ISTJ Personality Research

One can distinguish the ISTJ personality type by their reliability and determination. People belonging to this type are reserved, earnest, conscientious, and loyal. Such individuals believe in the order of the day and the custom; safety and peace are what they opt for (“16 Personalities” par. 1-2).

The ISTJ persons’ strength lies in their honesty and directness. They also are characterized by strong will and a good sense of duty. Other features intrinsic to them include tranquility and practicability.

Still, in the ISTJ character, there are also some features that might be considered unpleasant, such as stubbornness and impassiveness. Such people always stick to the order and tend to criticize things and other people. Sometimes they fall within their own critique, too (“16 Personalities” par. 8-18).

In friendship and romantic relationships, the ISTJ is as reliable as ever. They are extremely loyal to their friends, although it takes them much time and effort to actually make friends. They are even-tempered and not easily prone to conflict; still, their insensitivity often misleads their friends and partners and results in collisions (“16 Personalities” par. 19-33).

In parenting, the ISTJ people are as logical as ever, cultivating in their children love for hard work and promoting their own values; children usually fail to appreciate that. Consequently, it is possible that long-term misunderstanding causes ISTJ parents to drift apart from their children and never patch up the relationships again (“16 Personalities” par. 33-38).

ISTJ people are devoted to stability which is why they prefer long-term, consistent jobs. ISTJs usually make use of themselves as accountants, clerks, librarians, analysts, statisticians, dentists, military officers, attorneys, etc. (“What Can I Do with My Personality Type?” par. 1). Such careers are stable and secure; the more so, they presuppose distinct roles in society which is what ISTJ feels most comfortable with. Mainly, ISTJ people prefer working on their own; however, they can be good team members and leaders provided that the functions of each separate member of the team are distinct and performed in due time (“16 Personalities” par. 40-42).

The description of the ISTJ personality type is almost perfectly applicable to me. Indeed, I consider myself a reliable and earnest person who is rather traditional in views. I say what I think, and I mean what I say, which is why I am regarded as too straightforward sometimes. When working, I look for unambiguity; it is absolutely vital for me to have a set of goals to be achieved by some deadline and a list of rules to stick to. Only in this case, I will be productive. I am responsible and sometimes tend to overcriticize, but never overdramatize.

At some points, however, the described features of the ISTJ type do not suit me. Firstly, I do not always rely on bare facts to form my opinion. It is true that I usually collect as much evidence as possible to support my viewpoint, say, in written tasks. Still, in everyday life, I cannot say I have lost all trust in people so as not to believe them entirely. Besides, an average ISTJ is depicted as incapable of any creativity whatsoever, always following the rules and routines. Logic and clear instructions are important to me, but I am able to improvise and think creatively if needed. What I mean is that, perhaps by virtue of my young age, I have not yet developed the one-pointedness of mind which the ISTJs are believed to possess.

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