Factors in the Sexual Satisfaction of Obese Women

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In western societies, overweight females are under the seizure of constant underestimation and bullying, as there are particular standards of beauty defying a lot of people to follow them in order to be desirable. Women have always wanted to be seductive and attractive to men, and in this pursuit of beauty, they exhaust their bodies with strenuous work-outs and less-calorie diets. The lack of overweight women in media coverage traps young girls and women, and they end up in a predicament in order to reach social endorsement and not be teased. For some inexplicable reasons, women who are dubbed as “fat” suffering from obesity or indigestion issues become social outcasts unable to have healthy relationships where they are loved unconditionally. The primary research article is centered around prejudices and misjudgments obese women encounter on a regular basis.

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According to the article, women with obesity suffer from several mental issues as society cannot accept them. Finding a partner is a real challenge; overweight people do not fit in the common standards of good-looking individuals. All these unpleasant elements of harsh reality make them feel overly stressed. Being rejected several times, obese females tend to think that their bodies are disempowered in a sexual way. Most of this category of women stay alone for their whole lives without any sexual intercourse occurring, as they are determined to be disregarded under any circumstances. When they have sexual experience and intimacy, they are ashamed of their bodies and, during sex, feel shy and not passionate. Their self-doubt hits them, which ruins all relationships they might have with men. This primary research is dedicated to factors that might help obese women overcome their emotional barriers and get satisfaction from interacting with the opposite sex.

Case Study

Biological Accuracy

The biological accuracy of this research is actual as it investigates the complex body of elements affecting the rate of sexuality of obese women. These elements are weight, body image (BMI), sexual confidence, sexual attitudes, sexual enjoyment, both partners’ sexual enjoyments, and the opposite partner’s attitude to weight. Linear regression was conducted following such aspects as the beta coefficient indicators, demographic information, and participants’ possibility of satisfaction (the overweight and non-overweight ones). Biological accuracy shows that approximately 40% of obese women are able to get sexual pleasure in case they have managed to eliminate their prejudices.

Prejudices and Biases

The primary research article highlights which prejudice overweight women have concerning their appearance. The majority of them are determined that they are not able to get sexual satisfaction due to the lack of confidence and unacceptance of their body. Obese females do not want to start relationships being decisive that they are devoid of sexual pleasure. In fact, it is their own prejudices and biases, as the experiment shows the opposite picture.


There are assumptions that BMI does not correlate to the rate of sexual satisfaction an obese woman can get during intimate intercourse.

Judgments/Direct Observations

The trial experiment shows that more than 67% of overweight women with 112 participated in the experiment can get sexual pleasure without any direct reference to their BMI. The research was done by Areton (2002) to prove the fact that obesity is not the charge of sexual activity of females, be it overweight or good-shaped. The significance of the research is to show that obesity is not the primary cause of low women’s libido, as it is the case of psychosomatics liable to damage the mental and sexual well-being of obese females. The area of research is obese females. During the experimental study, there might be concluded that obesity is an index of BMI; it has little to do with sexual life. To improve sexual relationships, there is no need to lose extra weight, but “heart-to-heart” communication with a partner might facilitate the fixing of intimate intercourse. The research method is a questionnaire-based survey to assess data research evaluating the correlation between sexual satisfaction and high BMI.

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Experimental Case

A sample of 112 obese women was examined on the subject of sexual satisfaction and which aspects might influence overweight women to get less intimate pleasure compared to other women (good-shaped ones). No limitations were imposed on the experiment participants to evaluate their sexual activity. During future experiments, obese women will have to pass the test detecting mental issue or PSDs occurrence, which can be liable for low libido.

The Copied the First Page of the Primary Research Article

“A sample of 112 obese women who had been or were at present in long-term relationships completed a questionnaire to determine the correlates of sexual relationship satisfaction. Sixty-seven percent of the women reported being sexually satisfied. A linear regression analysis showed sexual relationship satisfaction correlated significantly with sexual communication, positive body image, and partner enjoyment of the sexual relationship. Less important to the sexual satisfaction of these participants were their weight, their age and their partner’s attitude regarding weight. There was a high correlation between the weight negativity and body image (-.780). These findings suggest that appropriate sexual therapy for the obese couple may lie more in greater couple communication and improved body image than in weight loss» (Areton, 2002, p.1).


Areton, L. W. (2002). Factors in the sexual satisfaction of obese women in relationships. Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 5,11-12.

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