Psychology: Study Management Plan


Academic Background

As a student of History and Systems in Psychology class, I significantly understand all the course requirements due to the good academic background that provided me with the extensive knowledge regarding psychology. While pursuing my high school diploma, I studied history as one of my optional subjects, which introduced me to the history of psychology. This also enabled me to develop more interest and motivation to major in psychology when pursuing my undergraduate degree. Working as a volunteer in one of the psychiatry healthcare institutions also enabled me to acquire more knowledge and interest to venture into the field. I am confident that my educational background and exposure will enable effectively achieve my target in the History and Systems in Psychology course.

Self Evaluation on learning skills

Providing an honest opinion about me will be one of the most significant processes in attaining my set grades in the course. Ensuring that I ask myself various questions about what, how, and why I have problems in certain aspects or how I succeed in some will enable me to acquire an honest opinion on my learning skills. Developing an achievable grading system will also enable me to evaluate my learning skills effectively. A grading system will allow me to evaluate my performance in different topics and identify my strengths and weaknesses.

Strength and weaknesses in college courses

Some of the major college courses I identified as my areas of strength include Life Skills and History Units which are significantly related to History and Systems in Psychology. However, since psychology requires a lot of memorization, I encountered difficulties with various units that entailed many neuroanatomy concepts and theories. I performed dismally in the memorization-based questions. I also experienced difficulties in coordinating hybrid and online classes, which negatively impacted my learning processes.

Workload Assessment

The History and Systems of psychology class has been recommended to allocate at least three semester hours to effectively complete the course. The course entails at least 20 chapters that require an individual to undertake to be knowledgeable in the field. I will ensure that I attend 90% of the lessons to acquire firsthand insights from the instructors since they make concepts that seem difficult to be easy to understand. Some of the main non-academic activities affecting my class attendance are participating and representing the school in different extra curriculum activities such as sports.

At the end of this class, I would like to have acquired vast knowledge and understanding of the history of psychology and how it has impacted the world. My main aim is to ensure that I attain a mean grade of (A) in the course. I would also like to acquire knowledge that would enable me to differentiate between traditional and modern psychology ideas. The modern world majorly consists of diverse aspects, and effectively studying History and Systems in Psychology will enable me to acquire more knowledge and understanding of modern-day diversity (Muthukrishna et al.). Cross-cultural diversity is also a major concept that I would like to perceive to gain more understanding of human behavior and various mental processes.

Time Management

Monday Wednesday
February 7thCourse Introduction February 9thHistory and Ancient Conceptualizations of Psychology (Chapter 1)
February 14thPhilosophical Influences/ Underpinnings (Chapter 2) February 16thWriting center
February 21stPhilosophical Influences/ underpinnings (Chapter 3) February 23rdAPA style Exercise
February 28thBeginning of Psychology (Chapter 4) March 1stReaction Paper/ Discussion Posts
March 6thWomen and Minorities in Psychology (Chapter 5) March 8thAttempt Quiz 1
March 13thThe New Psychology (Chapter 6) March 15thStructuralism (Chapter 7)
March 20thBeginning of Functionalism (Chapter 8) March 22ndFunctionalism. (Chapter 9) Reaction Paper/ Discussion Post
March 27thMidterm Review 29th March 29thMIDTERM EXAMS
April 3rdApplications of Functionalism (Chapter 10) April 5thEarly Behaviorism. (Chapter 11) Term Paper Due
April 10thBehaviorism (Chapter 12) April 12thEvolution of Behaviorism (Chapter 13)
April 17thAttempt Quiz 2 April 19thGestalt Psychology (Chapter 14)
April 24thPsychoanalysis. (Chapter 15) Term Paper Due April 25thEvolution of Psychoanalysis (Chapter 16)
April 30thCognitive Psychology (Chapter 17) May 2ndClinical Psychology (Chapter 18)
May 7thSocial Psychology. (Chapter 19) Final Term Paper May 9thDevelopmental Psychology (Chapter 20)
May 14thPsychology Today (Chapter 21) May 16thAttempt Quiz 3
May 21stFinal Exam

Work Cited

Muthukrishna, Michael, et al. “Psychology as a Historical Science.” Annual Review of Psychology, vol. 72, no. 1, Web.

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