology essay sample: Critically, the issue of depression is pronounced in the age bracket due to confusion brought on by the changes happening and also peer pressure.
  32. Code A.4.B of American Counseling Association
    Psychology essay sample: The 2014 ACA code of conduct section A.4.b talks about personal values. Every counselor should not impose their values, beliefs, behaviors, or attitudes.
  33. Child-Parent Relationship Therapy and Filial Therapy Model
    Psychology essay sample: Filial therapy is the foundation for the CPRT and includes parent meetings to provide support in parenting. Parent-child therapy is a play-based parenting model.
  34. Counselor Impairment and Wellness
    Psychology essay sample: Counselor impairment and wellness is a current issue affecting the counseling industry. This is because most counselors do not seek help from other professionals.
  35. Psychotherapy With Families Impacted by Intellectual Disability
    Psychology essay sample: The paper intends to analyze the existing literature and discuss future research in therapy for impacted by an intellectual disability (ID).
  36. Grief and Loss and How Children Can Recover From Them
    Psychology essay sample: A child can demonstrate unpredictable behaviors upon losing a loved one, such as crying for a minute before playing, which makes it challenging to address children's grief.
  37. Multicultural Issues in Counselling
    Psychology essay sample: Due to the considerable impact of social awakening and upheaval on society, numerous individuals, regardless of their gender, age, race, or sexual orientation.
  38. Professional Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy
    Psychology essay sample: Dealing with an angry parent requires the use of a calm voice and providing a reason to listen. Other tactics include the use of positive body language.
  39. Scientific Thinking and Counseling Practice
    Psychology essay sample: New psychotherapy methods have been developed in response to the advent and development of science-based psychotherapy.
  40. Family Therapy Theory Application
    Psychology essay sample: This research paper's primary purpose is to present a coherent and detailed medical case study on family therapy with parallel analysis and author commentary.

⭐ Simple & Easy Psychotherapy Essay Titles

  1. Mental Disorders Among Children and Adolescents
  2. Counselling Clients with Criminal Records
  3. Person-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  4. Major Approaches to Clinical Psychology
  5. Bloom’s Taxonomy and Counselling
  6. Trauma Counseling and Crisis Intervention
  7. Preventing Child Suicide: The Role of Family Therapy
  8. Core Practices in Substance Abuse Counseling
  9. Addiction Counseling Regarding Cultural Diversity
  10. Aspects of Psychological Counseling
  11. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Trauma
  12. Socioeconomic Status and Access to Therapy
  13. Socioeconomic Status and Access to Psychotherapy
  14. Gestalt Therapy in Counseling Practice
  15. Karl Rogers' Person-Centred Therapy Analysis
  16. Person-Centered Theory and Its Application
  17. Psychodynamic vs. Gestalt Therapy
  18. Traumatic Events and Trauma-Sensitive Lens Therapy
  19. Bowen Family Systems in Contemporary Therapy
  20. The Feminist Therapy: Goals and Applicability
  21. Opinion Over Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
  22. Group Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice
  23. Essential Counseling Micro Skills
  24. Approaches a Therapist Could Use to Help Lawrence
  25. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  26. Therapy Principles for Working With Cultural Minorities in America
  27. The Concept of Leadership in Child Management
  28. Grief Counseling: Tina and Graham Case Study
  29. Socioeconomic Status and Access to Mental Health Therapy
  30. Individual Versus Family Therapy
  31. The Ending Phase in Counseling
  32. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Family Violence Cases
  33. Group Psychotherapy: Creating a Cohesive Team
  34. Mental Health Therapies for Transgender People in Lubbock, TX
  35. System Theory Model in Psychotherapy
  36. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
  37. Aspects of Existential Therapy
  38. Personal Approach to Counseling
  39. Ethics in Group Psychotherapy: Group Development Paper
  40. The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy
  41. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  42. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression
  43. “The Gloria Films” – Three Approaches to Psychotherapy
  44. Privileges’ Impact on Working with Clients
  45. Applying Professional Code of Ethics in Counselling Practice
  46. Violating Ethical Code of Conduct in Counseling
  47. Gambling Addiction in Elderly Adults: Motivational Interviewing
  48. Trauma and Abuse: Psychoanalysis vs. Person-Centered Approach
  49. Humanistic Therapy of Depression
  50. Benefits and Limitations of the Group Counseling
  51. Group Therapy and Its Main Stages
  52. Parental and Psychotherapeutic Role in Development of Children With Autism
  53. Interviewing Techniques in Counseling
  54. Ethical Therapy: Kody's Case Study
  55. Premarital Counseling, Its Purpose and Advantages
  56. Online Counseling: Advantages and Disadvantages
  57. Communication Styles of Counselor's Clients
  58. Community Counseling: Outreach to Distressed and Marginalized Clients
  59. Counseling: “International Students and Cultural Shock”
  60. Grief Counseling: A Case Study

