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đź“ť Child Development Research Papers Examples

  1. Cognitive Abilities Development of Children
    The role of parents during the young stages of children has significant implications on the development of cognitive abilities and social structures.
  2. Child Development and Learning - Developmental Psychology
    This is a summary of 3 articles that go on the topics of human intellectual development, early childhood programs and developmentally appropriate academics.
  3. Infancy and Early Childhood Development - Psychology
    Infancy refers to the period when a human being is aged between 1 and 12 months. Infancy is marked by rapid physical growth, which aids an infant’s new abilities.
  4. The Effects of Nurseries on the Children Development
    This study explores the effects of nurseries on the development of children between two and three years old. The quantitative research design was used to answer the research questions.
  5. How Television Can Affect Children in a Positive Way?
    Many suppose that rather than watching television, children ought to focus on essential issues like studying, sports, and other activities that help in physical and intellectual growth.
  6. Middle Childhood Cognitive Development and Learning
    Explanations of the normal growth have been postulated by many theorists. Growth and development in early life is usually described in three main stages.
  7. Educative Toys' Role in Child Development
    The purpose of the study is to affirm the hypothesis that educative toys enhance child development and education. The toys should be given to children according to their age and grade.
  8. Psychology: Middle Childhood Development
    This paper focuses on highlighting some of the hereditary and environmental factors that affect physical, cognitive, and social development in the middle childhood stage.
  9. Peers' and Parents' Role in Child's Development
    This paper provides detailed information on the influence of parents, peers, and other people in the development of a child process.
  10. Children and Adolescent Development Process
    The case studies presented are for children or adolescents in school, who develop problems and need intervention. This analysis will integrate case studies and use scholarly research.
  11. Child's Behavior and Developmental Stage
    The behavior of children at any developmental stage is similar across cultures. The paper analyzes the behavior and the developmental stage of a 9-years child.
  12. Child Development: Ages One Through Three
    Babies need high amounts of glucose in order for their brains to properly develop as well as fat in order to help stimulate proper growth and development.
  13. Childhood Stages and Development
    The dynamic systems theory of motor development states that a child’s maturation is tied to the development of gross and fine motor skills.
  14. How Does Autism Affect the Emotional Development of Children?
    Discussion of emotional characteristics of autistic children, range of autistic emotional development, supporting emotional development autistic children, treatments.
  15. Autism and Emotional Development of Children
    Parents are considered as the prime carers and educators of their children as well as the major providers of special, love, care, and attention that is normally given to autistic people.
  16. Child Development: The Attachment Theory
    The process of child development starts with infant-mother interrelation being the background of human inner world formation.
  17. Importance of Outdoor Play on Development of Children
    The research study examines the importance of outdoor play on process of learning, physical improvement, cooperative ability and many other aspects of the child’s development.
  18. Psychology. Ecological System Theory
    Literature in early childhood is on the increasing end due to the early experiences and recognition of theories supporting human development.
  19. How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime
    Being a teacher requires a specific set of communication skills, and improving these skills could positively affect parent-teacher relationships.
  20. Impact of Early Childhood Experience on the Development of the Personality
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the level of impact of early childhood on the life of a human and compare it to other youthful stages.
  21. Professional Preparation: Promoting Child Development
    The purpose of the present paper is to identify and explore one of the NAEYC early childhood professional preparation standards to enhance one’s knowledge in the field.
  22. Childhood to Adulthood Developmental Analysis : Personal Experiences
    In today's technology world, it takes longer for youths to gain adequate training, get employment, and become financially independent.
  23. Physical Education Impact on Child Development
    Inadequate physical activity hampers psychosocial health in children and elevates the risk of cardiometabolic disorders.
  24. The Impact of Dyslexia on Child Development
    A society that views a person who has dyslexia as ordinary will also encourage the person to see themselves the same way.
  25. Adolescent Risk Behaviors. Child Development Influences
    Adolescence is one of the most challenging periods in the life of every individual because they go though in an understanding of life, establishing a personality.
  26. Child Development Theories
    The paper has discussed a case of a 4-year old Melissa, who is at risk due to her developmental stage, using Erikson’s and Piaget’s theories.
  27. Infancy to Late Childhood Development
    This paper aims at reviewing information regarding the growth and development of children between birth and 11 years of age, from infancy to late childhood.
  28. The Factors of the Child’s Healthy Development
    Social and emotional development cannot exist within the framework of the healthy functioning of an individual from a young age.
  29. Connection Between Screen Time and Child Development
    Toddlers who spend a considerable amount of time in front of screens demonstrate “poorer performance on developmental screening tests later in childhood”.
  30. Child Development Psychology: Pregnancy Trimesters
    During prenatal development, all three trimesters are very important and any kind of psychological or medical condition the mother undergoes, the child is equally affected.
  31. Child Development Overview
    This paper details the varied factors that impact child development, including the environment, cultural differences, attachment styles, and development stages.
  32. Stages of Cognitive Development in Children
    This paper explains the five stages of cognitive development which begin in infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, early adolescence, and ends with late adolescence.
  33. Growth and Development of the School-Age Child
    The school-age children are aware of the human body, and they begin acceptation their own through the changes it experiences.
  34. Child Growth and Development: Attachment Theories
    Since growth and development are a broad and rich subject, several theorists have come together to help understand why and how people learn, grow, and act.
  35. Interview and Observation: A Case Study on Child Development
    Teddy is the patient that this case targets to study. Teddy is eight years old, he has been developing physically at a regular rate, and he does not have known physical health issues
  36. Aspects of Child Development
    The development of the child is influenced by external factors including the neighbors and their actions, and the personality characteristics of the child.
  37. How Childhood Development Stages Affect Adult Life
    While upbringing ordeals one undergoes when growing up characterize the childhood memories, they play an important role in the later lives.
  38. Child Development and Environmental Influences
    This paper is an annotated bibliography that aims to conduct an analysis of the child development theme from several sources.
  39. Family Survey for Development of Children
    This paper contains a letter with the family survey that was created with a request for family support in the understanding and development of children.
  40. Child Development Assessment Tools
    To clarify the ideas about the development of children, I also included a conversation as a more effective method that revealed the individual characteristics of each kid.
  41. Piaget’s Work and Legacy in Child Development
    Piaget has been very influential and effective on the topic of understanding childhood development. His researched the differences that occur in child development.
  42. Pretend Play Importance for the Child’s Development
    Pretend play is immeasurably significant for a child's development; it has a positive impact on learners' literacy, mathematical thinking, and language and scientific skills.
  43. Importance of Play in Child’s Development
    During the game process, a child’s will, emotions, cognitive processes, and interests interact and cooperate, as a result, positive changes in the personality of the child emerge.
  44. Stages of Child Development
    Egocentrism - the inability or unwillingness of a person to look at what is happening from the point of view of other people, to put himself in the place of another person.
  45. Children’s Development Process
    Parents, guardians, and professionals should incorporate children's observation programs for facilitating and enhancing children's development.
  46. Initiative and Guilt Stage of Child’s Psychological Development
    Initiative and guilt are the third stage of psychological development which happens between the ages of three to five in the child's life.

