Relation of Sensation and Perception

The human brain can be considered the central organ of the human body that controls everything from physical to emotional activity. Scientists and scholars have studied the connection between the brain and processes that flow in people’s bodies, emotions and reactions. This paper analyzes the interconnection between sensation and perception, discusses the importance of brain studies and methods that psychologies might use to research it.

Sensation and perception at the same time complement each other and perform different functions. The sensation can be viewed as something more objectives and forms from the irritators that come from the outside most of the time. This is the response to the situation that comes after the analysis and perception of it. Perception is subjective, and it reflects human’s attitudes to the different phenomena or accidents based on experience or the system of beliefs. Although the perception somehow reflects and resonates with the sensation, they illustrate different pictures in a human’s head. When the person, for instance, feels happiness at the same time, they can perceive it as impending danger, because in their life they had a situation when they experienced sorrow and negativism after some joyous occasions.

Psychologists should study the human brain for several reasons, and the most crucial one is to understand better the causes and effects of human actions, reactions and thoughts. The knowledge of the subject can make it easier to study human phycology. There are some strategies that the psychologies could use to study the human brain. For example, according to Berezka et al., the authors to study the emotional intellect “analyzed the brain activity of future psychologists using electroencephalography and the “EmIn” questionnaire by Limousin” (2021). The emotional intellect should be studied for it evaluates people’s maturity, ability to communicate, and build relationships can be used electrograph and the questionnaire of emotional intelligence.

Overall, understanding the human brain can clarify different phenomena, for example, the interconnection between sensation and perception. There are several strategies to observe the reactions and work in the human brain, such as electroencephalography and the “EmIn” questionnaire, which can evaluate emotional intelligence. The study of human brains can be beneficial for phycologists to detect the processes in human actions and behavior for further phycological researches.


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