🔎 Interesting Topics to Write about Psychotherapy

  1. "Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders" by Young
  2. Treating Acrophobia with Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  3. Psychological Disorders: Definitions and Treatments
  4. A Therapist’s Interview Analysis
  5. Psychological Issues in the Antwone Fischer Film
  6. Systemic Theory in Family Therapy
  7. Forgiveness Therapy for Psychological Trauma
  8. Effects of Animal Companions in Psychotherapy
  9. Narrative Therapy: Patient Case
  10. Obtaining a Family Therapist Profession in South Carolina
  11. Family Therapy on Children’s Behavior
  12. Individual and Family Therapy: Jobs Review and Professional View
  13. Group Therapy Efficacy and Recommended Strategies
  14. The Marriage and Family Therapists: Ethical Decision-Making
  15. Mindfulness in Counseling: A Literature Review
  16. Changes in Relationships Through Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
  17. Behavioral Therapy and Theories of Working Memory
  18. Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy and Treatment Plan
  19. Counseling Sexually Trafficked and Exploited Survivors
  20. Effective Art Therapies to Manage Anxiety
  21. Interpersonal Therapy, Its Types and Techniques
  22. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Its Application
  23. Experiential Family and Solution-Focused Therapy
  24. Changes in Relationships Through Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
  25. The Life Skills Day Group Psychotherapy
  26. Mindfulness Training for Psychotherapists and Clients
  27. "A Fresh Look at Christianity..." by Neff & McMinn
  28. Erik Erikson’s and Sigmund Freud’s Psychological Theories Comparison
  29. Personal Statement About Family Psychotherapy and Addiction
  30. Counseling Whip Whitaker from the Movie “Flight”
  31. Crisis Counselling: Teaching Counseling Microskills
  32. Trauma-Focused Therapy: Effectiveness on Patients Experiencing PTSD
  33. The Group Counseling: Principles and Performing
  34. Multiculturalism in Psychology
  35. Therapist’s Style and Approach to Therapy
  36. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in Counseling
  37. Strategies for Counseling Adolescents
  38. Reality Therapy Applied to a Patient's Case Study
  39. Effective Counseling and Its Assessment
  40. Person-Centered Therapy and Counseling Techniques
  41. Counseling Tools and Techniques
  42. Professionalism Issues in Counseling
  43. Counseling Native American Clients
  44. The Structural Family Therapy
  45. The Relational Psychodynamic Model and Its Techniques
  46. Multicultural Counselling and Competency Development
  47. The Boulder and Vail Models of Training Comparison
  48. Counseling for People with Mental Disabilities
  49. Integrative Perspective: Advantages and Challenges
  50. The Application of Family Therapy's Psychological Frameworks
  51. Role of Group Therapy in Human Health
  52. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a Remedy for Substance Abuse
  53. The Postmodern Approach to Family Therapy
  54. Family Conflicts: Universal Counseling and Support Program
  55. Benchmark Professional Theoretical Approach to Counseling
  56. Freudian and Neo-Freudian Views on Personality
  57. Psychoanalytic Family Therapy and Its Importance
  58. Psychoanalytic Family Therapy in Clinical Practice
  59. Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy Models

