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  1. Hormones and Behavior Interaction
    Psychology essay sample: This paper focuses on demonstrating how the interaction between hormones and behavior affect sexual differentiation and gender identity.
  2. Children’s Behavioral and Family Problems
    Psychology essay sample: The family is the most important socialization institution in human society. This paper examines the family issues that contribute to the behavioral problems amongst children.
  3. Functional Behavior Assessment and Intervention Plan
    Psychology essay sample: Behavior is a way of communication. This paper discusses the assessment of problem behavior and explains the intervention procedures.
  4. Cognitive Dissonance Effects on Attitudes and Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Since cognitive dissonance theory was proposed, psychologists have carried out number of studies to determine the relationship between human behavior and attitudes.
  5. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Various Diseases
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive behavioural therapy is aimed at helping patients manage their problems with the help of changing the way in which they behave and think.
  6. Children Behavior Changes
    Psychology essay sample: This paper improves the understanding on family dynamics that help in understanding the model of transition and child adjustment.
  7. Human Behavior: Evolutionary Psychological Approach
    Psychology essay sample: Evolution psychology has attempted to provide an important framework for explaining the origin and development of human behavior.
  8. Cognitive Psychology Definition and Aspects
    Psychology essay sample: This paper will explore cognitive psychology, key milestones in its development and significance of behavioral observation.
  9. Behaviour Modification in the Educational Setting
    Psychology essay sample: Positive reinforcement can be discussed as one of the dominant methods according to the behaviour modification approach.
  10. Foundations of Psychology: Science of Mind and Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: The greatest minds of all times tried to understand human behavior. One of the main means of understanding this aspect is the consideration of the human behavior.
  11. Child's Behavior and Developmental Stage
    Psychology essay sample: The behavior of children at any developmental stage is similar across cultures. The paper analyzes the behavior and the developmental stage of a 9-years child.
  12. The Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy Concept
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive behavioral family therapy (CBFT) is the most popular treatment modality among marriage and family therapists focusing on marital problems.
  13. Behavior Influence on Attitudes in Social Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: This paper explains how behaviors may change attitudes, discussing the theory of cognitive dissonance and the theory of self-perception.
  14. Psychology Theories and Their Influence on Future
    Psychology essay sample: This paper explores behavioral, cognitive, developmental, humanistic personality, and social psychology theories and establishes their influence on the future of psychology.
  15. Cognitive Dissonance in Leadership Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Since its introduction by Festinger, the concept of cognitive dissonance has received widespread recognition in multiple fields that involve human behavior patterns.
  16. Behavior and Cultural, Genetic, Environmental Effects
    Psychology essay sample: Human beings exhibit different behaviors when exposed to culture. Apart from the environment, genetic endowment also influences the behavior of an individual.
  17. Learning Process and Behavior Theories at the Workplace
    Psychology essay sample: The learning process affects the behavior of individuals. This paper discusses some of these influences and their outcome by considering some of the behavioral theories.
  18. Behavior, Personality and Inventories
    Psychology essay sample: This paper defines the term "personality" and outlines the weaknesses and strengths of the approaches used to measure it.
  19. Self-Esteem, Behaviors, and Life Satisfaction
    Psychology essay sample: Self-esteem and autonomy correlate with life satisfaction. These traits eventually improve it and eliminate negative behaviours, making a person significantly happier.
  20. Psychology of Behavior: Motivation Theories
    Psychology essay sample: There are four early theories of motivation: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, McClelland’s Three Needs Theory, and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.
  21. Personality, Behaviours and Performance at Work
    Psychology essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to analyse the role of emotional intelligence and personal qualities in determining individual behaviours and performance at work.
  22. Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior in Children
    Psychology essay sample: Analysis of OCD in children: Its causes, psychodynamic and biological causes, early signs and symptoms, consequences of OCD, treatment, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.
  23. Organizational Behavior of Individuals
    Psychology essay sample: This paper tries to bring out the effect of personality traits, ethnicity, geographic differences, and age on individual behaviors.
  24. Three Points of View on Behaviorism
    Psychology essay sample: Watson, Skinner, and Tolman are thought about as the originators of behaviorism as a psychology perspective. Their theories had a considerable impact on learning.
  25. Cognitive Behavioral Counseling
    Psychology essay sample: The aim of cognitive-behavioral therapy is to teach and elucidate a client how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to think positively.
  26. Consumer Behaviour: Models, Theories and Concepts
    Psychology essay sample: The analysis of the concept of consumer behavior shows that the decisions that the consumer make are shaped by a variety of elements.
  27. Social Influence and Its Effects in People’s Beliefs and Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: The social influence for the group's behavior and beliefs still remain adamant as it significantly contributes either positively or negatively to the group members.
  28. Motivation and Organizational Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: This essay aims to discuss motivation in the light of psychological contract, individuals’ roles, intrinsic motivation, theory X and Y, motivational drives, and locus of control.
  29. Theories of Human Learning: Reinforcement and Behaviorism
    Psychology essay sample: There is one issue about reinforcement schedules - people get used to their rewards or punishments and do not pay much attention to them after a little while.
  30. The Use of Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Behavioral therapy is a type of treatment that focuses on an individual’s feelings and thought processes with the purpose of treating various psychological problems.
  31. Psychology of Humanism and Behaviorism
    Psychology essay sample: The paper discusses the similarities and differences between the theories of the psychology of humanism and behaviorism.
  32. Deviant Behavior Through the Social Norms' Concept
    Psychology essay sample: In the paper, deviant behavior is perceived as actions that do not comply with norms or standards officially or actually established in a particular society.
  33. Deviant Behaviors and Its Types and Examples
    Psychology essay sample: Society will seek to either understand that behavior or avoid the behavior. It is important to note either way: a person will always get negative views from society.
  34. Motivating for Appropriate Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: The theory of motivation is an important aspect in organizational behavior. It is an element that greatly affects the attitudes and levels of energy within a workforce in the workplace
  35. Behavioral Modification: Change Bedroom Cleaning Habit
    Psychology essay sample: The use of the shaping technique is necessary since integrating a new character within me is not an instant activity.
  36. The Essentials of Organizational Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: There are some shortcomings that I would correct if I were in the position of authority in the organization. Travelling is one of the most effective ways of motivation in any company.
  37. Human Behavior: Behavioral Models
    Psychology essay sample: By using individual concepts as examples, behavioral peculiarities will be examined and analyzed in the context of their implications and in relation to personal experience.
  38. The Brain and Human Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Psychology studies the human mind and behavior; since the brain is people's main deciding organ, for both conscious and subconscious outcomes, it's essential for this field of science.
  39. Genes, Behavior, and the Social Environment
    Psychology essay sample: One of the most severe and challenging problems that require an appropriate solution is suicidal behavior among teenagers and young adults.
  40. Human Behavior in Fires
    Psychology essay sample: Three research studies on human behavior in fires will be addressed with the purpose of comparing their methodologies and findings and making conclusions about their effectiveness.

