126 Behavior Research Topics & Essay Examples

đź“ť Behavior Research Papers Examples

  1. Child Care and Behavior Concerns
    Early child care interaction is also associated with increased exposure to peers at a young age and potential effects on early peer qualifications.
  2. Theories and Models of Individual Health Behavior
    This paper discusses theories and models of individual health behavior, namely the health belief model, theory of reasoned action, theory of planned behavior, and others.
  3. Behavior and Aspects of Human Personality: Analysis of Three Articles
    The articles focus on cognitive dissonance and how it affects the decision-making process, the evaluation of antisocial tendencies, the traits connected to criminal personality.
  4. Psychology of Personal Behavior Change
    This paper aims to discuss how to improve well-being based on the behavior change approaches, replacing soda with water as an example
  5. Communicative Function of Behavior
    Behavioral issues in children and adolescents preventing them from successful socialization frequently derive from their inability to communicate their current needs.
  6. Television Programs and Children's Violent Behavior
    This paper critically analyses various research that demonstrates the relationship between television programs and violent behavior in children.
  7. Psychological and Behavioral Factors of Individual Terrorists
    Individual terrorism is a combination of psychological and behavioral factors that lead to the gradual radicalization of a person.
  8. Introduction to Learning and Behavior
    Experiments on animals usually make students bored and uninterested in studying them. Aspects derived from these experiments can improve studying habits and romantic relationships.
  9. Motivation for Helping Behavior
    While helping someone, it is easy to determine their own motives by realizing whether a person asks themselves additional questions regarding the affairs' purpose.
  10. Factors That Affect Human Behavior
    Human beings are inherently social beings, and they tend to interact with other people. Social connections and caring for others demonstrate the concept of relatedness.
  11. Deviant Behavior Characteristics and Examples
    Deviant behavior (a violation of social norms) has become widespread in recent years and has become the center of attention of sociologists, social psychologists, and doctors.
  12. Positive Behavior Support
    The paper states that deviant behavior is quite a big problem for teachers and students. This approach aims to develop a strategy for teachers.
  13. Behavior Issues of People with Disabilities
    Individuals with developmental impairments have cognitive deficits in the following areas: self-care, receptive and expressive communication, academic learning, etc.
  14. Nature or Nurture: Which Impacts Human Behavior More?
    Even though empirical data represent the dominance of nurture over nature in human behavior, it is vital to remember that human behavior and development are complex processes.
  15. Early-Life Stress and Behavioral Outcomes
    The study aims to understand the mechanisms behind the long-lasting consequences of early-life stress exposure. It is accomplished by comparing the results of tests.
  16. Deviant Behavior, Crimes, and Justice: Perceptions and Reflections
    The paper describes deviance as any conduct, trait, or belief that breaches social norms in a particular society or group.
  17. Psychological Perspectives Explaining Behavior
    Three psychological perspectives, including psychodynamic, behavioral, and biological ones, can be used to explain Martin’s behavior.
  18. Unconditional and Conditional Stimuli in Human Behavior
    The outstanding Russian scientist, Pavlov is the founder of the doctrine of unconditional and conditional stimulus.
  19. Television Programs and Violent Behavior in Children
    The research question of study will be: Is there a link between television programs and violent behaviors in children?
  20. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Trauma
    It is stated that CBT is best suited and most effective when utilized among youth in a transitional age group, such as adolescents and young adults.
  21. The Dilute Ego’s Impact on a Person’s Behavior
    The dilute ego leads to an animal’s instinct and desires to discharge negative emotions through cruel behavior and destructive actions.
  22. Behavior: Zimbardo and Moscovici Experiment
    Zimbardo’s experiment focused on demonstrating obedience and the effects of social institutions' power on individuals’ behavior and conformity.
  23. Sustainable and Non-Sustainable Consumer Behavior in Young Adults
    The article of Lee et al. examines how spirituality and religiosity influence non-sustainable and sustainable consumer behavior.
  24. Relationship of Proactive Personality, Financial Planning Behavior and Life Satisfaction
    The paper heavily relies on the previously studied psychological frameworks intended for confirming the link between one’s character and financial outcomes.
  25. Behavioral Perspective Theory: History and Critique
    Despite its flaws, the behaviorism theory is important to the subject of psychology as it established a foundation of knowledge about human behavior development.
  26. Overcoming Stage Fright: Behavior Modification Techniques
    Stage fright is a psychological challenge, which is a form of performance anxiety linked to the factor of performing in front of a group of people, such an audience.
  27. Separation of Children and Related Behavioral Disorders
    The fact is that there are many difficulties in the early socialization of children with special needs due to their condition.
  28. Temperament and Behavior in Young Children
    Various factors regarding temperament and behavior in young children can affect their academic performance at an early age.
  29. Competitive Social Behavior in Psychology
    Competitive behavior is called when the surrounding people are perceived by a person as potential or real competitors, and he enters into a struggle or competition with them.
  30. Why Adolescents Engage in Risk-Taking Behaviors
    It is common knowledge among psychologists and neuroscientists that adolescence is a period of heightened reported and observed risk-taking.