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  1. Child Development and Social Learning Theories
  2. Play, Social-Emotional Development and Theory of Mind: Three Important Aspects in Child Development
  3. Child Development and Learning Gender Differences In-Play
  4. Child Development and the Ecological Theory
  5. The Psychological and Biological Changes of Child Development
  6. Developmental Psychology and Child Development
  7. Child Development and Learning Theories
  8. Psychology and Self Esteem in Child Development
  9. Child Development and Education: Physical Exercise
    Human development refers to the process of growing to maturity. A child needs to have good physical activities, in order to develop to a healthy adult.
  10. Personal Philosophy: Child Development and Teaching
  11. Same-Sex Parenting and Child Development
  12. Child Development and Maturation: Language and Cognitive
  13. Relationship Between Paternal Absence and Child Development
  14. Child Development and Maternal Depression
  15. Parental Stress and Child Development
  16. Mental Retardation and Child Development
  17. Psychoanalytic Theory of Child Development and Social Learning
  18. Child Development and the Effects of Television Violence
  19. Child Development and Sexual Behavior
  20. Evolutionary Psychology and Child Development
  21. Child Development and the Effects of Spanking
  22. Children’s Early Learning and Development
    The traditional approach to early childhood learning and development entails teachers’ typical use of themes to plan and generate the curriculum.
  23. Positive and Negative Impact on Child Development
  24. Child Development Theories Within the Field of Psychology
  25. Child Development and the Importance of First Relationship
  26. The Separation Individuation Theory of Child Development
  27. Mental Health, Abuse, and Child Development
  28. The Personal Identity and the Psychology for the Child Development
  29. Mental Health Around Pregnancy and Child Development From Early Childhood to Adolescence
  30. Child Development and the Effects of the Internet
  31. Mental Health Around Pregnancy and Child Development From Early Childhood to Adolescence
  32. Developmental Differences Between Autistic Children and Normal Child Development
  33. The Correlation Between Mental Health and Child Development
  34. Child Development and the Montessori Method
  35. Children’s Development and Domestic Violence
    The purpose of this paper is to prove that even when children are not at home, domestic violence can have significant effects on them.
  36. Child Development and Blended Families
  37. The Role of Play: Child Development and the Process of Learning
  38. Child Development and Fussy Baby at the Age of Two Months
  39. Child Development and Early Learning: Educational Readiness
  40. Background Influences That Affect Child Development
  41. Attachment Theory and Child Development
  42. Child Development and Attachment Theory
  43. Child Development and Learning Focusing on Language Development

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  1. How Can Disability Effect Child Development?
  2. How Animals Benefit Child Development?
  3. What Are the Significant Child Development Psychosocial Theories?
  4. How Developmental Psychologists Think About Family Process and Child Development in Low-Income Families?
  5. How Does Early Childhood Attachment Affect Child Development?
  6. Are Fathers Crucial for Child Development?
  7. How Art Affects Child Development?
  8. Early Child Care and Child Development: For Whom It Works and Why?
  9. How Media Impacts Child Development – Special Focus On Cartoons?
  10. How Does Stress Affect Child Development?
  11. How Fairy Tales Affect Child Development?
  12. How Parenting Styles Affect Child Development?
  13. How Families Influence Child Development?
  14. How Personal Choices Affect Child Development?
  15. Why Psychologists Conduct Research on Child Development?
  16. How Has the Princess Culture Affected Child Development?
  17. What Are the Three Stages of Child Development?
  18. What Matter for Child Development?
  19. How Technology Affects the Child Development?
  20. How Post Traumatic Stress Affects Child Development?

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