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Try our text rephraser to change any text or prepare indirect quotes in a click!

➡️ 6 Reasons to Use This Text Rephraser

There are a lot of advantages that make the rephraser by PsychologyWriting stand out among other rephrasing tools. Consider these key advantages:

  1. Top-quality rephrasing. Our text rephraser generates the most matching synonyms and reflects the ideas of the original text.
  2. Tool designed for students. PsychologyWriting experts created a rephrase software that can deal with any type of academic writing.
  3. No registration is needed. You don’t need to waste time completing the registration form to use our text rephraser. What is more, there are no hidden payments!
  4. User-friendly interface. You simply need to copy and paste the text into our free online tool.
  5. Free and time-saving tool. Instead of looking for synonyms, you can use our text rephraser and get the results immediately.
  6. Authentic texts. With the help of our text rewriter, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism anymore. PsychologyWriting sentence rephraser creates utterly unique content for you!

📌 What Is Rephrasing?

In simple words, rephrasing is presenting the ideas of the original text with synonyms.

Imagine you need to rephrase a sentence from Steve Job’s speech:

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.”

The rephrased version will be:

“Your job will occupy a great part of your existence, and the only option to be happy is to choose the job you sincerely see as important.”

📑 Online Text Rephraser Vs. Manual Rephrasing

Paraphrasing is a necessary skill for students and everyone working with texts. Some people choose to do it manually, while others use rephrase software.

Let us compare these 2 ways of rephrasing step by step.

Manual RephrasingOnline Text Rephraser
Step 1The first step of manual rephrasing is reading through the text so you can identify the topic of the text.The first thing you need to execute is to choose the text you want to rephrase.
Step 2Moving on, identify the key ideas you need to reflect on when rephrasing.Then copy the paragraph you need and paste it into rephrasing software.
Step 3The third stage involves looking for synonyms with the help of Thesaurus.com or other dictionaries.If you use rephraser by PsychologyWriting, you can choose the number of words you want to be rephrased. It depends on how close to the original piece you want your text to be.
Step 4Having rephrased the text, you need to compare it to the original piece. Check if all the key ideas are illustrated and whether you need to correct your rephrasing.Having your rephrased text done in a few moments, remember to check it. You might want to have more or fewer words changed.
Step 5Finally, remember to provide credit to the original author. In this case, you must add an in-text citation, mentioning the author and publication date.In the end, you also need to provide credits to the author of the text. To do that, you can apply one of the citation tools.

💯 Plagiarism-Free Rephraser

Plagiarism, as well as any forms of cheating, violates academic ethics. If you take one’s ideas and pretend they’re yours, you steal their intellectual property. Even if you don’t get caught, you will never contribute to the science or improve your critical thinking.

It is essential to mention that there are 2 types of plagiarism – intentional and unintentional. Both of them may result in dismissal from the college, even if you had no intentions to cheat. Luckily, rephrasing is a helpful tool that can help you avoid plagiarism of any kind.

🦺 How to Stay Safe from Plagiarism

There are many ways to avoid plagiarism so that it won’t affect your academic performance. Here’re some of the best tips.

  • Take enough time to do your research. It is essential to understand your research topic deeply so that you develop your ideas instead of copying others.
  • Make sure to take notes. While reading the materials for your essay, write down the key takeaways. Try putting them in your own words straight away.
  • Cite your sources attentively. Regardless of where you take your information from, it is important to cite them. Use the proper citation style and remember to mention the author, date of the publication, and the text’s title. Check the citation style guidelines for more information.

Here’re some examples of how rephraser by PsychologyWriting works.

Original textRephrased text
Nowadays, students are exposed to stress and anxiety due to dynamics in the social environment. When students are subjected to high levels of stress, their capacity to learn, memorize, and perform effectively can be affected. Source: Positive Psychology in Educational SettingsPresently, pupils are unprotected from stress and anxiety because of changes in the social setting. When pupils experience high levels of stress, their ability to study, remember, and perform efficiently may be damaged.
After a series of rulings on abortion, gun control, and religious expression that have upended established norms of American life, the US Supreme Court has delivered a decision that created a serious roadblock to ambitious and critical climate action. Source: What has the Supreme Court just done to the climate crisis battle? | The IndependentAfter several law reports on abortion, gun control, and religious identities that have triumphed over the traditional norms of American life, the US Supreme Court has agreed on a significant barrier to progressive and crucial climate initiatives.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Source: Pride and Prejudice by Jane AustenIt is a truth everywhere recognized that a bachelor having good wealth must be in call for a wife.

Thank you for reading this article!

❓ Text Rephraser FAQ

❓ How to rephrase a text?

The first step when rephrasing the text is to get its main ideas. When rephrasing, you must reflect on them clearly using your own words. You can look for necessary synonyms yourself or use our free text rephraser.

❓ How to rephrase a thesis?

Almost all the types of written assignments require you to rephrase your thesis statement in conclusion. You cannot simply repeat the same sentence if you want your writing to get a top mark. Highlight the key idea of your thesis statement and express it in different wording.

❓ How to rephrase a sentence online for free?

Online rephraser by PsychologyWriting allows all the users to get their text changed for free. You simply need to copy the part of the original piece and paste it into our tool. You don’t need to waste time on registration and will get your text rephrased immediately.

❓ What is the difference between paraphrasing and rephrasing?

When paraphrasing, you take someone else’s words and write them differently to avoid plagiarism. Rephrasing is a similar process that also requires rewording. However, it allows you to choose the specific parts of the text you need and to get rid of the additional information.

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