đź’ˇ Essay Ideas on Behavior

  1. Nature Versus Nurture: Impact on Human Behavior
    Nurture represents environmental aspects that influence human behavior, while nature represents genetic variables that determine a person's behavior.
  2. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
    Dialectical behavioral therapy is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy as both combine behavioral and cognitive strategies to treat anxiety disorders.
  3. Theories of Change Within Human Behavior
    Change within human behavior that occurs during psychoanalysis was often defined by Freud as having appeared through an individual’s unconsciousness.
  4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Family Violence Cases
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most prevalent and effective coping methods for mental health issues, including preventing and overcoming family violence.
  5. The Behavior Intervention Support Team's Goals
    This paper examines the goals, components, theoretical constructs, implementation, and the Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) program evaluation plan.
  6. Attitude-Behavior Relationship in Travel Behavior Modeling
    The article used for analysis is devoted to defining the role of attitude in human behavior. Attitude is characterized by scientists as a manifestation of subjective assessment.
  7. Weekly Routine and Stressors: Nutrition Education and Behavior
    Everybody has their social circle and relationships, be it in the workplace, school, or home. Anyone you share ideologies with can be a friend.
  8. Key Principles that Govern Human and Animal Behavior
    Humans developed from their animal cousins, the apes, according to the well-known theory of evolution, and the two have similar qualities.
  9. Speech on Self-Concept and Consumer Behavior
    Self-concept, the idea of how individuals see themselves, their emotions, and their body, plays an influential role in consumer behavior.
  10. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    The different treatment methods that are used include behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and reality therapy.
  11. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression
    Treatment of psychological disorders requires the application of additional methods that might help with the physical state of people and their mental well-being.
  12. The Collective Behavior Deviations
    The following paper provides an analysis of the collective behavior that deviates from society's normative conduct.
  13. Karl Denke's Psychopathic Behaviors Journey
    This research will focus on the psychopath Karl Denke and discuss the evolution of his psychopathic behaviors throughout his life.
  14. Americans’ Mental, Social and Behavioral Health
    Help for a community requires a multifaceted approach that includes the investigation of all cultural, environmental, and personal aspects.
  15. What If Video Games Influence Behavior?
    The latest video games and systems frequently top gift ideas and dominated the conversation at school and the family dinner.
  16. Disruptive Behavior in Primary School
    This disorder includes manifestations of destructive, aggressive, oppositional, and antisocial behavior. DBD is associated in the long term with impaired communication with peers.
  17. Motive as a Predictor of Behavior
    Motivation is a powerful concept that is often discussed within the context of behavioral psychology. In its general understanding, the motive is a driving force.
  18. Aspects of Personal Behavior Change
    The behavior that needs to be changed from the point of view of COVID-19 is interrelated with the methods of comprehensive protection of health.
  19. Deviant Behavior and the Commitment of Crime
    Though deviance is considered to be something dangerous and is in some ways connected with committing crimes, deviant behavior is not the same thing as a crime.
  20. Nature or Nurture: What Shapes the Human Behavior
    Nurture vs. nature is a renowned debate that attempts to uncover whether human development and behavior are products of biological or social factors.
  21. Common Patterns of Social Behaviors
    Behavioral patterns can be recognized as models of human behaviors which occur naturally, and the given work concentrated on the behavioral patterns of a group of friends.
  22. Human Behavior: Nature vs. Nurture
    Human behavior is primarily the result of nurture rather than nature because crimes and educational achievements are the results of environmental factors.
  23. Storybooks Promote Prosocial Behaviors in Children
    The paper analyzes the research "Do storybooks with anthropomorphized animal characters promote prosocial behaviors in young children?" by Larsen, Lee & Ganea.
  24. Guiding Children’s Challenging Behaviors
    The current paper indicates that the guidance procedures are mainly focused on teachers’ responses to children’s challenging behaviors.
  25. Fear and Freedom in Human Behavior
    This paper analyzes “From Fear to Freedom”, “The Fear of Freedom”, “Fear. Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm”, and “The Power of Vulnerability”.
  26. Students’ Behaviors, Intellectual and Psychological Characteristics
    Classes with 4-year-olds were observed in the given work, and their behaviors and intellectual and psychological characteristics were analyzed.

