Restoring Hope Counselling Home for Youth

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According to the World Health Organization, about one million lives are lost annually as a result of a suicide mission. The escalating number of deaths due to suicide increases concern about the causes of suicidal thoughts and what prompts people to have such experiences. In WHO studies, it is shown that victims of suicidal deaths undergo periods of psychological disorders such as depression, despair, Alzheimer’s disease, and stress. The World Health Organization also indicates that when a person loses someone close to them through suicide, they end up experiencing mental complications: thus, they may start contemplating suicide thoughts as a result of the pain they are experiencing from the loss.

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Taking one’s own life is a serious concern as it affects many people around the world. At a certain point in life, one may be tempted to commit killing themselves. Suicide can be challenging for any specific person to understand, especially when a close person falls victim. It will be essential when the signs are recognized beforehand, and a person is helped before it is too late. With enough information, one will be aware of the possible risk of suicide and help a person seek the necessary counseling. There are many different reasons why an individual may want to commit suicide, and if they have the counseling required in time, they will be saved from it. Suicide counseling will help in reducing the number of people who usually commit suicide.

Assessment of the Current Program

Restoring Hope Counselling Home will offer counseling services to the youths in our community who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. We will help to give young people hope for living and ways in which they can treasure their life. Suicide is the third world leading cause of murder among the youthful generation. The majority of young people have contemplated suicidal thoughts even if they will not commit suicide. The thoughts will be from anxiety, depression, hopelessness, insomnia, and panic attacks. Restoring Hope Counselling Home will counter the thoughts of suicide by offering counseling services and enlightening society on measures to take.

Mission Statement

To inspire, encourage, and offer client-based counseling that addresses confronting experiences that may influence one’s mental health.

Statement of Philosophy

All people are unique, with varied experiences, and are entitled to a quality of life through creating a suitable environment that fosters emotional, physical, social, and mental growth and development.

A Slogan for the Project

Life is full of ups and downs. “Never Ever!” Contemplate taking your own life.

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  1. To coordinate suicide prevention among young people.
  2. To reduce suicidal deaths by 60% in 2 years.
  3. To implement efforts that have been designed by other counseling organizations to control suicide through the change of attitude, behavior, and knowledge of young people.
  4. To increase awareness of the factors that will protect people from suicidal behaviors and that promote a person’s well-being and recovery.
  5. To come up with better ways how media can be reporting suicide cases.
  6. To enlighten society about the causes of suicides among young people and control the cases.

An Alternate Method for Meeting the Goals

  1. Instead of trying to change their behavior at once, trying to make them cope with their behavior but in a controlled manner.
  2. Beginning with the counseling with the end in mind, then starting some goals in the middle.
  3. Trying to improve the situation by maximizing what already happens in the life of a person attempting suicide.

The Population Who Will Receive the Service (K-12)

Our services will be provided to a population of approximately 5,000 young people. Our programs will be available to all youths in our city as well as those in neighboring areas. We chose young people because they are the most affected by suicidal thoughts.

A Detailed Proposed Budget (20,000)

The proposed budget will help us to hire an office worth 10,000 rent, that covers the three months. We will use 5,000 for furnishing the office, while the rest 5,000 will be spent on advertising. We only need an office with a reception where people come for counseling.


I will have a small team of friends who are passionate about offering suicide counseling for young people. Our team will have four people, and one will be a professional with more experience than the three of us. We will not need a paycheck. We will all be doing it because we love it. We will work in shifts so that everyone can fulfill their obligations. Our services will be around our community and the surrounding communities targeting 5,000 young people. With some of these youths, we have grown together from childhood. Each person will be given maximum attention when receiving counseling, and their information will be private and confidential. The office will be open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm to allow everyone to access our services even after work. Furthermore, our posters will provide contacts and email information that we can be accessed. Counseling will also be taken to the patient’s home for those who are not comfortable coming to the office.

Evaluation Assessment Plan

Restoring Hope Counselling Home will be offering free counseling to young people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Our primary purpose is to ensure that every young person finds hope in life and dreams to achieve higher life. We will see the problem’s route to help our clients fight suicide thoughts. We will also be offering advice to society on how they can help to counter the thoughts. After three months of our operation, we will take a random interviews among the young people and the community as a whole. The interview will aim at finding out if the number of young people who have committed suicide has reduced or is still the same after the three months of our operation.

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