Personal Sexual Philosophy and Its Foundations


Sexual relationships are an integral part of our life, regardless of their presence at the moment and personal opinions about them. Sexual philosophy can reveal the possibility of internal conflict, denial of models of society, or adherence to personal ideology through the prism of attitudes towards the intimate aspect of relationships. This article will present personal reflections on the concept of sex positivity, the destructive consequences of sexual objectification, and the importance of consent and respect for personal boundaries in sexual relationships.

The New Trend of Sex Positivity

Sex positivity is a trend in modern society that strives for a good attitude towards sex and promotes healthy practices and mechanisms for accepting sexuality and self-identification. Ivanski and Kohut (2017) detailed the impact of personal beliefs, educational systems, health and safety accessibility, and relationship experiences on societal moods and attitudes towards the intimate side of life. There is a positive pattern. People have increased flexibility of perception and tolerance for manifestations beyond their understanding or cultural traditions. Sex has long been a taboo subject with an apparent objectification of women and the active imposition of a strictly defined behavior model. All relationships were heavily censored and did not leave room for detailed study and freedom of choice. At the moment, everything has changed dramatically by 180 degrees.

The Importance of Accepting Different Points of View

Over the past half-century, the world has begun actively changing, breaking old stereotypes and prejudices. I can be convinced of this by drawing parallels between the older generation and my peers. I need to stay true to my beliefs and enter all stages of the relationship, depending on my readiness. Today’s rush and lightheadedness do not suit me, so some may find me old-fashioned. I do not separate sex and feelings and adhere to specific social rules, even if they are no longer needed. Sex positivity and the whole sex-positive movement teach people to accept and understand others’ choices without compromising their identity and beliefs. It helps me deal with social pressures and get to know people with the same view of sexuality.

Intimacy and Conflicts in Relationships

In the development of sexual philosophy, a significant role is played by intimacy and a natural desire for socialization. If feelings accompany sexual relationships, they bring the relationship to a new level of trust, relaxedness, and energy exchange. Sometimes people are unwilling to sacrifice freedom and take responsibility for long-term relationships involving more than sex. It also can be unintentional attempts to maintain personal boundaries or manifesting an avoidant attachment pattern. Any connection requires a lot of effort and work. When a conflict arises, both partners should be able to understand the root of the problem and try to agree. Any offensive actions, manipulations, abuse, and blackmail are a red flag and sign that this person should be left immediately. Safety and a stable emotional state always come first.

The Importance of Personal Boundaries

Sometimes you want to shut your boundaries and not allow anyone to enter them. There are moments when I do not feel like I can share all of my details, such as my health or sex life, even though relationships mean it. Lazenby and Gabriel (2017) described the crucial importance of mutual agreement in everything that happens in a couple; and the need to preserve personal space. In the right amount, secrets and boundaries are essential to preserve and protect the individual.

The Negativity of Sexual Objectification

For centuries, there has been a strict separation of the sexes and the objectification of women. Sexual education continues to evolve and is becoming more accessible to the masses, but some trends are difficult to eradicate without leaving a trace. Women have long fought for equality, freedom of their bodies, and liberation from the patriarchal system, but some aspects of the modern world slow down the movement. The porn industry and prostitution are examples of how women continue to be used as an easy way to make money and have fun. This topic is very controversial. Many see this as another economic zone for money and recreation. I wouldn’t take it so lightly. Jütten (2016) described the catastrophic consequences of a person’s sexual objectification and the impact on self-identification. Objectification can be a severe obstacle to living in society and building relationships I have seen and felt many times.


Sexual philosophy is essential for good life management and self-identification. It is necessary to understand current trends in society and look at them through the prism of a healthy perception of romantic, spiritual, sexual, and other relationships. To do this, people need to be aware of sexual positivity, learn to build relationships correctly, and not neglect destructive patterns such as the sexual objectification of a person.


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