💡 Essay Ideas on Behavior

  1. Phobias and Addictions Theories
    Psychology essay sample: Phobias and addictions are two behavioral theories that can be used to describe the development of phobias and addiction in people.
  2. On the Formation of Prosocial Behavior in Children
    Psychology essay sample: This article discusses the importance of the environment in shaping prosocial behavior and the impact of the environment on interactions between children.
  3. Attitudes as a Set of Behaviors, Emotions, and Beliefs
    Psychology essay sample: Development of different perceptions are referred to as attitudes defined as a set of behaviors, emotions, and beliefs about a particular person, event, or item.
  4. Getting Involved: Helping Behaviors vs. the Bystander Effect
    Psychology essay sample: The willingness to help depends on numerous factors, such as culture, group size, and personality traits, and manifests in situations people can easily encounter in real life.
  5. Behavioral and Social-Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits
    Psychology essay sample: Psychologists have been studying the mechanism of habits development for decades for was to find out the reason and the factors that affect this process.
  6. Behavior Problems of Middle Childhood by Peterson
    Psychology essay sample: This document is intended to provide a critical review of a journal article, Behavior problems of middle childhood, authored by Donald Peterson of the University of Illinois.
  7. Repetitive and Restrictive Behaviors
    Psychology essay sample: RRBs are atypical behaviors characterized by repetition or motor stereotypy. They are common in neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD and OCD.
  8. Interpreting the Body Behavior of Two Men
    Psychology essay sample: Observation of two young men's body language has allowed the author to evaluate how versatile non-verbal communication can be in relation to human interaction in everyday life.
  9. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Overview
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive-behavioral therapy maintains strong empirical and scientific evidence of efficacy for the treatment of addiction.
  10. Nonverbal Behavior in Different Countries
    Psychology essay sample: The culture of each country develops according to its laws, and each state has its own characteristics of non-verbal communication.
  11. Personality and Behavior: Theory of Emotion
    Psychology essay sample: The article is devoted to the main theories that try to explain the behavior of humans and animals by their emotional state.
  12. Cultural Norms: Regulation of Human Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Human behavior is regulated by cultural norms and stereotypes. The image of an ideal man is connected with such characteristics as power.
  13. Biological Basis of Behavior - Neuron
    Psychology essay sample: A neuron refers to a specialized cell of the nervous system that transmits sensory information in form of chemical and electrical signals across the body.
  14. Behaviorism: Origins, Theories, and Application
    Psychology essay sample: Behaviorism is often considered to be a revolutionary idea because it changed the course of the development of psychology as a discipline.
  15. Accounting for Human Behavior in Psychology and Sociology
    Psychology essay sample: Study behavior, sociology looks beyond an individual or a small group through associations, to examine society while psychology delves into an individual’s or group’s mind.
  16. Cognitive-Behavioral and Rational Emotional Behavior Theory: Comparison
    Psychology essay sample: The purpose of the paper is to compare and contrast CBT and rational emotive behavioral therapy and report how varieties between the two practices can impact psychiatric practice.
  17. Integrated Behavioral Health Care
    Psychology essay sample: The integrated behavioral health services provide professional health care counselors with new opportunities and challenges in assuming their present roles and responsibilities.
  18. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: CBT stands out to be is a well-develop and proven therapy. The method is effective for the treatment of patients experiencing a combination of behavioral and cognitive issues.
  19. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Addiction Treatment
    Psychology essay sample: This paper presents an analysis of the available literature on the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for substance abusers.
  20. Classical Music in Children’s Development and Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Western classical music, often referred to as simply classical music, is often considered highly beneficial to children’s education and associated with a variety of advantages.
  21. Cognitive Behavior and Depression in Adolescents