🏆 Best Psychotherapy Essay Titles

  1. Yalom: The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy
  2. Bartoli: Addressing Client Racism and Racial Prejudice in Individual Psychotherapy
  3. Advanced Counselling Theories: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  4. Schizophrenia, Cultural Marginalization, and Dissociation of the Body: An Application of Ernest Becker’s Work to Psychotherapy
  5. Albert Ellis and William Glasser’s Major Contribution to Modern Psychotherapy
  6. Borderline Personality Disorder and Psychotherapy
    Borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be considered a significant health problem that deteriorates the quality of individuals’ lives and results in undesired outcomes.
  7. Applying Functional Data Analysis to Assess Tele-Interpersonal Psychotherapy Efficacy to Reduce Depression
  8. Child abuse and neglect have been an issue that has occasionally gained attention and measures to address them.
  9. Art Psychotherapy: Group Dynamics
  10. Working With the Predictable Life of Patients: The Importance of Mentalizing Interoception to Meaningful Change in Psychotherapy
  11. Behavioral, Cognitive and Humanistic Approaches in Psychotherapy
  12. Behaviourism and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy
  13. Biomedical and Psychotherapy: Approaches to Treating Psychological Disorders
  14. Can Therapists Hug Their Clients? Transference Vs. Countertransference and Touch in Therapy
    Can therapists hug their clients? ➤ Read this article to find the answer and learn about the relation of transference and countertransference to touch in therapy.
  15. Sigmund Freud: The Psychotherapy of Hysteria and Other Psychoneuroses
  16. Proffering Connections: Psychologising Experience in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life
  17. Client-Centered Therapy and Rogerian Psychotherapy
  18. Existential and Psychodynamic Principles and Practices With Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy
  19. Comparing Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Person-Centered Psychology
  20. Relationship Between Existential Psychotherapy and Ethnicity in Family Therapy.
  21. Counseling and Psychotherapy: Sexual Trauma & Sexual Abuse
  22. Resist the Negation Reflex: Minimizing Reactance in Psychotherapy of Delusions
  23. Criminal Rehabilitation Using Psychotherapy in Prisons
  24. Early Life and Psychodynamic Ideas of Unconscious Communication and Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapy
  25. Mild Depression: Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy
    The study aims to improve understanding of the treatment for mild depression and the quality of care for patients with mild depression.
  26. Dance Therapy Application and Benefits as a Psychotherapy Method
  27. Core Values and Competencies Which Underpin Therapeutic Delivery of Counselling and Psychotherapy Applications
  28. Dynamical Systems Therapy: Complex Adaptive Systems in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
  29. Dysregulated Anxiety and Dysregulating Defenses: Toward an Emotion Regulation Informed Dynamic Psychotherapy
  30. Eating Disorder: Specific Model of Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  31. Emotion Regulation and Psychotherapy: Adaptation and Elaboration of an Application Manual of the Observer Measure of Affect Regulation
  32. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Treatment of Attachment Disorders in Children
  33. Freudian Psychotherapy and Short-Term Dynamic Therapy
  34. Gold Standards, Plurality, and Monocultures: The Need for Diversity in Psychotherapy
  35. History, Idea and the Concept of Hypno-Psychotherapy
  36. Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder
    The complexity of bipolar disorder as a psychological condition warranted extensive research in this area. Medication, as well as psychotherapy, represent the main treatment methods.
  37. Incorporating Tibetan Buddhism Into Modern Psychotherapy
  38. Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Short-Term Treatment, Long-Term Results
  39. Interactive Behavioral Therapy Group Psychotherapy for Students With Autism
  40. Interpersonal Psychotherapy vs. Treatment as Usual for Major Depression Related to Work Stress
  41. Managing Distress Over Time in Psychotherapy: Guiding the Client in and Through Intense Emotional Work
  42. Mental Imagery and Brain Regulation: New Links Between Psychotherapy and Neuroscience
  43. Metacognitive Narrative Psychotherapy for People Diagnosed With Schizophrenia
  44. Perceived Psychotherapist’s Empathy and Therapy Motivation as Determinants of Long-Term Therapy Success
  45. Navratilova’s and Porreca’s Hedonistic Approach to Psychotherapy: The Impact of Pain on Reward and Motivation of Individuals

❓ Psychotherapy Research Questions

  1. Can Music Help Recover Sick Patients Through Psychotherapy?
  2. Can Psychotherapy Change Sexual Orientation, and Should We Try to Change Sexual Orientation?
  3. Why Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Be the Current Gold Standard of Psychotherapy?
  4. How Would Treatment Proceed for a Woman Suffering From Depression, Anxiety, and Feelings of Inadequacy if She Undertook Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?
  5. How Current Counselling and Psychotherapy Practices Emerged From Psychiatry and Psychology?
  6. Does Disclosure About the Common Factors Affect Laypersons’ Opinions About How Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy Works?
  7. Does Everyone Need Psychotherapy Whether They Are Facing Problems or Not?
  8. When Is Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Helpful?
  9. Is There a Link Between Psychotherapy and Shamanism?
  10. What Issues Are With Multicultural Counseling and Psychotherapy?
  11. Neuroscience, Psychotherapy, and Neuropsychotherapy: What Are Links and Differences?
  12. What Are the Key Characteristics of a Good Psychotherapy?
  13. What Differentiates Poor- And Good-Outcome Psychotherapy?
  14. What Does Psychotherapy Include?
  15. Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is the Current Gold Standard of Psychotherapy?
  16. Why Does Therapy Work? An Idiographic Approach to Explore Mechanisms of Change Throughout Psychotherapy
  17. Why Do People Have Counseling or Psychotherapy?
  18. How Can Zen Buddhism Be Combined With Psychotherapy?
  19. Does Outpatient Psychotherapy Reduce Health-Care Costs?
  20. What Are Psychological and Social Factors of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?
  21. How Does Psychotherapy Works, and How Is It Different From All Other Therapy?
  22. Why Are Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Becoming Rare?
  23. Self Healing Clients Without Psychotherapy: Is This Possible?
  24. What Are the Differences Between Counseling and Psychotherapy?
  25. What Are the Five Major Psychotherapy Theoretical Frameworks?

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