Human Aggression and Its Prerequisites

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As a problem addressed in this research proposal, human aggression and its prerequisites will be analyzed on the basis of available information from academic sources and findings presented in the public domain.

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The aim of this work is to determine whether the declared disorder can manifest itself as a result of social influences. The research question may be as follows: is aggression evidence of early manifestations of the problems of human interaction in society in specific circumstances? As a hypothesis, one can make the assumption that family disagreements and incorrect behavioral patterns in the parents-children contact entail changes in the worldview and aggression as a dependent variable.

Relevant scholarly studies may be an appropriate academic background for this research. For example, in the article by Hay (2017), the author states that some manifestations of aggression are typical of infants. Meter, Ehrenreich, and Underwood (2019) also address this issue and remark that modeling family behavior is an important factor that is to be taken into account when studying the premises of aggression. The conditions for the interaction of parents with children may be a consequence of the manifestations of subsequent problems in adolescents, and if timely assistance is not provided, situations may worsen (Meter et al., 2019).

As a research design, an experimental approach will be used to prove the interaction between variables under given conditions. A correlational type could be a potential alternative, but there is no clearly proven interdependence between social factors and aggression, which explains the choice of an experimental technique. Some ethical issues may arise, for instance, the disagreement of the members of the control group with the diagnosis. For this purpose, voluntary participation in the study will be offered, and consent to the procession of personal data will be obtained.


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Meter, D. J., Ehrenreich, S. E., & Underwood, M. K. (2019). Relations between parent psychological control and parent and adolescent social aggression. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 28(1), 140-151.

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