Social Psychology and Presentation Creation


I will be presenting how my social psychology understanding affects the presentation to be watched by others. I will as well be discussing how the knowledge from this field will influence my public speaking in the future. Similarly, I will be tackling how skills gained from social psychology will influence my view of other public speakers. Social psychology is the scientific study of how people think, feel, and behave around others. Understanding social psychology helps me know the topics preferred by my viewers and also strengthens my communication skills. Presenting relevant topics attracts many listeners, while better communication skills will influence my public speaking positively in the future. Conversely, social psychology knowledge will positively influence my view of others speaking publicly since I will easily identify effective presenters based on their confidence and expertise. Social psychology will influence me positively since it will help me understand my audience’s behaviors and interests and develop my communication skills and the speakers to trust.

Social Psychology Understanding Influence on My Ability to Create Presentation

Social psychology helps me understand how people think and act, which gives me a better understanding of why they might behave in a certain way or be interested in certain topics. This understanding then helps me create presentations that are more engaging and interesting to my audience, as I can tap into what motivates them (Raja, 2017). Additionally, social psychology can also help me become a more effective communicator by teaching me how to read other people’s body language or nonverbal communication cues. The learned body language in social psychology will help me in creating a presentation with consistent eye contact with my audience and the use of gestures for the deaf and the dumb.

Audience Mastery and Communication Skills Influence My Future Public Speaking

Understanding audience behaviors will help me in my future public speaking by knowing how the audience behaves when bored. Through this, I will be able to engage them by ensuring their participation during my public speaking session and also maintaining eye contact with them to capture their attention (Raja, 2017). Regarding the audience topic preference, I will be able to identify the most needed content. Knowing the preferred topics will allow me to rehearse my topic before presenting, thus delivering a well-researched and persuasive speech. Concerning communication skills will help me understand how to manage my nerves better and deal with any anxiety during the presentation. Social psychology will help me reduce stage fright and anxiety by providing me with a framework for understanding how people interact (Raja, 2017). Similarly, it will also aid me in apprehending and managing my own emotions, as well as responding effectively to the emotions of others.

Social Psychology Understanding Influences My View of Other Public Speakers

The way I see others publicly speak is highly influenced by social psychology. For example, if someone speaks with authority and conviction, I will be more likely to believe what they are saying. This is because human brains are hardwired to trust those who appear to be experts and confident (Raja, 2017). Additionally, we tend to mimic the behaviors of those around us, so if everyone seems to be agreeing with the speaker, I will be more likely to do the same; this is known as conformity. Overall, social psychology has a profound effect on how we process information from others and can heavily influence our opinions and beliefs.

In conclusion, social psychology will affect my presentation creation ability positively. Social psychology will help me know why the public conduct themselves in a given manner; therefore, it will aid me in avoiding things that would lead to a negative reaction from the audience. Similarly, through understanding social psychology, I will master both verbal and nonverbal communication skills that will assist me in applying body language to an audience with hearing disabilities to also understand. The knowledge of social psychology will enable me to determine trustworthy speakers based on their boldness when publicly speaking.


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