    Psychology essay sample: People of different ages are prone to various psychological and emotional issues, especially in the current world that is transforming at a high pace.
  22. The Applied Behavioural Analysis for Children
    Psychology essay sample: The Applied Behaviour Analysis describes a project meant to provide an opportunity to sharpen skills of observation and management of children by devising an intervention plan.
  23. Learning About Organizational Behavior as an Interior Consultant
    Psychology essay sample: The organizational environment represents a rather rigid structure where a specific hierarchy coexists with very rigid standards for employees’ behaviors and attitudes.
  24. Extinction Procedure and Misbehavior
    Psychology essay sample: This essay will discuss the concept of extinction and provide real-world examples that can be addressed by applying the extinction method of misbehavior treatment in various cases.
  25. Sally: A Fifteen-Year Old With Behavior Problems
    Psychology essay sample: In Sally’s case, the school contacted the parents before referring the matter to the Juvenile Office and provided a list of observed concerns regarding Sally’s behavior.
  26. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Rational emotive behavior therapy is a therapy approach that involves the identification and replacement of negative behaviors with positive ones.
  27. Kinesics as the Study of Body Motion or Body Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Gestures are an essential component of typical communication. Conveying just as much information as speech, they serve as complementary sources of crucial insights about people.
  28. Gestalt Theory and Cognitive Behavioral Theory: Comparison
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to argue that based on the similarities and phenomenological attributes of Gestalt Theory and Cognitive Behavioral Theory.
  29. A Tier 3 Intervention Behaviour Model: What Works Clearinghouse
    Psychology essay sample: A focus on the tier 3 intervention will highlight the significant aspects surrounding behavior as the chosen academic content area from What Works Clearinghouse.
  30. How Joel Rifkin’s Behavior Can Be Explained Using Psychodynamic Theory
    Psychology essay sample: It's clear that Freud’s explanation of psychodynamic theory is relevant. By using the specifications in this theory, it is possible to explain a person’s future behavior.
  31. Psychoanalytic and Cognitive Behavioral Approach in Counseling and Psychotherapy
    Psychology essay sample: Psychoanalysis and cognitive-behavioral therapy differ in methods and strategies; they may also differ slightly in purpose.
  32. Planned Human Behavior Theory
    Psychology essay sample: Human behavior is based on many factors that affect people throughout life. Many patterns of behavior are learned, “planned,” and amenable to change.
  33. Biological Basis of Behavior - Divisions of the Brain
    Psychology essay sample: The brain is the control point of the nervous system in all vertebrates and most invertebrate animals. Vertebrates have complex brains as compared to invertebrates.
  34. The Student's Maladaptive Behavior Case
    Psychology essay sample: Jose Contreras is a third-grade student exhibiting traits of maladaptive behavior, thus disrupting the entire class. The main problem is a lack of respect for authority figures.
  35. Deviant Behavior: Workplace Bullying
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to explore workplace bullying in terms of conflict and labeling theories to better understand its causes and nature.
  36. Cognitive Dissonance and Behavioral Finance
    Psychology essay sample: The cognitive dissonance theory explains the phenomenon where a person experiences tension and anxiety when that person has two opposing thoughts in mind.
  37. The Children Abuse and Social Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: This research paper will define child abuse, review the statistics and other data on the topic and discuss the impact of abuse on the social behavior of children.
  38. Functionalism vs. Behavioral Theory: Mind/Body Problem Perception
    Psychology essay sample: The paper questions the mind/body problem and how does the nature of the mind relate to the brain and examines two critical theories of mind - behaviorism and functionalism.
  39. Family Analysis and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: It is important to identify what counts as a norm in order to locate problematic aspects of some of the relationships within a family and between its members.
  40. Myths of Sexual Assault as Effort to Excuse the Criminal’s Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: The general community's knowledge of sexual assault, stalking, and abuse should be promoted to reduce the effect of sexism and past social mindsets.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Behavior

