86 Conflict Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Conflict Research Papers Examples

  1. Conflict Management Styles
    Conflict refers to a perceived difference in interest, whereby one party believes that if the other pursues its interest in the current context, then it will be disadvantaged.
  2. Role of Communication in Conflict Resolution
    The essay highlights the two types of conflicts, constructive conflict and destructive conflict, and points out the role of communication in both two types of conflict.
  3. Experience of Psychological Conflicts
    This study aims to analyze two interviews based on the views of Erikson, Vaillant, Levinson, and Peck. The paper will assess the answers in the development stages.
  4. Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
    The Thomas Kilmann conflict mode instrument is a tool that help people understand the different ways in which they handle conflicts. It incorporates "five conflict-handling modes".
  5. Fighting Intolerance: the Analysis of a Conflict
    This work explores how conflict can create two categories of circumstances, namely life-threatening and identity harming that encourage personal growth.
  6. Family Ties: Parental Conflict
    The parent-child conflicts are in the main focus of the modern science, and the influence of these conflicts on the family relations.
  7. Conflicts: The Role of Apology and Forgiveness
    Everyone can make mistakes and cause others inconvenience. For this reason, it is essential to understand when to plead guilty and apologize.
  8. Conflicts Experienced in Adolescence and Related Parenting Challenge
    This paper evaluates a treatment process when dealing with conflicts that arise because of changes experienced in adolescence and the relative parenting challenges.
  9. Family Conflicts by Dykeman
    The research made by Dykeman discusses and analyses the main causes and outcomes of family conflicts and children's disobedience at school.
  10. The Effects of Family Conflict Resolution on Children’s Classroom Behavior
    The author pondered the possibility of family systems intervention minimizing the need for referral to tertiary-type special education programs in the community agency.
  11. Conflict Handling Styles and Change Theories
    In a conflict, it is normally easy to determine the way others react than the way one reacts. Every person has a conflict style that he/she employs.
  12. Parental Conflict and Children's Issues in China
    The paper presents a literature review on the topic of parental conflict, children's mental health, and social networking site addiction in China.
  13. Persuasion and Attitudinal Conflict
    As Maliszewski (2011) highlights, people respond to conflict between their internal and external attitudes by exaggerating the latter to overcompensate.
  14. Cognitive Conflict Theory in Everyday Use
    Cognitive conflict implies a special psychological state when the new knowledge gained is not combined with the picture of the world, that already exists in a person's head.
  15. Interpersonal Conflicts at Workplace: Types and Resolution Strategies
    This paper aims to discuss the types of interpersonal conflicts and recommended strategies for effective conflict resolution.
  16. Interpersonal Conflict: Approaches to Understanding
    Interpersonal conflict is associated with a clash of opposing goals, motives, points of view, and interests of the participants in the interaction.

🏆 Best Conflict Essay Titles

  1. Conflict Regulation and Cooperation in the Family
  2. Adaptation, Motivation, and Conflict Management
  3. Biological Determinism, Subculture Crime and Conflict
  4. Addressing Conflict Within the Team
  5. Contemporary Conflict Resolution
  6. Territorial Issues and Interstate Conflict
  7. Optimizing Performance by Conflict Stimulation
  8. Conflict at Work and Individual Well‐Being
  9. Children’s Perception of Conflict in Middle Childhood
  10. Maire Dugan’s “Nested Theory of Conflict”
  11. Adolescent Decision-Making Skills for Conflict
  12. Ageing and the Conflict of Interest Between Generations
  13. Rise and Fall of Conflict in the Muslim World
  14. Aid, Policy and Growth in Post-conflict Societies
  15. Policy and Peace: Reducing the Risks of Civil Conflict
  16. Belief Conflict Between Christianity and Science
  17. Alternate Dispute Resolution and Conflict Resolution
  18. Creation of Criminal Law Based on Social Conflicts
  19. America’s Political Conflict Over Obamacare
  20. The Role of Third Parties in Influencing the Dynamics of the Conflict
  21. Child Parent Conflict and Academic Performance
  22. Conflict of Interest: Relations Between Parent and Subsidiary Companies
  23. Applying Ralf Dahrendorf’s Conflict Theory
  24. Historical Evidence on Conflict-Induced Migration
  25. Armed Politics and the Study of Intrastate Conflict
  26. Measuring the Effect of Arms Transfers on Internal Conflict
  27. Class and Class Conflict in an Industrial Society
  28. Protecting and Conserving Art in Conflict Zones
  29. Assessing the Conflict and Consensus Approaches
  30. Attachment Theory and Conflict in Marriage
  31. Avoiding Violence and Conflict Between Police and Citizens
  32. Conflict and Best Communication Skills
  33. Bipolar Disorder and Conflict Management
  34. Conflict Between Core Labour Rights and International Economic Law
  35. Border Conflict Between the US and Mexico Throughout the Years
  36. Burnout Dimensions With Work-Family Conflict
  37. Child Soldiers: The Role of Children in Armed Conflict
  38. Armed Conflict and Economic Performance in Rwanda
  39. Cross-Cultural Conflict and Communication Barriers
  40. The Suppression of Gender Conflict in Organizations

❓ Conflict Research Questions

  1. Does Higher Inequality Lead To Conflict?
  2. How Can Social Media Cause Conflict in Romantic Relationships?
  3. Can Institutions Resolve Ethnic Conflict?
  4. Does Profit Sharing Reduce Conflict With the Boss?
  5. Can Leaders Be Blamed for Conflict in Team Relationships?
  6. Are Science and Religion in Conflict?
  7. How Does Conflict Affect Leadership?
  8. Conflict Resolution: What Works?
  9. Can International Financial Institutions Help Prevent Conflict?
  10. What Are the Ways of Solving Intergroup Conflicts?
  11. Does Islam Encourages Conflict and Terrorism?
  12. What Are the Differences Between Conflict and Consensus Theories?
  13. Does Violent Conflict Make Chronic Poverty More Likely?
  14. What Are the Examples of Conflict Between Man and Nature?
  15. Does Ideology Cause Conflict?
  16. What Is the Conflict Between Individual and Institutional Goals in Congress?
  17. Are Conflicts and Disputes Really Inevitable?
  18. What Is the Difference Between Functional and Dysfunctional Conflict?
  19. Does Nuclear Deterrence Work in Preventing Conflict?
  20. What Are the Conflict Views of Sex Differentiation in Society?
  21. Does Political Conflict Hurt Trade?
  22. What Is the Conflict Between Homeopathy and the American Medical Association?
  23. How Does Conflict During Divorce Harm Children?
  24. Can Conflict Be Productive?
  25. How Do Ethnic Conflicts Affect the Behavior of Employees?
  26. Does Gender Difference Play a Role in Marital Conflict?
  27. What to Do When Religious Beliefs Are in Conflict With the Laws of the State?
  28. Does Work-Family Conflict Affect Women Entrepreneurial Success?
  29. International Conflict: Is Democracy Good for Peace?
  30. What Civil Conflicts Are Related to Climate?

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