Aspects of Personal Behavior Change

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The importance and significance of making particular decisions and changing behavior to protect against diseases, viruses and bacteria within the framework of COVID-19 are the following aspects. Thus, the elements mentioned above directly affect the change of different situations, thereby forming an active life position and a positive attitude. Independence in making decisions and actions and changing one’s manners in the “right direction” creates a more responsible person who can withstand several difficulties and obstacles. Furthermore, there is a deep, close connection between a person’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical condition. Thus, stress reduction and protection from various factors affecting health and well-being help minimize and eliminate the risks of vulnerability in the face of a global problem and several other ailments (Søvold et al., 2021). In this case, it is necessary to follow the advice of the ancient sages and enjoy life, no matter how hard it is, and then a person’s immunity, health and fate will be safe.

Primarily, the behavior that needs to be changed from the point of view of COVID-19 is instantly interrelated with the methods and means of comprehensive protection of immunity and health. Moreover, it is recommended to protect oneself from stress’s causes and factors (Michie & West, 2021). As indicated earlier, negative thoughts and “grim” moods also affect physical and biological conditions. One should not forget about personal hygiene and safety in public places and communicating with others.

According to the Transtheoretical model, there are five main stages in changing behavior. Hence, at the first phase, a person does not intend to change something – an individual does not know much about the situations around (pandemic). At the stage of reflection, people are already considering the possibility of changing their manners. They often study the essential characteristics of diseases and evaluate the arguments “for” and “against.” The preparation stage is characterized by the fact that someone already has the intention to change attitude to a particular case shortly. Now, he or she is taking more confident steps towards changing attitudes towards correcting behavior. The action step indicates a decisive transformation in manners and is described by the stable preservation of a new behavior style. Individuals can take extraordinary measures and actions to preserve health and protect themselves against coronavirus. Change is obvious at the “maintenance” stage, the probability of undesirable behavior is minimal, and there is no return to the past.


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