Character Analysis on the Kardashian Family Members


Psychological theories are useful for understanding individuals at personal and professional levels. These models are critical in facilitating positive progress among individuals facing social difficulties (Saundra et al., 2015). Most importantly, the theories are useful for accurate and relevant decision-making that consistency determines success at distinct levels (Saundra et al., 2015). This discussion presents a character analysis of the Kardashian family members. Specifically, it focuses on Kim, Rob, Kris, and Kylie, who constitute siblings with unique attributes. These individuals are common newsmakers in the entertainment industry and have a large following audience across social media platforms. The Kardashian family members participate in diverse reality television shows, which allow the audience to evaluate and assess actions based on behavioral attributes and decision-making.

Kim Kardashian’s Character using the Personality Theories

Kim Kardashian is the eldest sibling of this extended family popular across the showbiz industry. The personality theory presents a relevant theoretic approach to analyze her character as a person and professional model. Kim believes in feelings, emotions, and thoughts as crucial elements that identify each individual. As a result, she has adopted the “big five” approach of differentiating her character (Saundra et al., 2015). Her influence on social media platforms allows fans to interact with her based on her fundamental practices (Saundra et al., 2015). For instance, Kim approached the former president of the United States to intervene in a conviction case involving a public member. The ability to engage with a leader in her professional capacity was commendable as the victim was later released from compassion by the former leader (Saundra et al., 2015). The personality theory entails vital consideration of the inner attributes of an individual before decision-making. The feelings, emotions, and thoughts influence an individual’s character, as demonstrated by Kim.

Kris Jenner’s Personality using the Behavioral Theory

Kris Jenner is the biological mother of all the Kardashians and the Jenners. Her role in the family is distinctive and depicts parental attributes in a significant manner. The behavioral theory of psychology describes her attributes in different ways (Saundra et al., 2015). For example, she urges her eldest daughter to engage in progressive parenting despite family hardship. Kris believes that traits are acquired through social engagement, communication, and problem-solving (Saundra et al., 2015). This is imminent to her parental concern for Rob who suffers from substance abuse. Practically, her ability to nurture personalities has been useful for the family’s social and economic progress. Most fundamentally, Kris Jenner has been objective in ensuring her children acquire useful personality traits through learning and conditioning practices (Saundra et al., 2015). Such an approach has been successful for her children and the recently ended reality show.

Attributes of Kylie Jenner using the Cognitive Theory

Another character is Kylie Jenner is part of the most successful Kardashians in terms of financial wealth. She has acquired substantial riches through the cosmetics business supported and developed by social media platforms (Saundra et al., 2015). Her character is best described by the cognitive theory of social psychology, which explains her character in distinct ways. For instance, Kylie is attributed to tactical decision-making in the entrepreneurship sector. The company she owns was developed through online media, which requires self-motivation, social attention from followers, and problem-solving (Saundra et al., 2015). The cognitive theory evaluates her professional success in terms of bridging market demand with sufficient and quality commodities (Saundra et al., 2015). In this context, moral encouragement and social support from her relatives have motivated her to attain financial wealth beyond economists’ expectations. Most importantly, Kylie Jenner connects positively with other members irrespective of her elevated financial status.

Humanistic Theory in Rob Kardashian’s Case

Rob Kardashian is also part of this family and depicts more vital social differences than the rest of the members. He is not a social and outgoing individual, which is different from his siblings. Humanistic theories provide the best description of Rob’s character, as evidenced in varying social contexts. For instance, the individual suffers from substance abuse despite a stable economic background (Saundra et al., 2015). This indicates that he has access to tertiary items due to the vast availability of wealth. For instance, Rob can engage in dangerous consumption of alcohol, affecting his blood sugar levels. In ordinary instances, drug abusers come from poor backgrounds attributed to financial stress and family conflicts (Saundra et al., 2015). The lack of sufficient intellectual knowledge required for objective decision-making affects Rob’s ability to take a proactive decision. However, his relatives have played a fundamental role in improving his psychological condition attributed to self-esteem issues.


The Kardashian family members depict vital differences and similarities regarding social psychology attributes. Kim is the eldest sibling and displays attributes related to personality theories. Her decisions are guided by emotions, thoughts, and feelings for tactical decision-making. Kylie Jenner depicts distinctive attributes described by cognitive-behavioral models. Her objective thinking is attributed to financial success acquired from a cosmetics company. Rob Kardashian, as presented above, depicts personality deficiencies that are associated with humanistic theories. Finally, Kris Jenner is their mother who displays parental attributes described by the behavioral theory. Her ability to nurture different personalities, evidenced among her children, illustrates her belief in social conditioning and learning for acquiring progressive personal and professional traits. Most importantly, the Kardashian family presents a useful framework for evaluating and assessing social psychology theories.


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