The Most Common Questions

PsychologyWriting provides full-scale academic assistance in three areas: customized essay writing help, a free essay database, and free learning instruments (online study tools and flashcards). On this page, you’ll find answers to the most frequent questions about our services.

General Questions

How can you help me with my assignment?

Our company provides academic writing assistance to students and researchers. We can find an expert with relevant expertise in our team, and they will proceed to your task immediately after the order is made to ensure you submit the assignment on time.

Who are your experts?

Most of our experts are US- and Canada-based authors with a minimum of a Master’s degree in their relevant academic spheres. We employ a rigorous writer selection process and ask the candidates to pass several competency tests, so only 2% of the applicants make it to our team.

Is PsychologyWriting safe?

Yes, using our website is completely safe for your personal and banking details, as we employ the 256-bit standard of data encryption to keep the internal data safe from hackers. Besides, we never share client details with third parties and advertisers, thus ensuring that your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed at all levels.

Is PsychologyWriting legit?

Yes, our company is a fully legit business entity that operates under rigorous legal regulations and values academic integrity. That’s why we strongly recommend that our clients refrain from submitting the research products prepared by our experts as their own work; they are meant for reference purposes only and can’t be used otherwise.

Essay Writing Assistance

How does essay writing assistance work?

You place an order on the website and indicate all order details so that we can calculate the order’s price. After the payment goes through, we assign the best available expert to work on the materials. All you need to do is monitor the order’s progress, keep in touch with the expert, and review the final product delivered right to your personal account.

How do you choose the expert for my order?

We have custom-tailored solutions for every student coming to us with an academic assignment on psychology. Once you pay for the order, we choose the expert with the best-matched expertise and knowledge currently available to handle your task. Thus, your orders are always managed by experienced and qualified researchers.

When can I expect my order to be completed?

We respect clients’ time and always submit ready materials on the estimated deadline. Thus, if you make an order due in 48 hours, you will receive it within 48 hours for sure. Please don’t demand the result earlier from your expert; all authors work according to the estimated deadline and cannot submit materials several days ahead of the deadline. Besides, we ask all clients to plan their work schedules realistically, knowing that a sample dissertation can’t be done in 48-72 hours, and a high-quality assignment requires more time for research and planning than 4-6 hours.

What details do I need to provide to get my order done?

The more details you provide, the higher the chances that we’ll prepare exactly what you need and do it ahead of the deadline. The bare minimum of information required for the order’s completion is the paper type (essays differ in structure from research papers or lab reports); the number of pages; the number of sources; the referencing style assigned by your professor; your academic level that determines the complexity of the vocabulary, phrasing, and source choice; and the deadline by which you need the result.

Can I request changes once the expert has begun working?

Yes, we welcome the clients’ feedback and are always ready to fine-tune the order to meet your expectations and requirements. However, you won’t be able to change the instructions dramatically after the order has been assigned to an expert and they have started working on it. Thus, we encourage all clients to give detailed and clear instructions at the moment of placing an order and double-check this part before clicking on the “pay” button.

How can I monitor the status of my order?

We at PsychologyWriting value a client-oriented approach in work, so the client is the one who gives feedback and monitors the whole writing process. You can comment on the drafts, discuss sources with the expert, and ask for amendments in the work process. Use the progress reports to streamline the order’s completion in the right direction instead of requesting extensive revisions after the paper is finished.

Is it possible to format the sample in a specific citation style?

Sure, our authors possess expert academic writing knowledge in various formats, ranging from APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard to the less common ones, like Oxford or OSCOLA referencing. Thus, you can always request the final product to be formatted in a specific academic style, and the author will follow that standard from the title page to references.

How can I talk to my assigned expert?

We pose no restrictions on expert-client communication in our internal messaging system. Here, you can exchange messages with your assigned specialist to clarify any questions, comment on the progress report, and inquire about the status of your order. Please don’t exchange personal data or organize communication beyond our website for privacy and confidentiality purposes.

Do I have the option to choose the expert?

Sure, you can work with an expert who has previously delivered top-quality orders. To ensure the expert is assigned to your new order, indicate their ID in the order form and point out that you have already selected the preferred author. If you have no preferences or it’s your first time ordering from our company, our managers can find the best-matched specialist for your academic papers.

What should I do if I don’t like the result?

PsychologyWriting always strives to deliver top-notch assignments on clients’ orders to satisfy the customers. However, things happen, and you can be unhappy with the final result. In this case, you can request free revisions within 14 days after you’ve received the order (the period of free revisions is extended to up to 90 days for clients choosing advanced service packages).

