Determinants of Intelligence and Creativity

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Researchers have demonstrated that both the environment and heredity have a collaborative influence on intelligence. Several studies have shown that there is a reaction Range to the intelligence Quotient (IQ), which implies that there are limits on IQ by genetic transmission. Heredity has a lower and upper limit on the IQ that a given individual can attain. The environment is the primary determinant of where within this range, the individual IQ will lie. Therefore, both heredity and environment contribute to the creativity and intelligence of a person. There must be a biological structure for a behavior to be formed, and the environment provides the context and simulation. Every individual is a product of an amalgam of environmental influences and inherited genetic materials.

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Piaget and Vygotsky formulated theories explaining the impact of nurture and nature in the behavior of individuals. Vygotsky places more emphasis on nurture in the formation of one’s attributes, while Piaget focuses on the interaction between nature and nurture. The input of the environment on humans’ intelligence cannot be quantified because it comprises several elements that are interpreted individually and made meaningful through values, experiences, and attitudes. Each person is affected by the environment differently because individuals interact with diverse backgrounds. Human beings have a natural propensity for creative thinking shaped by their acquired experiences and knowledge. Without hitherto stored contexts and concepts, there will be no stuff for forming new ideas, and without such a frame of reference, creativity cannot occur. Hence intelligence and creativity emanate from an intricate relationship between nature and nurture. For instance, personality differences can determine whether a child will attend an extracurricular class or not. The differences in temperaments will also affect the kind of resources children will look for by themselves. Some traits in individuals are strongly influenced by genes, while the environment determines other. Diseases like diabetes and cancer are caused by the interchange between the environment and genes.

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