Research Importance for Psychologists


It seems apparent that every argument and action – within the scholarly or evidence-based practice – implies significant theoretical background. For a mental health specialist, it is crucial to be well-acquainted with scientific literature and relevant findings. This contributes to his or her competencies enrichment – starting from applying proper approaches to a patient and ending with the utilization of appropriate methodology during their research. The below arguments aim to prove that the above statements are reliable.


A psychologist is to take into account a plethora of nuances while working with patients. These nuances relate not only to his or her professional significance, experience, and approach but also to the proven academic findings. The latter might be considered as a foundation for the development of the required competencies and, again, an individual practice framework. It cannot be achieved without academic research that implies the analysis, compilation, and reasonable interpretation of scholarly investigations. For instance, while dealing with the patient’s depression, the psychologist may appeal to the article by Olfson et al. (2016), which may be a basis for the right treatment choice.

Then, the mental specialist can face an under-researched illness, and there are no reliable discussions on it. In this case, the psychologist is to conduct their research, relying on plenty of related scientific materials – literature review – and applying best research practices, from methodology to ethical considerations. Hence, it seems clear that undertaking a scholarly investigation in a due way is vital and implies constant training in this regard.


To conclude, the above discussion proves that research is important for psychologists from two different perspectives. First, there is a necessity to be acquainted with the relevant literature to have the theoretical foundation for professional development and the patient’s treatment. Second, it is the need to investigate an under-discussed or simply relevant issue to shed light on it in a conventional academic manner.


Olfson, M., Blanco, C., & Marcus, S. (2016). Treatment of adult depression in the United States. JAMA Intern Med, 176(10), 1482–1491.

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