Human Development: Becoming an Adult

Becoming a full-fledged member of society is a long process that evokes a plethora of challenges. As a child grows, the hardships that occur on their way become more complicated: from the ability to express emotions to adjusting to physiology and society, to lessons of morality and challenges of adulthood. Everybody has to go through these stages, even though people may tackle the obstacles on this journey differently.

Puberty Frustration

One of such challenges is going through puberty, as the body and emotions undergo rapid changes, which is exceedingly frustrating. Moreover, for peers, this process can run at a different speed, and these discrepancies evoke even more frustration. In retrospect, one day a preteen looks in the mirror with disgust, another – with wonder. In addition to that, physiological changes are accompanied by a palette of new emotions and feelings: anger, jealousy, excessive self-reflection. If there was a chance to go back in time, advice to simply live through this stage and focus on the positive aspects would probably be of little help, but it is the only one that comes to mind.

The Awkward Sex-Talk

Another big issue to go though is facing the topic of sex and everything that goes along with it. Presumably, there are households that intentionally avoid talking about sex. There is a chance that in such households both adults and children feel exceptional awkwardness during sensual scenes in the movies on a family movie night. However, there are other sources of information about sex available for a preteen except for their parents, like friend groups and media. One way or another, this topic is unlikely to be skipped by a preteen.

What Lies Ahead

Eventually, a child goes through this awkwardness and frustration, but it is only the beginning. Then there is a task for life to remain adequate in the process of adjustment to adulthood. For a grown-up, physiology is not as much in the spotlight as it once used to be, and the authorities are critically analyzed and set. This is when it becomes necessary to master more complicated tools in order to live a harmonious and fulfilling life. It is hard to be sure about what it is exactly that guarantees wellness, but it seems that getting to know oneself, one’s talents and desires, can shed some light on it.

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