  1. Childhood Trauma: Disorders and Risky Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Young people with a history of childhood abuse have a higher likelihood of participating in HIV risk behaviors such as having sex with multiple partners and having unprotected sex.
  2. The Theory of Behaviorism: Learning and Conditioning
    Psychology essay sample: The theory of behaviorism is based on the perception that all behaviors that an individual develops through life are acquired with the help of conditioning.
  3. Adolescent Risk Behaviors. Child Development Influences
    Psychology essay sample: Adolescence is one of the most challenging periods in the life of every individual because they go though in an understanding of life, establishing a personality.
  4. Discrimination and Prejudice Behavior towards the Minorities
    Psychology essay sample: It is essential to teach both children and adults on how to avoid discriminatory behavior in every sphere, making our society more accepting and amicable.
  5. Behaviorism: Ideas and Sub-Theories
    Psychology essay sample: Behaviorism theory suggests the following: people learn because of stimuli (rewards or punishments) in their environments. That is the central thought of the theory.
  6. Lower-Level Behavior of Employees
    Psychology essay sample: People who whine or demonstratively “tolerate” something are not good team players and consume energy from the team.
  7. Methodological and Radical Behaviorism Differences
    Psychology essay sample: The article focuses on the differences between Watson's methodological behaviorism and Skinner's radical behaviorism.
  8. "The Fuzzy Concept of Applied Behavior Analysis Research" Article by Critchfield & Reed
    Psychology essay sample: Critchfield & Reed’s “The Fuzzy Concept of Applied Behavior Analysis Research” studies the seven-dimension framework preventing socially important issues from receiving attention.
  9. Organizational Behavior and Big Five Personality Traits
    Psychology essay sample: Big Five personality tests, like any other psychological work, are subjected to errors making them have their weaknesses.
  10. "On the knife's edge" Term and the Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: "On the knife's edge" is a term used to describe how people make irreversible mistakes that are often regretted moments after they are made.
  11. Behaviorism as Psychological Theory
    Psychology essay sample: Behaviorism is a psychological theory that explains the actions of living creatures. It is also a part of developmental psychology.
  12. Environmental Effect on Antisocial Behavior Disorder
    Psychology essay sample: Antisocial Personality Disorder is one of the most troublesome character issues to treat, which transforms how the person thinks, processes, feels, and perceives events and words.
  13. Influence of Eating Disordered Mothers on Their Daughters’ Eating Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: The study seeks to examine the effect of mothers’ weight perceptions and eating behaviors on their daughters’ weight and eating behaviors.
  14. Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: In an increasingly competitive world, many organizations are adopting methods aimed at maximizing all their available resources to effectively achieve their set goals.
  15. The Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive behavior therapy puts more emphasis on transforming the way family members behave. The approach is also concerned with the family’s dysfunctional beliefs or attitudes.
  16. The Behavior Therapy Approach
    Psychology essay sample: The main characteristics of behavior therapy mainly focus on observable behavior, current determinants of behavior, change promoting learning experiences, and rigorous assessment.
  17. Skinner's Radical Behaviorism Theory
    Psychology essay sample: Skinner's radical behaviorism focuses on the links between environmental changes and a person's condition and can be valuable for diagnosing and treating different diseases.
  18. Assessment and Management of Challenging Behaviors
    Psychology essay sample: People with challenging behaviors need utmost care and understanding. When these individuals are not well taken care of they end up being a nuisance to the community.
  19. Is Herd Behavior Rational or Irrational?
    Psychology essay sample: The essay discusses the rationality or irrationality of the idea that people copy the actions of others in the field of finance, calling it herding.
  20. Destructive Behaviour Prevention
    Psychology essay sample: This essay seeks to briefly describe how to avoid destructive behaviours that affect human health in the short term or long-term.
  21. The Effects of Family Conflict Resolution on Children’s Classroom Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: The author pondered the possibility of family systems intervention minimizing the need for referral to tertiary-type special education programs in the community agency.
  22. The Deviant Behavior of Freshmen in College
    Psychology essay sample: Deviant behavior among freshmen is a serious problem which has to be handled. This behavior often leads to disease, pregnancy and fights that results in expulsion.
  23. Five Listening Behaviors Represented by the Acronym SOLER
    Psychology essay sample: SOLER is an acronym used to summarize a process of effective communication that impacts the way we deal and respond to clients.
  24. Biopsychosocial Analysis: Behavior and Social Environment
    Psychology essay sample: The development of a child through various milestones is dependent on various biological, psychological, and social factors.
  25. Behavioral. Style Perspective to Leadership
    Psychology essay sample: The behavioral perspective in the article is people-oriented. It focuses on the promotion of changes within the community that will eliminate the disparities and risk factors.
  26. Anxiety Disorders: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: This research paper will focus on the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy as a treatment modality for anxiety disorders.
  27. Theories on Behaviour in Groups: Group Dynamics
    Psychology essay sample: The paper concerns formation of groups, group dynamics theories of Belbin, Tuckman, Woodcock, Gross, and McClelland.
  28. Naturalistic Observation of Children's Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: To receive more evidences related to the behavior of children, it is important to observe the definite age groups in the situation and surroundings which are typical and familiar for them.
  29. Behavioral Influences on Health
    Psychology essay sample: This paper explores a relationship that exists between behavioral, psychological, socio-cultural, and lifestyle factors to major causes of mortality.
  30. Health Behavior Change
    Psychology essay sample: The purpose of this article is to consider the determinants of individual health behavior and the barriers to change.
  31. Self-Help Group Simulations. Behaviour Change
    Psychology essay sample: Going through the experience is vital for mental health professionals to understand the complexities of issues of substance abuse and addiction that the clients are going through.
  32. Behavioral Science and Psychology: Analysis and Comparison of Research Methods
    Psychology essay sample: The paper discusses that both sociological and anthropological research methods help obtain credible and objective data.
  33. Managing Behaviour in Young Children
    Psychology essay sample: The paper discusses what tools and techniques are likely or unlikely to work in a particular case study. The strategy focuses on the family and interventions.
  34. Supervisory Model: Cognitive Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: The cognitive behavior supervisory model allows working with patients on two distinct elements - their cognition and behavior.
  35. Patient's Concentration: Applied Behavior Analysis
    Psychology essay sample: This paper explores how memories are created, stored, and recalled. The paper investigates how the perception of stress might have affected the patient’s ability to focus.
  36. Cognitive Strategies of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Automatic thoughts introduce the problems patients are not able to identify when they address to a therapist for help.
  37. The Behavioral, Humanistic, and Cognitive Approaches to Anxiety
    Psychology essay sample: The behavioral approach is stuck in the idea that the neighboring situation affects the victim, which can aid in knowing their decision.
  38. Child Care and Behavior Concerns
    Psychology essay sample: Early child care interaction is also associated with increased exposure to peers at a young age and potential effects on early peer qualifications.
  39. Behavioral Changes Related to Mate Attraction
    Psychology essay sample: This essay discusses what changes occur in the way people search for their partner when they age by comparing profiles of two different age groups on the site LoveAwake.
  40. Foster Care Effects on Early Adolescents' Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Foster care places a child in an ideal environment similar to a family set up under the supervision of relatives, well-wishers, government institutions, and strangers.

