Child Care and Behavior Concerns

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After making decision to have a baby, one of the most arrangements parents should make is who will care for that child, particularly during the early developmental years. Parents have a variety of options for resolving this complicated dilemma. Some families employ full-time caregivers, and others have one individual who works full-time or part-time at home. In some families, a parent agrees to give up their job solely to care for their children.

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Effect on Peer Relationships, Enforcement, and Behavior Concerns

Early child care interaction is also associated with increased exposure to peers at a young age and potential effects on early peer qualifications. Indeed, more familiarity with other children in child care settings is related to good skills with colleagues in those environments, but it is also linked to unfavorable caregiver scores. The impact of child care on child enforcement and behavior issues has been hotly debated, but there has been some consistency in opinions in this regard.

Cognitive and Linguistic Consequences

During the growth of an infant, language and cognition work together. People use language to develop fresh ideas, share their thoughts and concerns, and communicate with others. Furthermore, after considering associations with family selection parameters and other contradictory correlates, a strong association between higher-quality childcare and more substantial cognitive and language growth in children’s first two years of life was consistently proved. Additionally, more center-based care experience was linked to better language learning at 14 and 23 months.


One of the most prominent biological psychology findings is the strong correlation between child care reliability and several positive results in the first two years. Higher cognitive and language growth, supportive peer relationships, adult enforcement, fewer behavior disorders, and better mother–child relationships are linked to high-quality child care. Although there are fewer clear links between various forms of child care environments and cognitive growth, center-based care tends to be beneficial.

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Ethical Concern Involved

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Possible Alternative to the Unethical Aspect

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Hilson, G., Gillani, A., & Kutaula, S. (2018). Towards sustainable pro-poor development? A critical assessment of fair trade gold. Journal of Cleaner Production, 186, 894–904. Web.

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