Video Games in Psychotherapy by Ceranoglu

In the article “Video Games in Psychotherapy”, T. Atilla Ceranoglu offers powerful arguments that explain why medical practitioners and clinicians should embrace the use of video games in the field of psychotherapy. The researcher relies on past experience to explain how such resources can facilitate desirable relationships, complement youth psychological assessment, and clarify conflicts that might emerge during therapy (Ceranoglu, 2010). Such gains will address the mental and psychological challenges many individuals go through in their lives and eventually re-pattern their overall experiences.

Current Review

In the Current Review section, the author revealed that the study treated video games and computer as one and the same thing. Such a move was intended to reduce possible confusions and challenges. In the next section, the researcher observed that a positive therapeutic relationship emerged when professionals used video games for therapy (Ceranoglu, 2010). The use of such a model in psychotherapy made it possible for most of the patients to become more enthusiastic and cooperative.

Key Concerns

In the next section, the authors observed that there were unique concerns that affected the use of video games in the field of psychotherapy. Some of the prominent ones included people’s attitudes towards such games, content of such games, and the availability or access to such games. Individuals who are unfamiliar with the effectiveness of such video games and their possible benefits in the field of therapy might ignore them (Ceranoglu, 2010). Similar, psychotherapists who are unused to such resources might be unwilling to utilize them in their respective professions.

Video Games in Psychotherapy

Despite some of the outlined gaps, the author observed that video games had the potential to provide powerful opportunities in the field psychotherapy. In children, the expert will win the trust of the beneficiaries and ensure that they focus on the best ways to record positive experiences (Ceranoglu, 2010). The emerging relationship between the therapist and the identified child will deliver positive outcomes. Professionals in this sector can utilize video games in different stages of psychotherapy to ensure that positive results are recorded.

Future Initiatives

When clinicians gain additional familiarity with such video games, positive experiences will emerge that can support the therapy process. The emerging ideas and concepts guide more people and psychotherapists to conduct and organize psychotherapy in such a way that it maximizes the experiences of the targeted beneficiaries (Ceranoglu, 2010). The experts can also consider personalized steps that support the integration of video games depending on the needs and age of the individual.


In the Conclusion section, the author explains how the limitedness nature of this new field and the presence of barriers should encourage future scholars to deliver additional ideas. Designers of video games and clinicians can also collaborate to deliver superior products that can take psychotherapy to the next level. The article concludes by describing how caregivers and parents should address their biases and focus on the beneficial attributes of video games (Ceranoglu, 2010). Those working with young children and teenagers can familiarize themselves with video games and integrate the relevant dynamics to ensure that desirable outcomes are recorded.


So, T. Atilla Ceranoglu acknowledges that stakeholders in the field of psychotherapy should collaborate, acquaint themselves with video games, and consider how they can introduce them in various psychotherapy sessions. They need to embrace the power of personalized strategies, solve barriers, and engage in additional research to present additional ideas that can re-pattern the experiences and lives of more individuals.


Ceranoglu, T. A. (2010). Video games in psychotherapy. Review of General Psychology, 14(2), 141-146. Web.

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