🏆 Best Behavior Essay Titles

  1. Organizational Behavior in Management Science
  2. Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behavior
  3. Hostile Behavior From Sociological Perspectives
  4. Abnormal Behavior and Its Effect on Society
  5. Abstinence and Human Sexual Behavior
  6. Abusive Behavior, Consequences, and Responsibility
  7. Academic Achievements of Children With Behavioral Disorders
  8. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Health Behavior Change
  9. Political Views and Bureaucratic Behavior
  10. Behavior Problems in Preschool Children
  11. Issues in the Self-Regulation of Behavior
  12. Determinants of Children’s Eating Behavior
  13. Behavior: The Control of Perception
  14. The Challenge of Increasing Proenvironment Behavior
  15. Behavior as a Function of the Situation
  16. Economic Concepts for the Analysis of Behavior
  17. The Economics of University Behavior
  18. Behavior in Public Places
  19. Understanding Culture’s Influence on Behavior
  20. Children’s Moral Motivation, Sympathy, and Prosocial Behavior
  21. The Role of Behavior in Evolution
  22. Social and Cognitive Correlates of Children’s Lying Behavior
  23. Strategies for Promoting Proenvironmental Behavior
  24. Physiological and Functional Aspects of Stereotyped Behavior
  25. Behavior in the Complex Environment
  26. Maternal Depression and Children’s Antisocial Behavior
  27. Science and Human Behavior
  28. The Influence of Work on Behavior
  29. Financial Behavior and Life Satisfaction of College Students
  30. Adaptive Behavior and Economic Theory
  31. The Right to Effective Behavioral Treatment
  32. Psychology of Learning and Behavior
  33. Values and Proenvironmental Behavior
  34. The Relationship Context of Human Behavior and Development
  35. The Role of Inheritance in Behavior
  36. Designing and Understanding Adaptive Group Behavior
  37. Individual Behavior, Culture, and Social Change
  38. Adaptive Behavior and Development of Infants and Toddlers
  39. Psychological Analysis of Economic Behavior
  40. Unethical Behavior in Organizations

âť“ Behavior Research Questions

  1. What Is Behavior Modification?
  2. How Does the Environment of an Individual Affect His Behavior?
  3. What Is the Impact of Addictions on a Person’s Health, Behavior and Family?
  4. What Is the Effect of Administrative Leadership on Employee Behavior?
  5. Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy Overcome Depression?
  6. What Factors Influence the Behavior of a Teenager?
  7. How Does Advertising Affect Consumer Behavior?
  8. What Behavioral Changes Occur During a Pandemic?
  9. How Does Aggressive Behavior on Television Affect Children?
  10. Do Adverse Childhood Experiences Influence Behavior in Adulthood?
  11. What Is the Connection Between Cultural Values and Human Behavior?
  12. What Are the Motives of Altruistic Behavior?
  13. How Does Alcohol Affect Human Behavior?
  14. What Behavior Improves the Public Good?
  15. How Does Divorce Affect Children’s Behavior and Emotions?
  16. What Behavior in Ambiguous Situations Is Characteristic of Different Age Groups?
  17. Do Antisocial Personality Disorders Always Lead to Criminal Behavior?
  18. What Is Ethical Corporate Behavior?
  19. What Factors Influence Individual Behavior at Work?
  20. How Can Behavioral Disorders Affect a Person’s Life?
  21. What Is the Relationship Between Productive and Counterproductive Behavior?
  22. What Are the Problems of Adolescent Behavior That Parents Are Most Often Faced With?
  23. What Factors Affect Financial Literacy and Investment Behavior?
  24. Can Animals Exhibit Immoral Behavior?
  25. How to Respond to Antisocial Behavior on the Internet?
  26. Are There Really Autonomous “Unconscious” Goals That Drive Behavior?
  27. Do Violent Video Games Cause Bad Behavior in Children?
  28. How Does Constant Stress at Work Affect Employee Behavior?
  29. What Is Assertive Behavior?
  30. How Does Lack of Socialization Affect an Individual’s Behavior?

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