Problem-Solving Skill in Child Development

The skill that was chosen for research in this paper is to use a variety of strategies to solve problems, including problems arising in social situations. It is worth emphasizing that it is one of the critical ones since individuals need to constantly make decisions about how to behave with certain people and how to solve their issues that occur in life. Thus, this skill will be examined in the light of the article “Importance of problem-solving in child development.” This source will help to get a better understanding of the positive aspects of acquiring this important skill.

Thus, problem-solving skill is essential for the development and socialization of any person since society is an integral part of the formation of a person’s personality. It is this fact that determines the importance of laying this characteristic at an early age. The central concept of the chosen source is to provide knowledge and understanding of how problem-solving skills will help in any situation. The article emphasizes that “learning how to approach and solve problems, both at home and school, can affect the quality of a child’s relationships with others” (“Importance of problem-solving in child development,” 2021, para. 1). Thus, this makes this source important for my certain expectations from the skill development process.

It is also worth noting the quality, validity, and reliability of the chosen source, which makes it especially valuable to study. Moreover, the usefulness of this article is that it provides information about at what stage of development the ability to solve problems is formed in young children. The importance of the appearance of possible difficulties at an early stage for finding a solution promptly is also emphasized. In addition, the importance of the studied characteristic for the formation of cognitive development of children is highlighted. This is due to the fact that it helps to develop creativity by considering the problem from different sides.

Further, the source “Importance of problem-solving in child development” provides current knowledge that is evidence-informed and reflective of sound pedagogical practice. This statement is supported by a thorough explanation of the positive aspects of problem-solving skills. In addition to those already listed, the possibility of resolving complex social situations with determination is also highlighted (“Importance of problem-solving in child development,” 2021). Moreover, it also promotes the development and strengthening of confidence, as children will be able to find methods and ways to solve emerging problems effectively.

Early Childhood Educators can support and scaffold the development of this skill in practice. This is due to the fact that solving problems is relevant not only at an early age but also throughout the rest of children’s lives when interacting with society. Furthermore, in pedagogical terms, it helps to increase the motivation and academic performance of children, which seems to be an advantage of the skill being studied. Support for its formation can also be carried out by showing an example by the actions of an educator since, in early development, people rely heavily on role models and ways of their behavior.

Therefore, it can be concluded that problem-solving skill is critically important at the stage of early development. The key learning in the process of writing this scientific work is that the studied skill helps to develop confidence in actions and improve the motivation and academic success of children. In the end, knowledge about the importance of forming a problem-solving skill can be applied to professional context and future practice.


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