Studying Developmental Psychology

Any human being is a composition of experiences, teachings, learned truths, and ideas, which have been accumulated throughout aging. Although each stage of life is unique for every person, beyond the age of twenty, people are universally considered adults. The theory of developmental psychology delves into the main factors distinguishing the age and maturity of people (The Audiopedia, 2016). Ascertaining what makes a young adult is essential in understanding what the major postulates of developmental psychology are.

There are three types of factors, which directly impact the development of an individual. The first is biological, which pertains to the physiological changes in the organism. The growth of the brain and body precipitates emotional and intellectual maturation. The second type is social, which refers to the societal expectations of age. People adjust to the circumstances and society they live in. The final group is legal, which presupposes the emancipation of children when they come of age.

The entirety of human lives revolves around change or the resistance to it. The development follows the same pattern, regardless of whether it is physical, emotional, or intellectual. Each time an obstacle is presented, a person is challenged to overcome it. If they can do it with their existing set of strengths, beliefs, or knowledge, they stay the same. However, when the task is more difficult, a person has to change and grow according to the need.

Altogether, the new theory would use necessity as the fundamental reason for the development. Much like some adults behave are have not matured, some adolescents were forced to grow beyond their years. In the first case, there was no necessity to develop, while in the second one, maturation is virtually obligatory. Recognizing this causative link would expand the comprehension of developmental psychology.


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