Conference Poster Analysis

The chosen poster is made by Grace DiDomenico and Hannah S. Snyder for the Psychology conference held at Brandeis University in 2020. It presents the research about effortful control problems and stress that were equally elevated in depressed college students. Information about the research’s topic, background, methodology, results, conclusions, and references is displayed in the poster, as required by the APA style (Price, 2011). The results sections include schemes that showcase the approaches used to analyze the data and make conclusions regarding the depressed students’ control problems (Fassett-Carman et al., 2020). A high-quality research poster must consider symmetry and be colorful, and DiDomenico and Snyder follow these requirements (Price, 2011). The blue, white, and green palette looks laconic and highlights the accents that have to be addressed by the audience.

The poster’s strengths are related to the presentation approaches utilized by the research authors. According to APA style requirements, the information should be organized into distinct sections on a single paper (Price, 2011). The chosen poster is divided into parts located in a logical order, which is beneficial for research presentation. Another strength is the way information is provided: the authors reflected the key points and takeaways by using the bulleted text. Such a presentation manner helps the audience analyze the poster and the research results more effectively.

The selected conference presentation poster’s weaknesses are the lack of the results’ schemes descriptions and the conclusion’s section size and content. The diagrams that reveal the data analysis include many details that cannot be visually perceived, such as crosses and lines between the groups. The poster’s conclusive section is plain and does not facilitate interaction that could be beneficial for the research (Price, 2011). The conclusion contains key results and limitations, however, it would be more persuasive for the audience to include images or schemes.


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