Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder: A New Mode of Therapy


Lately the diagnosis of ADHD became very spread comparatively to the past. This illness seems to be very spread, that is why the research about the ways of its treatment are very topical nowadays. ADHD is a psychiatric developmental disorder. It affects children, mostly boys, starting from the age of seven. That is why it is relevant to study the children’s environment which can possibly be related to the illness. In addition, it has been estimated that nearly seven million adults in USA have ADHD. But since the roots of the illness derive from childhood, it would be more topical to start studying it from the early years of life. The most common symptoms of ADHD are inattention and impulsiveness, and therefore it can lead to difficulties in different spheres of life: with family, school, and friends. Children with ADHD also usually suffer from lower autonomic nervous system and hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPA) activity.

There have been made numerous studies about ADHD, but the interesting fact about the illness s that there exist no objective tests which can define it. That is why it can progress in organism without being diagnosed for a long period of time, which is very dangerous. The affected children have learning and focusing disability and their behavior is usually marked with hyperactivity and distractibility. They seem to be unable to listen carefully to what they are told; they also have problems with organizing their activities and tend to forget their tasks. Undoubtedly, this can cause problems with studying; what is more, there is a great risk of emotional instability, which means depression, anxiety and uncontrolled anger. In some cases children with ADHD may have no problems at school but face difficulties while communicating with different social groups.

This illness covers both physical and mental levels and is dangerous because of inability of managing one’s emotions. Not only can ADHD influence children’s academic activity, but also relationships with peers and family. That is why it is extremely important to practice the treatment programs both at school and home. Since scientists are still investigating the causes of the illness, it should have a proper complex treatment. Conventional medicine uses behavior modification, medication, life-style changes and counseling to deal with the disorder. The suggested alternatives like SKY, SWAY, and SRBY breathing need no intrusion in organism, are harmless and are proved to be effective in overcoming ADHD in case of regular and skillful practice.

Materials and methods

The SKY together with SWAY and SRBY is a rhythmic breathing technique, which can be practiced while treating the ADHD. This program is basically aimed at stress management and can be effectively used to prevent and overcome depressions, which are especially dangerous for people with ADHD. The SWAY breathing can be applied in order to prevent the inattention and unfocused hyperactivity of pupils. The treatment can be practiced not only in childhood but also in adulthood; in fact, it can replace the lifelong medication which can be harmful for the organism.

The SKY yoga technique is composed of Bhastrika. This is an exercise accompanied by cyclical rhythmic breathing which is called Pranayama. Such exercises need some particular skills but can be applied even without instructor. A person should concentrate on exhaling and on the tempo of breathing while practicing Pranayama. Some doctors suggest combining it with meditation which is even more relaxing. A maximal focusing s demanded. This breathing technique influences the process of synchronization of vagal outflow and widens the range of respiratory signals; it also optimizes cardiovascular rhythms and improves reflex sensitivity. The SRBY breathing exercises help to achieve the optimal rhythm of heartbeat which is aimed at calming down and organizing the pathways responsible for anxiety and action planning. Moreover, Pranayama is not only a way to improve the physical condition; it is also a good way to practice self-control. A skillful yoga breathing exercising can help a person to control and operate their emotional states to correct them if needed. SKY changes both the general state of organism and one’s perception of stress, enabling a person to manage their emotions. The Pranayama, breathing and chanting are also known as Kriya. It enables a child to study and communicate freely and to behave naturally in different groups of people. Of course children with ADHD need constant support and therefore their parents are responsible for providing it.


The numerous experiments have proved that applying of SKY can be medically beneficial while dealing with misbalanced emotional states, such as depressions, melancholia, and dysthmia. It also turned out to be helpful while concentrating and fighting inattention. The National Institute of Health in Maryland, on their presentation on benefits of yoga in 1998 presented the evidence that the application of SKY was effective in treating the ADHD through meditation. The SWAY was told to improve cognitive functioning and neural organization in those who suffer from the disorder.

In order to gain a significant improvement ADHD affected children are to practice Pranayama for at least five weeks. It was proved that neurobiological disorders can be treated with the help of the increased stimulation caused by Pranayama. It improves the event related potentials (ERP) in children who suffer from ADHD and therefore renews the motor functions. The regular practice also develops children’s creativity, attention and memory. SKY helps to prevent stresses and anxiety in children with ADHD. Its application proved to be very useful while improving their brain activities and abilities to study, as physical relaxation increases their mental alertness. These special breathing techniques help people to avoid the anger and aggression, which are mostly observed in boys’ behavior. Children with ADHD also learn to adapt to the new environment and to socialize, which is very important for them as for a part of community. The general state of organism and the mood of those who practiced SRBY have been improved significantly. This technique also balances human’s sleep, which contributes to the renewing of organism. Some scientists state that SKY appeared to be even more helpful than a placebo effect.


Undoubtedly, solution of a problem can be best found in its reason. But so far the exact causes of ADHD have not been established; yet there are some factors that may contribute to the illness, such as genetics, misbalanced nutrition and social environment. Most of scientists support the theory that the predispositions of illness are the most likely to appear during pregnancy, when the womb is still in uttero. Alcohol, smoking and other intoxication of mother’s organism can later cause the ADHD symptoms in a child. Therefore the proposed alternative treatment can sometimes be less effective comparatively to convenient methods. For instance, if the illness has a genetic origin, it means that the affected brain has a thinner than normal brain tissue in the areas associated with attention. In this case surgeons’ intrusion would be more effective than some focused breathing exercises.

On the other hand, SKY is less dangerous and is accessible for everyone. Proper organism nutrition is extremely important and it cannot be simply replaced with Pranayama. Sometimes it is enough to optimize sugar level to overcome ADHD. Still, there have been composed a lot of effective medications for treating the ADHD and the breathing techniques mentioned above are not yet proved to be more helpful. What is more, nowadays the medication is admitted as the most effective way of treating the ADHD. To find out all the possibilities of breathing techniques n opposite to medicaments more experimental experience is needed.


To sum up, it must be said that ADHD is a comparatively wide-spread illness which needs a deep investigation. The SKY as an alternative mode of treatment proved to be rather effective. Its regular practice helps to overcome the main symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity and emotional instability. Still, there are cases in which this technique cannot be medically beneficial enough, such as ADHD caused by genetic factors or misbalanced nutrition.


There has been a multitude of researches made into the treatment of ADHD. For instance, the yoga research group at Nimhans, Bangalore developed the special breathing and self-control techniques which served a basis for SWAY and SRBY methods. Another important contribution to the study was made by the National Institute of Health in Maryland, where scientists studied the SKY technique and its impact on health. Their research is very useful and its results can now be used in medicine. Therefore, the both institutions may have personal interests in their names being mentioned while talking about the contributions to the study.

Another concerns the illness and may become a reason for a political conflict. It was stated by a number of scientists that the ADHD does not exist at all. This illness can be considered as some negative propaganda which is somehow related to politics. The news about some appalling disorders are usually spread to terrify people which makes it easier to control them. And since there is no real proof of some brain anomalies the discussion of this issue might be taken as a political planned action.

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