Self-Regulation Abilities in Children

I believe that because educators play such an important role in the development of children, it is critical that they educate students on how to control their ideas, emotions, and actions. While self-control is a viable word for this important talent, a broader phrase, self-regulation, encompasses overlapping principles linked to, and in some ways inseparable from, goal achievement. As Rosanbalm and Murray (2018) note, the self-regulation abilities that were developed at an early age positively contribute to the child’s future success. I think that this statement makes the main point of why it is crucial to stress self-control and self-regulation skills from early childhood. Children who do not develop these skills by the time they reach adolescence are more likely to struggle academically, display violent behavior, abuse substances, participate in high-risk sexual behavior, and, as a result of any or all of these, have a terrible life experience.

Next, I strongly agree with the statement that an individual approach to developing a child’s self-regulation abilities is needed. Since children’s psyche and perception of the world is in their development stages, it is important not to traumatize them and create only positive associations with the terms of self-control and self-regulation. Self-regulation and interpersonal interaction are clearly interwoven in an inseparable circular process, whether contemplating maturity, adolescence, middle childhood, or any other period of life. Self-regulation emerges through sensitive social connection, and one’s ability to self-regulate is crucial to the success of their social interactions. Without a doubt, one of the most important obligations of educators is to connect effectively with children. Fortunately, I believe that one of the educator’s greatest delights is the successful manifestation of that relationship.


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