Motivating for Appropriate Behavior

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The theory of motivation is an important aspect in organizational behavior (Scott 12). It is an element that greatly affects the attitudes and levels of energy within a workforce in the workplace (Hanney 7). Hence, organizations need to factor all this if they have to maintain a well-functioning team.

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Scenario one

In the first scenario, I would act carefully. Since Jack shows a very strong success record, I would be very thankful to Fred for having brought up the issues to me. I would however take no drastic action but monitor Jack.

There are several obvious motivation factors that determine the behavior of Jack in this case. We are reliably informed that Jack was interested in the same position of the manager. Therefore, he is clearly unhappy that the manager holds that position he so passionately. It is obvious that such a factor could be a motivational one in the behavior that Jack portrays. Similarly, it is evident that Jack exhibits a strong record of performance. Because of this, it appears Jack feels that he should have been the person selected as the manager hence his behavior of undermining the manager.

Scenario two

In this scenario, I will deliberate the issue with my boss and agree on a suitable tactic for dealing with Jack. I will also seek to meet Jack and ask why he called the boss, listen to what his issues are, and inform him that it is not proper for him to report me to the boss without addressing the concerns he has to me or even tell me that he will actually contact the superior. I will inform him that the boss is in agreement with this deliberation. This will set a strong understanding from both sides. What is important is that the superior should be able to let everyone know that all issues should be addressed to me the manager first before they can get to the superior. If this cannot happen, then a meeting between the three parties would be appropriate.

In this scenario, interesting motivational issues behind Jack’s behavior arise. Because of his beliefs concerning his achievements at work and performance, which are good obviously, he assumes he is the best, even better than the manager. This is what makes him decide to call the boss to inform him of the manager’s weaknesses without following due protocol. Jack thinks that his decision to call the boss directly will show his seriousness at the workplace and perhaps get him a chance to become the manager. His attempt is to endear himself to the boss and cast a doubt about the manager’s ability with the hope that he might finally get the chance to become the manager.

Rival influences

As is with the scenarios above, motivation only does not affect performance of workers. The ability of people plays a great role in performance (Rainey 10). An individual may show high levels of motivation but has little ability, while another person may have a great deal of ability but they work very well without any motivation. The apparent training of an individual and readiness for a particular job, the conduct of managers and other workers, and several other aspects relate with motivation in controlling performance. One could be motivated by feeling like he is in the best position to work well, or let go of the motivation through the stresses that come from lacking sufficient ability to perform (Hendrik 15). On the other hand, an individual could become less motivated to perform a certain task that he has mastered well since it does not offer a challenge or a sense of growth for him. The intricacies involved in the motivational issues above partly explain Jacks behavior in the two scenarios discussed earlier in this paper.

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In conclusion, it is better to understand that there is a clear fashion needed for people to exist peacefully. Communication and observing protocols in the line of duty is also important if people have to function well. Since people are different, they should be treated differently to tap their individual potentials.


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