Self-Actualization in Mental Health

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Self-actualization is a mental health diagnosis that involves individuals’ perspectives in defining their behavior and personality traits. According to Maslow’s theory, the theory of self-actualization focuses on an individual’s ability to achieve their maximum potential. Psychologists in the 20th century used the self-actualization approach in developing and implementing mental health strategies, especially among prisoners (Maslow, 2019). The film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, produced by Milos Forman, focuses on mental health prisoners’ different aspects and challenges during their time in prison (English, 2022). To determine an individual’s ability to self-actualize in a prison environment, the practitioner will focus on the cognitive and motor skills of a patient before, during, and after placement under the psychological review conducted by a licensed practitioner.

In these cases, the chief is a character whose personality changed after being imprisoned for sexual assault and sent to a mental health facility prison for psychologically challenged individuals. A self-actualization tool applies to mentally challenged individuals where an individual cannot process a speech since their brains cannot process and interpret basic information (Maslow, 2019). For instance, Chief is a character whom many believe cannot speak, talk, hear, or respond to conversations. In most cases, Chief acks self-actualizations due to deprived sleep because de does not take his sleep medication, resulting in staying awake for long nights; hence, he cannot communicate or perform physical activities (English, 2022). As the movie progresses, the chef is introduced to the cognitive and motor skills environment, enabling him to realize his full potential in speaking and performing physical activities (Maslow, 2019).

As the film ends, the chef develops full capabilities in speaking, hearing, walking, and throwing (shooting a basketball). These abilities allow him to break out of the psychiatric institution after killing McMurphy, who significantly contributed to his potential capabilities, facilitating his objective the business, and access to information.


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