Struggles and Triumphs of Living With ADHD


Living with any disorder, be it a severe mental impairment or a minor neurotic problem, requires adapting to the existing social norms. My life with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an example of how ordinary and routine activities can be complicated by accompanying challenges. In particular, spending time in a community environment, for instance, a kindergarten or school, has always given me mixed feelings. On the one hand, I tried to be like my comrades and keep up with them. On the other hand, my diagnosis has never allowed me to reach my full potential, which, in turn, led to specific difficulties for my adaptation to society. Nevertheless, I have managed to develop my regime, which allows me to live a relatively normal life and even achieve success in some areas.

My Challenges of Living with ADHD

During the time that I can remember myself, I have always perceived the world in a way that, according to my relatives, is not the norm for an ordinary person. For instance, the feeling of anxiety has often accompanied me and arose suddenly, which, as it became clear for me at an early age, is not inherent in most other people. Later, I began to notice additional problems that prevented me from living a fulfilling life. I could not concentrate on the simplest tasks that were assigned to me. As a child, my impulse control was poor, and I had an unconscious distrust of people. The feelings of frustration and self-doubt became common conditions for me, but over time, I have been able to overcome certain manifestations of the disorder and adapt to individual aspects of life with the diagnosis of ADHD.

My Measures to Mitigate the Disorder Effects

After realizing that I was going to live with ADHD, I decided to adapt to be a full member of society. Firstly, I have educated myself and learned much valuable information about the disorder’s specifics, its manifestations, and methods to cope with its effects. In addition, I see my doctor regularly and receive the necessary consultation regarding the manifestations of my disorder, behavior control, and measures to mitigate the effects of ADHD. Finally, to simplify my lifestyle, I have developed a system of labeling all the tasks to complete and executing them one by one to rule out errors. All these measures help me cope with the symptoms of the disorder better and interact with members of different communities.

My Example of a Challenge

When I was in the fourth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Rainwater, always set me apart from other students and told me that I had no disorder. This, in turn, plunged me into even greater frustration and served as a driver of the rejection of my problem. However, I remember that I managed to prove to her that my problem was not fictitious, and, despite temporary challenges, I got my way. That experience became significant for me and allowed drawing appropriate conclusions. I realized that people were not always ready to believe in others’ problems if they did not have them, which, in turn, is not the reason for a disloyal attitude. As a result, I have been able to adapt to life with my diagnosis and believe that every person is capable of this if he or she is interested in improving one’s well-being.


My life with ADHD is not problem-free and may not be like that of many of my peers. However, I have learned to cope with challenges and adapted to social interactions due to my measures to mitigate the effects of the disorder and the help of a competent doctor. My case from the fourth grade proves that, despite others’ opinions, nothing should distract a person from the goals set, and adults’ mistakes can have serious consequences for the child’s psyche.

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