Argumentative Essay: I Have a Good Life


People interpret life differently; what constitutes a good life may be unsatisfying to another. From birth to death, people’s needs and preferences change, changing one’s perception of a good life. Sometimes, people fail to understand why they live and what they want, leading to desperation. Some elements of a good life are common to all people: health, basic needs, such as food and clothing, and peace. The degree to which people desire these basic needs and the value attached to them raises diverse notions of a good life. I believe I have a good life because I am happy, have a purpose in life, social support, and a fulfilling career.

Proof of a Good Life

Happiness/joy is a crucial factor in every person’s life that determines their quality of life. According to Amir (152), human beings follow distinct “paths to harmony open to a conflictual being in a world of discordance.” Happiness comes from a person’s positive reaction to life’s situation, which may be limited by the prevalence of hardship and suffering. I am a joyful person who always finds reasons to be happy.

My friend once noted that he liked my company because he was sure that he would laugh at some point. This attribute has reduced stress levels and helped me to live a healthy life. Johnson (166) confirms that “chasing joy” should be every person’s desire since it reflects the satisfaction and fulfillment of their lives. I have learned that being happy is simply about ignoring some negative situations and focusing on the good moments. Since I have managed to find joy in places others have failed, I count it a good life.

Life is distinguished from existence in that some value and purpose are attached to life. The purpose of life denotes the main reason why a person desires to see each new day. It determines the actions of a person and their “feelings towards others” (Johnson 170). A purposeful life is organized and generates value in almost everything. While going through life’s challenges, I have always convinced myself that I was born to conquer.

My primary motivation in life has been an inner resolve to become a better version of myself each day. For this reason, I have touched the lives of others positively by helping them realize that they can make it. Zhang et al. (110) confirm that having a purpose in life limits the development of addictive behavior. The research done on Chinese University students revealed that addictive behaviors, such as excessive gaming and drug abuse, were connected with students’ lack of purpose in life (Zhang et al. 145). As a student, I have learned that a purposeful life helps me to focus on the important elements that can add value to myself and others, enabling me to live a good life.

No one can exist independently; social support is a crucial part of everyone’s life. Alsubaie et al. (186) argue that the availability and sources of social support influence university students’ quality of life by impacting their mental and emotional wellbeing. Depression has been cited as a significant determinant of quality and quantity of life (Alsubaie et al. 189). Essentially a low-quality life serves to reduce a person’s length of life.

I am surrounded by parents, friends, teachers, and relatives, who have been my sources of social support. Whenever I need counsel, my parents and teachers have been available to offer it. According to Bahramnezhad et al. (43), social support determines the quality of life at all ages, including in old age. I have always sought to listen to and understand the elderly to give them the satisfaction of having a society that cares for them. Since society has always supported me, and I extend the same to others, I believe I have a good life.

A fulfilling life is determined by the achievement of a person’s desires. Some people find no satisfaction in their lives because they have never attained their goals. I live a fulfilling life with good education and the prospects of having a successful career. MacKinnon (1378) comments that education leads to life fulfillment and that the lack of it reduces meaning to life. In the fast-changing world, I have gained skills that enable me to connect with global trends. Being informed has also enabled me to learn activities that can help me achieve greater success levels in life. In essence, I am confident that I can accomplish any goals I set my heart to, courtesy of my education. I find fulfillment in knowing that I can search for any information and find it and that my future is bright. Amir adds that “happiness leads to satisfaction and fulfillment” in life (158). Having achieved these goals, I am convinced that I live a good life.


Life means different concepts to different people; a fulfilling life to one person may be empty to another. For me, a fulfilling life constitutes joy, a purpose in life, social support, and fulfillment. These factors influence a person’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. I have learned to master my life’s conditions by finding joy in every moment. The availability of social support and having a purpose in life have enabled me to live a good, fulfilling life.

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