Essay Toolbox for Students

Want to make your essay shine in no time? Look in the essay toolbox we’ve prepared! It contains free writing tools for students: a reworder, a word count decreaser, a hook generator, a title maker, and more. We are constantly working on adding new essay tools to help you automate your routine writing tasks.

Essay Toolbox for Students

This rewording tool will easily cope with all kinds of paraphrasing tasks! One click, and you have an amazingly reworded sentence.

If you’re looking for a hook sentence generator, this tool is just what you need. Use it to make a creative hook for your project.

Generate an excellent scientific research question easily with this fast and efficient online instrument for students.

Check out our title generator and get an amazing title for an essay, research paper, or any other project in seconds.

With our word decreaser, you’ll cut your word count quickly and for free. Meet your teacher’s requirements with ease.

Use this AI Essay Scanner to ensure your paper contains no AI-generated text. Very simple in use and precise in results!

The poem analysis generator can help you break down the poem’s theme, literary devices, structure, and many more!

If you need to write a perfect problem statement for your paper, this tool is for you! State your topic and get a ready-made statement.

Get a perfect introduction for your essay in two clicks! You only need to write the topic, choose the genre, and press the button!

Check our instant and free sentence rephraser! This user-friendly & attractive tool for students of all levels will paraphrase any text for free.