Psychological Analysis and Interviews


I interviewed Diego (21 years) over the phone, Scott (50) via Skype because of his busy schedule, and Jerry (76) face to face. Diego is in early adulthood, Scott is in middle adulthood, and Jerry is in late adulthood.

Interview I (Diego-21 Years)

Diego wanted to be a cardiologist when he was young, but he later became a lawyer. He decided to be a lawyer because he saw an opportunity to help people with their case files in court. The motivation came about when his mother could not afford a lawyer to defend their father’s properties after his sudden demise. On the phone call, Diego posed that it would be better to leave young people to define their destiny rather than choosing a career path that they are not interested in making a reality. Diego said, “Change starts when the global outlook embraces technology.” Therefore, when people revolutionize technology, they will experience their utmost potential. He further states that society’s most important values are peace, love, and unity. Equally, Diego posits that the primary goal of life is to be happy, and his main goal is to ensure he finds a steady job to make his future family happy.

Interview II (Scott-50 years)

Scott is a senior accountant in the bank, and it was his dream to work in the bank. He has a wife and three children whom he cherishes so much. Via a video call on Skype, Scott posits that the young generation should focus on getting educated. According to Scott’s ideology, the younger generation is the future of the country. He says that the world should change to green energy because most global warming effects have started taking the course. Scott’s three most important values are being optimistic in life, self-discipline, and patience. These values have ensured that he gets to the managerial position. Furthermore, Scott said that the primary goal of life is being focused on making life favorable.

Interview III (Jerry- 76 years)

I did a face-to-face interview with Jerry because he was readily available. Jerry is a retired nurse who worked within the US. He had a passion for helping people, and it is the reason behind his career path. Jerry advises the other generations to always stay true to themselves and follow the teachings of the Bible. According to Jerry, it is through Christ that an individual can have an everyday life. He further states that people should elect leaders with a shared vision of restoring love. During his era, many countries were in constant conflict with other nations, leading to human losses. Jerry’s three most important values are love, harmony, and self-discipline. He believes that the primary goal of life is to have pure friends at heart and a religious family.


Diego is in the socio-emotional stage of development because his reasoning trisects towards having happiness in the future. He seems to have more in aligning life for his future than regretting his past. Scott is guided by the age-normative process since he is almost entering retirement. He dreams of having green energy taking the order of the day because he sees his retirement have global warming effects. Therefore, it is fundamental to start reversing the global warming effects to ensure it does not affect him during his retirement or old age period. The 76-year-old Jerry is affected by the historical processes and it is the reason behind quoting colonial eras. Most of his advice emanated from the pre-colonial revolutions and industrial era.

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