Is Internet and View of Pornographic Material Addictions?


Human normal activities or normal performance can be affected some other factors without which normality in his day to day life. The tendency of entirely depending on a substance or an activity in order to have normal performance can be referred to as an addiction or dependence. One’s daily activities are affected in one way or another by an addiction thus making the person an addict. The person becomes enslaved to the substance or activity. The person gets either or normal functionality fails should he/she fail to use whatever he/she is addicted to. In many occasions, addiction is linked with the abuse of substances. However researchers tend to argue that the habit or the substance could not be an addiction but a necessity in the person’s normal life. There many forms of addictions, drug-addictions, sex-addiction, gambling addiction, internet addiction, exercising, food consumption among many others. Most of these things are necessities in normal human functionality, but due to their misuse one becomes attached to them thus forming an addiction out of them. Is internet and view of pornographic material addictions?

Internet addiction

Internet use is an essential necessity in the current world that we live in. Due to the advance technology that exist it normal for a person to frequently use the internet given it is a major communication tool. But on the other hand it has become a negative influence in people lives, and it contributes negatively to a person’s life it can be termed as an addiction. Internet addiction is one of the most popular form addictions and can be proved by computer ergonomics. In many occasion internet addiction disorder is common is many developed countries. The internet contains too much and this has made it possible for it to form a kind of hub for addicts.

Social networks for example, Facebook and MySpace, have contributed a great deal to the rise of many internet addicts in the world today. As much as social networks are major communication fields, some people have become too attached to them to an extent affecting their normal functionality. “Online activities which, if done in person, would normally be considered troublesome, such as compulsive gambling or shopping, are sometimes called net compulsions”. (Block, 2008. p. 306-307).

Between 5 percent and 10 percent of Web users, have suffer form of Web dependency. It is possible to find people suffering from internet addiction disorder in hospitals especially those live in places where computer technology has gone to a higher another level. Some scholars argue that internet addiction to be inexistent; however, this is only due to existent of other habits. For instance, Psychiatrist Dr. Goldberg agrees that Internet dependence disorder is not a factual obsession and may be a symptom of other, existing dependencies. (Byun, 2008, p. 1-5). He argues that either anxiety or depression causes internet addiction but it is not possible to have the internet addiction just by default. What majority of individuals have not defined is whether using the internet is same like engaging in other antisocial online services like gambling. Overall, internet use can be declared as an addiction depending on context of use and its influence on life.

Pornography Observation

Of late pornography has been referred to us adult literature. It has been used as an entertaining tool. Any over use of something can be termed as an addiction even entertainment facilities and tools such as games, watching of movies and many others. Depending on their influence they can be addictions or not. People use pornography for their entertainment purposes; however some people have become addicts to pornographic material. Behavior have a very diverse understanding and as to whether one can be an abuse of not raises very many questions.

Technology and more specifically computer technology is coming up and grows so rapidly day after day. With this, access to pornographic content is alarmingly rising hence, making most sex therapist to argue that, unless individuals control such practices, likelihoods of having the rise of porn-addicts is high (Dawns, 2005 P.66). With these arguments, intensive medicals and social researchers have come up with many medical and social researches, being the only way of understanding the concept. Their main aim is to come out conclusions whether pornography observation should be termed as an addiction or not. “Pornography is a stage to stage development that builds on quite a number of stages till it becomes an abuse”. (Becky, 2003, p.1) They further dispute that these stages do not necessarily affect everyone who is a porn addict or must not go through all these stages to be a real addict. Some however say that environment creates a very good ground for nurturing addicts. (Chopra, 1997. P. 66)

Some scholars however find a genuine ground to argue about addiction of pornography. They say that with them readily available pornographic content on the internet, there is a likelihood of making more addicts because the content is not controlled. However part of clinicians suggests that, “with internet monitoring, pornography will vanish.” (Mariana, 2003, p.1) Another part of the team that support them say, several reasons for using filters as a therapeutic measure, including curbing accessibility that facilitates problematic behavior and encouraging clients to develop coping and relapse prevention strategies (Dawn, 2005, p.5)


Generally many activities can be termed as addictions depending on their usages and their effect to people’s day to day living. At the same time this activities can be necessities to normal living

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