👍 Good Behavior Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Model
    Psychology essay sample: Modern psychology developed six patterns to differentiate and adequately treat abnormalities based on individuals’ physical and mental switches.
  2. Theories and Models of Individual Health Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: This paper discusses theories and models of individual health behavior, namely the health belief model, theory of reasoned action, theory of planned behavior, and others.
  3. The Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: The key concepts of the cognitive-behavioral therapy revolve around emotions, thoughts, and behavior, which are disputations and collaborative empiricism.
  4. John Watson and Child Behaviorism
    Psychology essay sample: To prove this point, Watson turned to studying the behavior of infants and came to the conclusion that children are capable of producing a small number of simple reactions.
  5. The Inefficiency of Punishment for Shaping Child Behaviour
    Psychology essay sample: This paper states that using punishment is completely inefficient for changing the behavior of children, and it is illustrated by several psychological statements.
  6. Organizational Behavior: Psychology
    Psychology essay sample: The article argues psychology focuses on the essence of the human mind and decision-making, without which there cannot be a plausible understanding of group-based dynamics.
  7. Why Do People Behave the Way They Do?
    Psychology essay sample: There are many ways to determine why people think and act in a particular manner. This paper discusses the psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive, and biological perspectives.
  8. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Rational emotive behavior therapy is a methodology that causes recognizing unreasonable convictions and negative idea designs that may prompt enthusiastic or social issues.
  9. Behavior and Aspects of Human Personality: Analysis of Three Articles
    Psychology essay sample: The articles focus on cognitive dissonance and how it affects the decision-making process, the evaluation of antisocial tendencies, the traits connected to criminal personality.
  10. Attribution Theory: Overview and Real-life Application
    Psychology essay sample: In terms of the present paper, an attempt will be made to dwell on the peculiarities of attribution theory and its real-life application examples.
  11. Becker’s Labeling Theory: Advantages and Disadvantages
    Psychology essay sample: This paper will examine and criticize Becker's labeling ideas in detail to demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages.
  12. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: When Is It Useful?
    Psychology essay sample: The cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the role of thinking in how we feel and behave.
  13. Psychology of Personal Behavior Change
    Psychology essay sample: This paper aims to discuss how to improve well-being based on the behavior change approaches, replacing soda with water as an example
  14. The Implicit Association Test: The Behavior of an Individual
    Psychology essay sample: The implicit Association Test is a test that aims to discover and measure the implicit bias of a person taking it. During the time taking the test, a person needs to react quickly.
  15. Communicative Function of Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Behavioral issues in children and adolescents preventing them from successful socialization frequently derive from their inability to communicate their current needs.
  16. Television Programs and Children's Violent Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: This paper critically analyses various research that demonstrates the relationship between television programs and violent behavior in children.
  17. Child Psychology: Children's Behavior and Communication Style
    Psychology essay sample: The methods allow for identifying a child's communication style. This helps in finding a specific approach for each kid and indicating their weak spots.
  18. Fundamentals of Psychology: Changing Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: This behavior can be caused by fatigue, stress, and lack of sleep. Even though it is pretty standard, aggression still affects a person's daily life.
  19. Nightmares Case Conceptualization Through a Framework of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: The given case conceptualization focuses on a patient, Ms. Cruz, who is suffering from recurring nightmares of hurting her four-month-old son.
  20. Behavior Theory: Practice Model Overview
    Psychology essay sample: The model reflects how work surroundings affect change of behavior, ignoring the fact that the conduct of people is inherited from one group to another.
  21. Practices That Support Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
    Psychology essay sample: The paper discusses the ways to provide education for children at risk of emotional and behavioral disorders without detracting from the education quality.
  22. Observed Behaviors of 10-Year Old Children and Supporting Theories
    Psychology essay sample: This paper explains Erikson’s psychosocial, Freud’s psychosexual, Piaget’s cognitive developmental theories, Bandura’s social learning, Kohlberg’s moral development perspectives.
  23. The Case Formulation Approach to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Persons also fails to provide templates that would assist clinicians unfamiliar with CBT assessment processes to develop a standard for working with patients in pretreatment.
  24. How Emotions Motivate Human Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Happiness is the greatest emotional motivator because it makes people behave in a particular manner they believe will result in happiness.
  25. Bullying Behavior in Children
    Psychology essay sample: The paper states that contributing factors to bullying behavior are family violence and media content that encourages victimization.
  26. Psychological and Behavioral Factors of Individual Terrorists
    Psychology essay sample: Individual terrorism is a combination of psychological and behavioral factors that lead to the gradual radicalization of a person.
  27. Introduction to Learning and Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Experiments on animals usually make students bored and uninterested in studying them. Aspects derived from these experiments can improve studying habits and romantic relationships.
  28. Behavior Modification Strategies in Diverse Settings
    Psychology essay sample: There are multiple benefits to studying behavioral psychology at a professional level, including the opportunity to evaluate and even design behavior modification (BM) strategies.
  29. Case Conceptualization Using Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    Psychology essay sample: Rational emotive behavior therapy can be used for treating different patients with various psychological ailments. It includes three therapeutic techniques.
  30. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Cultural Factors
    Psychology essay sample: Cognitive-behavioral therapy can offer multiple benefits in the context of cultural issues. It can be easily adapted to be responsive to the client’s cultural identity and beliefs.
  31. Motivation for Helping Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: While helping someone, it is easy to determine their own motives by realizing whether a person asks themselves additional questions regarding the affairs' purpose.
  32. Learning Theories and Their Practical Application to Behavior Change
    Psychology essay sample: The paper aims to study different learning theories and their practical application to behavior change: Albert Bandura's theory, Clark Hull's theory, etc.
  33. Factors That Affect Human Behavior
    Psychology essay sample: Human beings are inherently social beings, and they tend to interact with other people. Social connections and caring for others demonstrate the concept of relatedness.
  34. Deviant Behavior Characteristics and Examples
    Psychology essay sample: Deviant behavior (a violation of social norms) has become widespread in recent years and has become the center of attention of sociologists, social psychologists, and doctors.
  35. Positive Behavior Support
    Psychology essay sample: The paper states that deviant behavior is quite a big problem for teachers and students. This approach aims to develop a strategy for teachers.
  36. Behavior Issues of People with Disabilities
    Psychology essay sample: Individuals with developmental impairments have cognitive deficits in the following areas: self-care, receptive and expressive communication, academic learning, etc.
  37. Nature or Nurture: Which Impacts Human Behavior More?
    Psychology essay sample: Even though empirical data represent the dominance of nurture over nature in human behavior, it is vital to remember that human behavior and development are complex processes.
  38. Childhood Maltreatment and Behavior Problems
    Psychology essay sample: The research centers on examining whether or not early childhood maltreatment (before the age of four) affected the long-term behavioral deviations.
  39. Early-Life Stress and Behavioral Outcomes
    Psychology essay sample: The study aims to understand the mechanisms behind the long-lasting consequences of early-life stress exposure. It is accomplished by comparing the results of tests.
  40. Deviant Behavior, Crimes, and Justice: Perceptions and Reflections
    Psychology essay sample: The paper describes deviance as any conduct, trait, or belief that breaches social norms in a particular society or group.

