Personality Principles: Confidence without Attitude

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There has been a claim that business schools are the breeding ground for graduates who are self focused, over confident, and with inflated egos. Confidence determines one’s interaction with others as well as determining how the person goes about his/her business. When an individual lacks confidence, the end result is confusion, insecurity and anxiety (Elder and Paul 12). Confidence is a prerequisite to success. It usually gives someone optimism in his or her undertakings. With confidence, one is able to utilize his/her talent to the fullest and hence achieve. Confidence without attitude in the socialization processes enables people to share ideas and knowledge freely and without discrimination. It enhances communication which is a very important aspect of interaction.

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Importance of Confidence without Attitude

Decisions are usually made on the basis of the evidence available and the analysis that is made. This enables one to act without being arrogant. I have come to realize that when communicating with others, humility is essential as it enables me to not only collaborate with those with whom communicating with, but to also earn their trust as well. Confidence without attitude is a component of emotional intelligence and it eliminates bias during interactions hence enhancing an individual’s leadership skills. It is vital for an individual who aspires to lead teams or functions at whatever capacity to acquire this personality principle. For example, when listening to others with the intention of understanding their views or contributions during interactions or communication processes, this often allows me to build trust, thereby enhancing my collaboration with those that I communicate with, at a higher level. Regardless of one’s level of smartness, some activities or situations in life would always require the efforts of a team and therefore humbling oneself while interacting with those in the team is critical for developing and building teams (Elder and Paul 34). Getting involved in team work has enabled me to share and acquire critical life skills and insights into situations which may appear tricky to an individual. Peaceful coexistence is vital for success and therefore confidence without attitude would help us communicate our ideas boldly while ensuring that our ideas do not negatively affect positive relationships in the community.

In a team or organizational setting, confidence without attitude is needed in the relationship between him/her with the juniors, seniors or the colleagues. When there is a crisis within an organization or a team, one needs to present his or her case or views confidently without necessarily having to be rude and arrogant or even taking sides. Confidence without attitude makes it possible to communicate and strive to achieve the desired goals while respecting the opinions of others. As a result, one it better placed to assess the consequences of any actions on others, the organizations and institutions that are represented (Elder and Paul 27). This personality principle has in certain circumstances enabled me to act beyond his/her ego. Confidence without attitude gives us the capacity to integrate our goals with those of the organizations and the people that we represent in the society.

For a leader to succeed in his/her endeavors in leadership, confidence without attitude is needed. A leader is supposed to execute the mandates of the group, team or organization without hesitation and without bias. A leader is supposed to provide motivation for the other members and this would be absolutely impossible if he/she is not confident. If one lacks confidence without attitude, the end result will be anxiety, insecurity coupled with confusion (Elder 201-210).

The Relevance of the Principle to Me

I strongly believe in confidence without attitude as one of key virtues that I need in life. It is needed for to me lead my subordinates effectively and interact positively with others. It is vital in enabling me to eliminate bias while assessing situations or when dealing with other people. I highly value leading through trust as well as collaboration and therefore confidence without attitude has always been my guiding principle whenever I have an opportunity to lead a group or initiatives in the community or school. I strongly desire to witness situations where respect among colleagues and even in the larger society is prioritized by everyone. I believe in peaceful coexistence where everyone acknowledges the value of others in his or her life and therefore strives to achieve more than just the personal goal.

Despite my efforts to use the available leadership philosophies, paradigms, the application of situational leadership and following the management objectives, I have come to a conclusion that the personality principle of confidence without attitude overrides all these in leadership. Confidence that is coupled with humility is vital though for success in leadership although it is not easy to achieve. All those who succeed in leadership must strike this balance.

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Most people who are in top positions tend to be ensnared by overconfidence and egotism and this is the genesis of their downfall. My inner desire to provide a dependable leadership that respects the opinions of everyone has always been my aim. The injustices and the arrogance displayed by those serving in public offices and other institutions made me realize the quality leadership that is lacking in most of our communities. This made me yearn to provide a leadership that values confidence without attitude in my operations and I vowed to always uphold that no matter how tough the situation might seem. I have since then tried to practice this personality principle of confidence without attitude.


The principle values of the University of California are among the reasons why I yearn to join the institution. Getting an opportunity in this institution would enable me have the chance to strengthen my principle values and to also to develop my leadership skills. I hope to sharpen my leadership skills by putting the vital personality principle of confidence without attitude as my priority. Perfecting this virtue will enable me to be a balanced leader who executes the mandate without hesitation and with no bias.


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