Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect

A couple’s joy is achieved when they hold their baby and feel its warmth after struggling with the pregnancy for about nine months. This becomes one of their accomplishments and makes their marriage complete. A child brings happiness and satisfaction in a home as well as fulfills the purpose of marriage. However, most children do not live to enjoy the happiness and excitement they deserve due to child abuse. This issue has become a common problem in modern societies due to various reasons. This research paper explores reasons for the prevalence of child abuse in society and possible remedies.

Child abuse is any activity that subjects a child to physical, emotional, or sexual trauma. These activities are categorized into errors of omission or commission that subject children to suffering (Mersch pr. 2). The following are some of the reasons that explain the popularity of child abuse in contemporary societies.

The most common cause of child abuse is drug abuse among parents. Most parents who constantly abuse drugs like alcohol are likely to abuse their children and spouses. These abuses may be verbal, physical, or emotional. Drug abuse affects mental stability and thus interferes with people’s ability to make rational decisions (Tower 29). Drug abusers neglect their families and thus deny them access to basic needs as well as subject them to stress and depressions. Secondly, open parental conflicts subject children to psychological and physical tortures. Children find the effects of domestic violence difficult to bear as well as fearing the unknown outcome of their parent’s quarrels (Mersch pr. 4). Sometimes, economic strains are driven by the recession, unemployment and underemployment result in inadequate provision of children’s basic needs; therefore, denying them access to proper food, education, medical care and hygienic environment. Lastly, political differences and terrorism deprive children their right to attend schools and enjoy their holidays due to insecurity. Some outlawed gangs recruit children and use them as troops to fight government security agencies. This violates their rights as it exposes them to injuries and death during confrontations with security forces (Tower 54). Moreover, sexual molestation is common when political mayhems arise as criminals torture children and women as a way of punishing their communities. Lastly, separation and divorce lead to child abuse since some parents deny their children the right to see the other parent or decline to offer financial and moral support to them.

Physical abuse may lead to physical injuries that decapitate children. Sometimes, death occurs as a result of excessive pain and bleeding due to unjustified corporal punishments. In addition, the vice leads to divorce and separation as one parent tries to rescue children from an abusive partner. There are various cases of school drop outs and early marriages due to lack of school fees. Therefore, children are unable to continue with their education and decide to get married (Tower 77). Sexual abuse leads to unplanned pregnancies and transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Lastly, children exposed to child abuse may develop personality disorders due to poor parenting. Some of them develop negative perceptions of marriage and parenting; therefore, they decide to live solitary lives.

However, cases of child abuse can be controlled if children are encouraged to speak to their teachers and parents regarding any unusual behavior. Schools should initiate programs that promote sharing information between children and their teachers, therefore, enabling them to know how children are treated by their parents and other people. In addition, parents should avoid open confrontations whenever children are in the vicinity (Mersch pr. 6). Lastly, there should be public awareness campaigns on children’s rights as well as implementation of laws to contain this vice.

Child abuse has become a common problem in almost all societies. Sometimes, it is not easy to identify this problem since it happens in their homes and schools. However, parents should encourage their children to share their experiences and daily activities with them. It is easy to eradicate child abuse if people respect the value of human life and accord children their constitutional and religious rights.

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