⭐ Simple & Easy Behavior Essay Titles

  1. Importance of Stimulus Generalization
  2. Biological Theories Relating to Human Behavior and Criminality
  3. Behaviorism Learning Theory
  4. Deviant Behavior Related to Stress and Strain
  5. Advanced Preparation Standard 3: Behavioral Intervention Planning
  6. Person-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  7. Psychological Perspectives Explaining Behavior
  8. MARS Individual Behavior Model
  9. Unconditional and Conditional Stimuli in Human Behavior
  10. Television Programs and Violent Behavior in Children
  11. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Trauma
  12. The Dilute Ego’s Impact on a Person’s Behavior
  13. Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis and Prosocial Behaviour in Humans
  14. Suicidal Behavior Management: Values and Beliefs
  15. Behavior: Zimbardo and Moscovici Experiment
  16. Sustainable and Non-Sustainable Consumer Behavior in Young Adults
  17. Relationship of Proactive Personality, Financial Planning Behavior and Life Satisfaction
  18. Behavioral Perspective Theory: History and Critique
  19. Overcoming Stage Fright: Behavior Modification Techniques
  20. Separation of Children and Related Behavioral Disorders
  21. Temperament and Behavior in Young Children
  22. Care Workers' Knowledge of Psychological Theories
  23. How Psychological Principles Are Used in Everyday Life
  24. Competitive Social Behavior in Psychology
  25. Why Adolescents Engage in Risk-Taking Behaviors
  26. Health Belief and Transtheoretical Models
  27. Nature Versus Nurture: Impact on Human Behavior
  28. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  29. Theories of Change Within Human Behavior
  30. ADHD, Behavioral Issues, and Mental Health
  31. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Family Violence Cases
  32. The Behavior Intervention Support Team's Goals
  33. Attitude-Behavior Relationship in Travel Behavior Modeling
  34. Weekly Routine and Stressors: Nutrition Education and Behavior
  35. Key Principles that Govern Human and Animal Behavior
  36. Speech on Self-Concept and Consumer Behavior
  37. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  38. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression
  39. The Collective Behavior Deviations
  40. Karl Denke's Psychopathic Behaviors Journey
  41. Americans’ Mental, Social and Behavioral Health
  42. What If Video Games Influence Behavior?
  43. Disruptive Behavior in Primary School
  44. Motive as a Predictor of Behavior
  45. Aspects of Personal Behavior Change
  46. Deviant Behavior and the Commitment of Crime
  47. Nature or Nurture: What Shapes the Human Behavior
  48. Common Patterns of Social Behaviors
  49. The Risk-Taking in Children: Reasons and Effects
  50. Human Behavior: Nature vs. Nurture
  51. Storybooks Promote Prosocial Behaviors in Children
  52. Aspects of Learning and Memory
  53. Milgram’s Study of Obedience
  54. Normal vs. Pathological Aging Differences
  55. Guiding Children’s Challenging Behaviors
  56. Fear and Freedom in Human Behavior
  57. Students’ Behaviors, Intellectual and Psychological Characteristics
  58. Comparison of Developmental Stages
  59. Interpersonal Conflict: Approaches to Understanding
  60. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  61. Fundamental Attribution Error in Psychology
  62. Social Psychology: The Power of Nature or Nurture
  63. Abnormal and Normal Psychological Thinking
  64. The Pygmalion Effect as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  65. Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties in Children
  66. Theory of Planned Behavior in Changing Behavior
  67. Trait, Behavior, and Contingent Theories
  68. Treating Acrophobia with Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  69. Psychological Disorders: Definitions and Treatments
  70. Skinner's Ideas of Culture Based on Human Behavior
  71. Management of Family Communication Issues
  72. Systemic Theory in Family Therapy
  73. Foundational Psychological Processes
  74. Team-Building Across Cultures: Literature Review
  75. Aggression Intervention Training Plan
  76. Aspects of Habit Hacking Mission
  77. Educational Psychology: Change Students’ Behavior
  78. Three Cognition and Behaviour Theories

