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What is the topic sentence in an essay, and how to make it? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, check this free online essay topic sentence generator.

Essay Topic Sentence Generator
It will serve as the subject of your topic sentence.
It should be aligned with the subject grammatically.
Add a proper preposition if needed.
Add a proper preposition if needed.

🤔 How to Use This Topic Sentence Generator?

This topic sentence generator will help you polish your essay. The tool is intuitive and easy to use. All you have to do is take these steps:

  1. Indicate the topic. What is your paragraph about?
  2. Indicate the controlling idea. What is your opinion, attitude, or conclusion about the topic?
  3. Add the optional information. What is your study field and the time frame of the research?
  4. Click “Generate”. All you have to do now is click “Generate” and enjoy the result.

✍️ What Is a Topic Sentence?

A topic sentence, as its name suggests, is a sentence placed at the very beginning of each body paragraph to encapsulate the main idea of that textual fragment.

This way:

The first sentence of every new paragraph should briefly cover the main content you will dwell on further. That’s how readers can quickly navigate across the text by referring to the topic sentences and then getting back to the paper’s main idea shared in the thesis statement – the text’s main message communicated at the end of the introduction.

What Do Topic Sentences Do in an Essay?

In a nutshell, topic sentences add structure and readability to your essay. Instead of perceiving your text as a wall of letters, the reader gets vital signposts for navigating the content.

Here are the main functions topic sentences can perform in any kind of assignment:

💌 Present the paragraph’s message A topic sentence functions as a thesis statement for each specific paragraph, communicating its key message. It states the idea briefly and sets the paragraph’s tone. You can discuss the matter in more detail in the paragraph’s body.
🖇 Connect paragraphs The connectedness of paragraphs is the key to cohesion. Thus, you can use a topic sentence to link the idea of the previous section to the next one and show how they relate, support each other, or present a subject from varying perspectives.
🤓 Enhance readability Readability improves if the text is well-connected and has a clear structure that a reader can follow without confusion or complications. It is usually achieved with the help of the text’s backbone, which is a thesis statement and topic sentences in the body paragraphs.
🔰 Give a signpost for changing ideas You may cover a variety of ideas throughout the text, and the readers need to follow their sequence correctly. Are you giving supporting or contrasting evidence? Do you follow one stand or present the subject from several opposing sides? It can be made clear with well-formulated topic sentences communicating the logic of your argumentation.

💡 Essay Topic Sentences (with Examples)

It’s noteworthy that topic sentences can perform various functions not only in different essay genres but also within one essay when placed in different parts of the paper.

Let’s consider examples of topic sentences in different essay sections.

Topic Sentence in an Essay Introduction

The task of this topic sentence is to introduce the subject. It may set the problem or announce the topic (it’s possible to use phrases like “this essay aims to…”) and give a concrete statement or definition about the subject.

You can place your introductory topic sentence in the second place, not the first one, because the opening sentence usually introduces the broader subject and topic of the whole text.


Problem-solving is valuable attainment, and cognitive psychology is the industry that studies this phenomenon from the perspective of drivers and incentives to make decisions in favor of specific actions or ideas.

Topic Sentences in Body Paragraphs

When you use topic sentences in the essay’s body paragraphs, it’s important to follow the rule:

1 topic sentence = 1 paragraph = 1 idea.

This means that topic sentences will fulfill their function only if the whole paragraph following them is consistent with the first sentence.

It makes sense to use various parts of the thesis statement in your topic sentences. This way, you will ensure the connectedness of ideas voiced in every separate paragraph with the main idea guiding the whole essay.


Problem-solving is an active neurological process that occurs at the initiative of a person and does not belong to the category of automatic and reflex properties.

Topic Sentence in an Essay Conclusion

The purpose of topic sentences in the essay’s conclusion is to remind the readers of the main message and aim of the essay. It usually sums up the presented evidence and shows how all the provided argumentation fits the initial thesis statement.

The simplest way to make your essay coherent and well-connected is to rephrase the thesis statement when composing the topic sentence in a conclusion. This way, you will connect all important signposts in the paper – a thesis statement, topic sentences in the body paragraphs that use parts of the thesis, and a final topic sentence rephrasing the initial thesis statement.


Problem-solving is a subject of study not only in cognitive psychology but also in other areas since this concept characterizes the individual from different perspectives and distinguishes people from other living beings.

✅ Topic Sentence Maker: The Benefits

If you’re new to the process of essay writing and structuring, you’re sure to benefit from the essay topic sentence generator on our platform.

It is:

🏹 AccurateThe AI-powered algorithm of our tool allows it to generate precise and relevant results based on the data you feed into it. Thus, you get good ideas and inspiration to move on with your essay.
🏂 QuickYou may get a variety of topic sentence suggestions in seconds, thus speeding up your academic writing process and streamlining homework.
💰 FreeWe provide the tool free of charge, without hidden fees and registration.

Thank you for reading this article till the end! If you need to quickly come up with other essay parts, consider checking our free tools:

❓ Essay Topic Sentence FAQ

What is the topic sentence in an essay?

A topic sentence is a starting sentence of every paragraph that announces the paragraph’s main idea and sets the tone for that idea’s more detailed discussion.

Where is the topic sentence in an essay?

If we talk about an introduction, it will be the first or second sentence in the opening paragraph. As for body paragraphs and a conclusion, topic sentences are traditionally placed at the very beginning and are the first sentences in every paragraph.

How to write a topic sentence for a persuasive essay?

A topic sentence for a persuasive essay should contain a clearly articulated position and attitude of the writer to the discussed subject. It may argue for or against the issue and articulate the main argument that will be examined in more detail throughout the paragraph’s text.

How to write a good topic sentence for an analytical essay?

Analytical essays thrive on critical thinking and analysis of available evidence, so a good topic sentence in this type of writing should be data-backed and concise. You should state a central fact that you want to examine in more detail further. 

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