Optimism in Building a Romantic Relationship

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General Topic

The main topic of this research is “optimism” and the role of positive anticipation in building a good and long lasting romantic relationship.

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Key Research from Intro/Lit Review

In a longitudinal study involving dating couples, the researcher tested whether the optimists and the romantic partners are getting significant satisfaction in their relationship. To achieve this, the researchers examined two aspects. The first hypothesis was carried out to assess if optimistic individuals and their partners have a satisfying relationship. The second theory seeks to establish reasons as to why optimists have positive results when it comes to relationship outcomes. A cross-sectional analysis based on the couples’ report was obtained to test the two hypotheses.

Empirical results obtained using Couple Satisfaction Scale (CSS) indicated a value of.89 for both men and women. While those of obtained from the POMP metric for both genders varied from 9 to 100. Therefore, it can be concluded that optimists and their partners enjoy greater relationship satisfaction.


The independent variables are extroversion, neuroticism, self-esteem, age, relationship length, cohabitation, and the intensity of the disagreement. These aspects are control variables included in the double-mediated model to aid the observation of the research (Srivastava S, McGonagall K, Richards J, Butler E & Gross J. 2006).


Optimism and the perceived support are the dependent variables. The research established that optimism had a direct effect on a partner’s conflict resolution.


The study recruited dating couples from three northern California universities. The ages of the participants ranged from 18-25; recording a mean age of 24 years. Prior to the study, the couples had been dating for a period of over six months. The researchers examined dating couples in a heterogeneous relationship. The findings estimated that 12% of the couples were cohabiting. The racial compositions of the sample were: 0.8% Native American, 14.6 %Caucasian, and 0.8% Latino/ Hispanic. Africa Americans and Asians constituted 23.8% and 56.3%respectively. The rest of the sample represented a percentage of 2.5.

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The research is descriptive in nature. The approach adopted in this study clearly portrays that it is a survey. Couple Problem Inventory is the questionnaire formulated for use in this study (Gottman John 2002).

Key Measures

The experimenter used the elements of observation and behavioral change to measure the variables. After the process, the researcher asked four fundamental questions while at the same time identifying the answer given by the partners. If the partner’s reply is negative, then the experimenter will opt for a different area of disagreement. The response indicates if the topic is appropriate for the experiment.

Key Results

The findings of the analysis indicated that optimists and their partners slightly disagree. The empirical results indicated an actor effect of = -.15, p=.02, 95% CI= (-29,-.02). The partner effect was recorded as =-.16. p=.01, 95% CI= (-30, -.03). In general, part 2 of the study indicated that “optimism associated with how well both partners perceived the engagement and the resolution” (Srivastava et., al 2006).


The article clearly compares work by different researchers. It seeks to come up with a more precise way that can be used to elaborate how optimism and relationship enhance each other. I have related to the topic very well. The only thing that I would have done differently is to advocate a case whereby both heterogeneous and homogeneous relationships will receive equal consideration in the study. In addition to this, the study put more emphasis on men. Therefore, I suggest the consideration of a different method for use future analysis. The article records a significant degree of bias.

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The concept of optimism and how it models a long-lasting relationship is in line with my thoughts. In any case, it is common for optimists to attract a significant romantic relationship. Normally, the optimist wins more partner support.

The paper falls into the results and finding section. It bases most of its arguments on the findings established in the meta-analysis of both optimistic and pessimistic relationships.


Shrivastava, S., McGonigal, K., Richards, J., Butler, E., & Gross, J., (2006). Optimism in Close Relationship: How Seeing Things in a Positive Light Makes Them So. Journal and Social Psychology, 91(1), 143-145.

Gottman, J. (2002). The Mathematics of Marriage Dynamics Nonlinear model (p.2).

Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

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