Parent-Child Relationship in Later Life

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The later life relationship between children and their parents significantly differs from that in young adulthood or adolescence. Transformations in cognitive and mental patterns could be observed in both parties. According to Syre’s (2019) research, parent-child dynamics in later life change positively transforming into the supportive and influential alliance. As an emerging adult who just passed through adolescence, I still have a protective and controlling relationship with my parents. Therefore, I will discuss the child-parent relationship pattern of my parents and my grandparents.

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My first observation is that the support in their relationship pattern has emerged from both sides. My parents and grandparents are equally interested in each other’s health, financial, and mental conditions. My parents support my grandparents financially and physically, assisting them in the work they are physically unable to complete or doing it for them. In contrast, my grandparents usually help my parents morally, giving them credible advice and providing emotional assistance in any possible way. Sometimes, they could take care of us, their grandchildren. It is an ordinary practice among many older adults; as Syre (2019) mentioned during the interview, many aged people admitted to babysitting and helping their children with their offspring.

Another observation related to the child-parent relationship between my parents and my grandparents is a considerable influence of the past events. Different positive, as well as adverse events and stories, create strong bonds between them. Syre (2019) claims that old feelings and emotions could unify or split parents and children at old age. In our case, the past events, both adverse and positive, created strong relationships and made my parents and grandparents appreciate each other. Generally, their approach to the past differs from the pattern and bonds between my parents and me. In my opinion, with age, they start to admire each other in the greater sense.


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