Payment Process

Why is prepayment required?

Our experts get access to orders only after 100% payment because they conduct research, compose outlines, and only then proceed to write. Prepayment guarantees that the expert is fully committed to the order. After paying for it, you may rest assured your money won’t be lost even if the order does not match your requirements. We offer free revisions and 100% refunds if you’re unhappy with the final result.

How is the final price for my order calculated?

We follow a simple and intuitive pricing policy that shapes the price according to several parameters:

  • The order’s deadline.
  • Length of the paper.
  • Academic level you’re studying at.
  • Paper type (e.g., essay, research paper, lab report, or dissertation).

The price is automatically calculated once you insert all those details into the ordering form; you can contact the managers via a live chat if you have non-standard requirements to request a custom quote.

What are the three plans you offer?

We offer three service packages to our clients, each with a unique range of service features and client benefits. It’s up to you to choose from these service tiers depending on the success rate you expect from our company.

  • The Standard plan is the lowest-cost service package with standard deadlines and a 14-day period of free revision coverage. It’s ideal for students on a budget ready to wait 10-14 days for their assignments.
  • The Superior plan ensures that your project is assigned to one of the TOP-10 authors in our team so that it possesses stellar content quality. Besides, the customers at the Superior service level enjoy an extended revision period of 45 days.
  • The 1st Class plan is the most privileged service package with 90 days of guaranteed free revision coverage, one of TOP-5 authors assigned to your order, and full customization of the order progression and content to your individual needs and requirements.

Are there any discounts or promotional offers available?

Yes, we at PsychologyWriting do our best to satisfy clients and deliver the best value for their money. Thus, we introduce many seasonal discounts, special deals, and coupons that give an opportunity to cut the orders’ cost from 5% to 25%+. You should sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned to all promos and sales; this way, you will always pay less for top-notch orders.

Study Tools & Flashcards

What study tools are you offering?

We offer many free study tools to help you progress with writing and reach new academic proficiency levels. Valuable instruments you can take advantage of include a rewording tool that assists with hassle-free paraphrasing, a word decreaser that makes summarization and large data volume processing easier, a title generator with handy text naming ideas, a question generator for quick and effective research question formulation, and a hook generator that will make your essay introductions captivating and interesting.

What are PsychologyWriting flashcards?

We try to help all psychology students advance in their educational process and get the most from our free and paid services. That’s why we have created a vast database of 25,000+ flashcards to let you test your knowledge of psychology terms and pump up your academic muscle. Flashcards are very helpful memorization tools, with a question on one side and an answer on the other side. Thus, they help you take advantage of spaced learning and revise the studied material efficiently and quickly.

Why are your tools and flashcards free?

We have a variety of free learning tools to help students advance in their independent writing and studying efforts. Our tools are available free of charge with no strings attached: no trial periods, no freemium functionality, or things like that. Thus, you can use any of them without registration and streamline your writing efforts if you choose to do the tasks on your own.

Psychology Essays Database

What topics does your database cover?

As the name of our resource suggests, we work with all spheres of psychology research and practice. You can find competent academic assistance on a variety of psychology-related topics, such as psychological phenomena (aging, conflict, grief, etc.), mental disorder diagnosis and therapy, child development stages, famous people in psychology and psychotherapy (e.g., Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, etc.), and many more.

How to use the free essay database?

  1. You should use the search bar on the main page to find what you need.
  2. Choose among the variety of represented study areas, such as Organization Behavior, Personality, Cognitive Psychology, and the like.
  3. Look through more specific and narrowly focused study topics (e.g., stress, well-being, or motivation).

Where did you get all these samples?

All samples in our database have been donated by students attending psychology courses in a variety of academic establishments. The donation act was conscious and purposeful, with an aim to help other students advance in psychology studies and learn to compose high-quality works.

Are these psychology essay examples free to use?

Yes, we don’t charge any fees or hidden commissions for the use of our psychology essay samples. All papers are open-source materials that you can study to get inspiration, find interesting facts, or compile an outline for your professor’s prompt. However, you should note that their use in the as-is format is prohibited, as the samples are open-source materials indexed by Google.

How to properly use your free essay samples?

You can get inspiration on a variety of psychology-related topics from the PsychologyWriting samples database. We allow students to borrow references from the samples if they meet your prompt’s needs. Yet, copying and pasting materials from our samples or submitting them as your own work is strictly banned; they will be flagged as 100% plagiarism.