🔎 Interesting Topics to Write about Behavior

  1. Skinner and Chomsky on Nature vs. Nurture
  2. Influences on an Individual’s Behavior, Feelings, or Thoughts
  3. Three Major Features of Behaviorism
  4. Analysis of Cognitive and Behavioural Changes of Teenagers
  5. Stigmatization and Discrimination
  6. The Single-Subject Design Helping Students with Social Challenges
  7. Prosocial Behavior in Children
  8. “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard”: Main Theme and Key Ideas
  9. Family Therapy on Children’s Behavior
  10. The COVID-19 Pandemic and Social Well-Being
  11. Observation of Prescriptive and Descriptive Gender Stereotypes
  12. Attitudes and Emotions Through Body Language
  13. Behavioral Therapy and Theories of Working Memory
  14. Psychology in Human-Computer Interaction
  15. Behavioral Challenges After Vehicle Accident
  16. Levels of Psychological Analysis
  17. The Token Economy Behavior Management Approach
  18. Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy and Treatment Plan
  19. Skinner's Verbal Behavior as an Operant Paradigm
  20. Interpersonal Therapy, Its Types and Techniques
  21. The Influence of Nurture on Human Behavior
  22. Aspects of Comprehensive Child Report
  23. Toddler Observation and Piaget's Theory Application
  24. The Social Cognitive Approach: The Environment and Patterns of Thought
  25. Food Behavior and the Myths Surrounding It: Eating Disorders
  26. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Its Application
  27. Specialization Plan on Veterans from Ethnic Minorities
  28. Symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder
  29. Youth Substance Abuse Intervention and Planned Behavior
  30. Psychology of Human Behavior in Literary Works
  31. Generalized Anxiety Disorder in College Students and Potential Treatment
  32. Secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children
  33. Causes and Effects of Anxiety in Children
  34. Observational Research: Perspectives in Psychology
  35. Ethics in Psychology: Stanford Prison Experiment
  36. Nature and Nurture in Determining Human Behavior
  37. The Relation Between Psychology and Other Sciences
  38. Anxiety and Depression During Childhood and Adolescence
  39. Establishment of Psychology: The Role of Behaviorism
  40. Social Skills: Social Behavior and Skills in Children
  41. Active Listening Behavior Modification Project
  42. Psychology: How Cognitive Science Differs from Behaviorism
  43. "Abnormal Psychology and Life: A Dimensional Approach": Summary
  44. Classical Conditioning: Behavior Management
  45. Is Birth Order really Important in Peer Relationship?
  46. Discussion: The Psychological Observation
  47. Application of Personality Theories
  48. Multiculturalism in Psychology
  49. Aspects of Understanding Human Behavior
  50. Behavior: Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence Model
  51. Behaviorist and Humanistic Perspectives
  52. The Imperfection of the Zero Tolerance Policy
  53. Human Development from Infancy to Death
  54. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in Counseling
  55. Hate Crime in Relation to Social Psychology
  56. Reality Therapy Applied to a Patient's Case Study
  57. Behaviorism as a Psychological Approach
  58. Learning in Animals and Humans
  59. Counseling Native American Clients
  60. The Structural Family Therapy
  61. The Magic Circle as a Method for Comprehending the Play Experience
  62. The Best Solution to Predict Depression Because of Bullying
  63. Living Conditions and Behavioral & Mental Patterns
  64. Maya Angelou's Personality Assessment
  65. The Contemporary Approaches to Psychology
  66. Geertz’s Thick Description and Culture: Behavioral Science
  67. Human Behavior and Factors of Its Formation
  68. The Problem of Deviant Behavior: Case Description and Diagnoses
  69. Understanding Human Behavior and Its Motives
  70. Motivation and Emotions: Influence on the Behavioral Patterns
  71. The Theory of Planned Behavior
  72. Prosocial Behavior and Hostilities Against Women
  73. Teacher’s Observation of Children’s Behavior
  74. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a Remedy for Substance Abuse
  75. How Task Froup Experiences Impact Behavior
  76. Heroin Drug in Behavioural and Neural Studies
  77. An Example of Classical Conditioning
  78. Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy Models

🏆 Best Behavior Essay Titles

  1. Organizational Behavior in Management Science
  2. Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behavior
  3. Media Violence: Does It Cause Violent Behavior?
    This study aims to address the issue of media violence and put forward three claims that prove it is harmful to the mental health of people, especially adolescents.
  4. Hostile Behavior From Sociological Perspectives
  5. Abnormal Behavior and Its Effect on Society
  6. Human Behavior in the Environment
    In simple terms, environment means the surroundings. It comprises living and non-living things. Human beings and nature depend on each other for them to survive.
  7. Abstinence and Human Sexual Behavior
  8. Abusive Behavior, Consequences, and Responsibility
  9. Gender Identity and Behavior: Nature and Nurture
    Psychologists examined the extent to which gender identities, behaviors (such as similar-sex friendships), and roles are influenced by nature and nurture.
  10. Academic Achievements of Children With Behavioral Disorders
  11. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Health Behavior Change
  12. The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines
    The Belmont Report focuses on ethical guidelines and principles concerning protecting human research subjects.
  13. Political Views and Bureaucratic Behavior
  14. Behavior Problems in Preschool Children
  15. Marketing and Consumer Behavior in Healthcare
    The general idea of marketing is no different in the healthcare industry since it entails the strategic implementation of outreach and communication strategies.
  16. Issues in the Self-Regulation of Behavior
  17. Determinants of Children’s Eating Behavior
  18. Nurses’ Attitudes Toward Suicidal Behavior
    Nurses’ attitudes toward suicidal behavior are related to their personal qualities and experience. Negative attitudes are associated with insufficient experience.
  19. Behavior: The Control of Perception
  20. The Challenge of Increasing Proenvironment Behavior
  21. International Conflicts and Human Behavior
    The conflict between the U.S and the Taliban has existed for a long due to terrorism and disagreement between Afghanistan and the United States.
  22. Behavior as a Function of the Situation
  23. Economic Concepts for the Analysis of Behavior
  24. Job Satisfaction and Ethical Behavior in Prisons
    The prison system has been described in the past as being a place where employees have poor satisfaction. The criminal justice managers want to promote ethical behavior in prisons.
  25. The Economics of University Behavior
  26. Behavior in Public Places
  27. Organizational Behavior in Criminal Justice: McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y
    Behavioral management takes into account some aspects of McGregor’s theories X and Y. This paper examines theoretical frameworks in the context of criminal justice organizations.
  28. Understanding Culture’s Influence on Behavior
  29. Children’s Moral Motivation, Sympathy, and Prosocial Behavior

