Cognitive Learning and IQ Tests

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Most of the existing IQ tests measure general intelligence level, which is due to the relative ease of their preparation. If I were to create such a tool for psychological measurement, then I would include tasks for working memory, space perception, and arithmetic abilities. IQ tests must be standardized, which means that it is challenging to include items to measure specific cognitive abilities, such as creativity or emotional intelligence. However, to assess general abilities, questions about basic knowledge of the world can also be included in the test. Thus, in such measurements, it is necessary to use analytical tasks which can be evaluated and interpreted unambiguously.

Since IQ tests are designed in such a way as to suit all people, they allow an objective assessment of a person’s general intellectual abilities and determine his most powerful cognitive mechanisms. The associated advantage lies in the accumulation of statistics on the intelligence of many people, the study of patterns, and a deeper understanding of the brain. Tests can also help identify abnormalities in some people and work on weaknesses in mental processing. However, related disadvantages include the difficulty of creation in which they do not consider the influence of culture on human learning. Thus, often the results can be affected by, for example, language, which distorts the outcomes. The main drawback of IQ testing is the possible use of labels in connection with the scores received and an unrealistic idea of ​​the cognitive abilities of a particular person.

The major contradiction of such tests is the impossibility of determining what they are actually measuring. A person may have a rich emotional intelligence, but they are poor at solving logical problems. However, this does not mean that he or she has low cognitive abilities. Another example can be found in relation to people who cannot read. Illiteracy does not always mean a low level of intellectual development. Thus, IQ tests are suitable for a limited range of purposes.


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