Personality Trait Change in Adulthood

Personality traits are the different patterns in which individual people think, behave and even act in similar or different situations (Roberts, & Mroczek, 2008). Different personality traits in different individual personalities are therefore demonstrated in different ways, they are unique and each single individual’s time of personality trait growth or change takes place at distinct times. Personality change in adult hood therefore occurs in all humans and this will always give way for personality trait change in old age. There are different factors that contribute to personality trait change and they most often point to one’s emotions, social life, psychological development and even physical development (Roberts, & Mroczek, 2008). Personality traits being an issue that touches all of us, I found the topic most appropriate for my study for we all learn to coexist with one another through learning each other personalities. Our personal traits dictate what kind of people we are and therefore the contribution of the concepts of this article is important for my study.

Socially, personality trait change in adulthood can be seen through ones growth in terms of the kind of help and contribution that one will be giving the society (Roberts, & Mroczek, 2008). As an individual grows in the society his effort and contribution will have been seen in the society in terms of his or her achievement, if the person will have made tremendous contribution then his personality change will be said to be better and good, but if no achievements are seen through an individuals activities and achievements then it will be assumed that the individual’s personality trait development is on the negative. There is therefore positive and negative personality change in adulthood; this will therefore have led to either social stability or instability.

Also, personality trait change in adulthood can be observed through one’s emotional stature and development, a person’s state of mind in relation to the world around, this can always be seen through one’s emotional stability in the way in which an individual looks at different situations that come by the individual’s way. This can always be seen through a person’s self confidence or lack of it in all that one does, this is in total dictated by an individual’s success in life or failure. This in turn will be reflected in an individual’s personality by his or her warmth or coldness towards an issue (Roberts, & Mroczek, 2008).

Something that needs not be forgotten in relation to personality trait change in adulthood is the psychological approach and mentality towards life. This is always seen in different individual’s ways of thinking mostly depicted in an individual’s self confidence in decision making, this comes with maturity and can be interpreted through the person’s point at which he or she matures (Roberts, & Mroczek, 2008). It is believed that the earlier the point of maturity the more effective one becomes at his or her place of work and the more productive one becomes and this leads to a long life.

Physical stability can be achieved through personality trait change in adulthood when an individual person gets contented with the physical changes that are taking place in the individual’s life as well as the environment. This can boost a person’s self confidence and open mindedness towards life therefore making an individual productive to the society. Regardless of the situation of the physical environment, self satisfaction can be achieved which leads to inner happiness (Roberts, & Mroczek, 2008).

All said, personality trait change is inevitable in all living human adults, it leads to widening of ones scope of thinking and approaching life in a lot more different ways and this always leads to innovation and a better way of living, that is, if the change is positive, but if negative then it can always lead to destruction, emotionally, psychologically, socially and also physically. All these factors held constant self gratification is achievable giving room to much more personality trait change (Roberts, & Mroczek, 2008). If I were to write a research paper on personality traits in young adulthood, I would definitely choose this article for it clearly demonstrates the way people change in terms of personality throughout their life. I also give credit to the authors of the article for clearly researching the contents of the article to come up with precise data of individual’s personality traits. Thus needless to say the article is a plus for me.


Roberts, W. & Mroczek, D. (2008). Personality Trait Change in Adulthood. Current Directions in Psychological Science (Wiley-Blackwell), 17(1), 31-35. Web.

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