✍️ Behavior Essay Topics for College

  1. The Role of Behavior in Evolution
  2. Social and Cognitive Correlates of Children’s Lying Behavior
  3. Teaching and Behavioral Theories
    Educational philosophy has developed for centuries based on teaching and behavioral theories. Behaviorism theory is based on the principles of stimulus and response.
  4. Strategies for Promoting Proenvironmental Behavior
  5. Physiological and Functional Aspects of Stereotyped Behavior
  6. Educational Psychology: Behaviorism
    Concerning educational psychology, the most helpful content is behaviorism. The perspective is fundamental in determining some of the significant shifts in behavior.
  7. Behavior in the Complex Environment
  8. Maternal Depression and Children’s Antisocial Behavior
  9. School-Wide Positive Behavioral Support
    Aiming to convince the school principal of the importance of school-wide positive behavioral support, educating scholars in positive attitudes is important.
  10. Science and Human Behavior
  11. The Influence of Work on Behavior
  12. Behavior and Humanism Learning Theories
    The following paper will present, analyze, compare, and contrast two educational theories, behaviorism and humanism.
  13. Financial Behavior and Life Satisfaction of College Students
  14. Adaptive Behavior and Economic Theory
  15. The Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents and Their Risk-Taking Behavior
    To increase the emotional intelligence of adolescents and improve their risk-taking behavior and creativity, a teacher should explain to them how to understand their emotions.
  16. The Right to Effective Behavioral Treatment
  17. Psychology of Learning and Behavior
  18. The Impact of Deviant Behavior by Police Officers
    The police deviance has significant impacts that affect the public such as victimization, and the police unit itself such as police integrity, trust, and respect from the public.
  19. Values and Proenvironmental Behavior
  20. The Relationship Context of Human Behavior and Development
  21. Application of Ethical Business Behavior
    Ethical business behavior can be applied in different organizational disciplines depending on departmental needs.
  22. The Role of Inheritance in Behavior
  23. Designing and Understanding Adaptive Group Behavior
  24. Leadership Theories and Behavior Evaluation
    This paper aims to review leadership models to explain how leaders exercise control in organizations and evaluate specific leaders’ behaviors.
  25. Individual Behavior, Culture, and Social Change
  26. Adaptive Behavior and Development of Infants and Toddlers
  27. Emotional Intelligence in Organizational Behavior
    In the contemporary business world, emotional intelligence (EI) may be frequently regarded as a highly essential ability along with professional knowledge and skills.
  28. Psychological Analysis of Economic Behavior
  29. Unethical Behavior in Organizations

❓ Behavior Research Questions

  1. What Is Behavior Modification?
  2. How Does the Environment of an Individual Affect His Behavior?
  3. What Is the Impact of Addictions on a Person’s Health, Behavior and Family?
  4. What Is the Effect of Administrative Leadership on Employee Behavior?
  5. Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy Overcome Depression?
  6. What Factors Influence the Behavior of a Teenager?
  7. How Does Advertising Affect Consumer Behavior?
  8. What Behavioral Changes Occur During a Pandemic?
  9. How Does Aggressive Behavior on Television Affect Children?
  10. Do Adverse Childhood Experiences Influence Behavior in Adulthood?
  11. What Is the Connection Between Cultural Values and Human Behavior?
  12. What Are the Motives of Altruistic Behavior?
  13. How Does Alcohol Affect Human Behavior?
  14. What Behavior Improves the Public Good?
  15. How Does Divorce Affect Children’s Behavior and Emotions?
  16. What Behavior in Ambiguous Situations Is Characteristic of Different Age Groups?
  17. Do Antisocial Personality Disorders Always Lead to Criminal Behavior?
  18. What Is Ethical Corporate Behavior?
  19. What Factors Influence Individual Behavior at Work?
  20. How Can Behavioral Disorders Affect a Person’s Life?
  21. What Is the Relationship Between Productive and Counterproductive Behavior?
  22. What Are the Problems of Adolescent Behavior That Parents Are Most Often Faced With?
  23. What Factors Affect Financial Literacy and Investment Behavior?
  24. Can Animals Exhibit Immoral Behavior?
  25. How to Respond to Antisocial Behavior on the Internet?
  26. Are There Really Autonomous “Unconscious” Goals That Drive Behavior?
  27. Do Violent Video Games Cause Bad Behavior in Children?
  28. How Does Constant Stress at Work Affect Employee Behavior?
  29. What Is Assertive Behavior?
  30. How Does Lack of Socialization Affect an Individual’s Behavior?

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