Counseling: “International Students and Cultural Shock”

After reading the article, I gained an in-depth knowledge of how culture shock can affect people. Intercultural communication can be challenging whenever one moves to an entirely new place where they experience a language barrier. The article has also helped me considerably understand how cultural shock can affect people emotionally and think and act. Culture shock can easily lead to anxiety and disorientation. The author clearly explains behavioral and cognitive concepts, which refer to behavior confusion and the inability to interpret the new environment. Generally, the article has served a great purpose in explaining how to cope with culture shock and the personality attributes that can help one get along with people in the new environment.

Being a traveler rather than a tourist can reduce cultural awkwardness. The writer explains that, as opposed to tourists who exploit one place, the traveler explores the whole place to know how the people in a specific region live and learn about their culture. The author further indicates that tourists treat culture as a commodity that I believe to be valid to some extent. Nevertheless, tourism promotes the countries’ economies receiving the tourists and the travelers.

Studying abroad causes culture shock, too, according to the writer, especially to students who study abroad independently. The author believes that working in groups will help alienate the awkwardness of cultural differences. Interacting with people who already understand the culture will significantly help one get used to the culture quickly. The University of Washington outlines the factors that cause culture shock as; social roles, language, climate, values, and relationship stress (University of Washington, n.d.). All the elements can contribute to culture shock, but language is the major one.

Finally, the author different ways and tips to manage culture shock, which I find helpful. Accepting that culture shock exists and striving more to learn about the new country helps significantly deal with culture shock. Having friends and also normalizing ambiguity also helps, according to the writer. The writer gives excellent tips, and they can be helpful to people dealing with culture shock.

The article has given me an understanding of how culture shock can affect a person psychologically. It has also given me an idea of efficiently dealing with culture shock and learning how to live in a new environment. The author studies the topic in-depth and provides the reader with a chance to get a clear picture of the subject.


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